Strasburg's career night at the plate

  • Published: 19 July 2019
  • Pitchers who Rake: Stephen Strasburg not only shines on the mound, but hits for a career high 5-RBI's in the Nationals win over Atlanta

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Comments • 29

  • TPTGopher
    TPTGopher  3 weeks back

    They should’ve brought up that the homer was probably the #1 karma moment of the season: Dozier would’ve scored easily on Robles’s double if a Fanus Crybravus specimen hadn’t blatantly reach into the field to kill the play.

    • Adam713Houston T
      Adam713Houston T  1 months back

      That dance lol

      • ilyPurpled
        ilyPurpled  2 months back

        Strasburg for Cy Young

        • PoopyDoopy39
          PoopyDoopy39  2 months back

          Strasburg is the best pitcher in baseball !

          • S.Perry
            S.Perry  2 months back

            Scherzer who?

            • Snowman
              Snowman  2 months back

              hes 2way

              • Chazz Treat
                Chazz Treat  2 months back

                Who agrees that the nationals will win the World Series in the near future they are one of two teams to never make it to the World Series as in never appeared

                • lakerskid2013
                  lakerskid2013  2 months back

                  Heck if the Rays, Astros, Rockies, and Marlins have all made it to one, then why not Washington next? I mean even teams like those I named except the Astros aren’t that relevant yet they’ve either been to one or in Houston’s case won one.

              • 3men2 the show
                3men2 the show  2 months back

                Strasburg's night wow

                • ADIDASects
                  ADIDASects  2 months back

                  Good Lord, Strasburg straight up ate that pitcher's lunch. Damn.

                  • Jacob Flowers
                    Jacob Flowers  2 months back

                    Strasburg has been very underrated this year

                    • 陳璟璿
                      陳璟璿  2 months back

                      Where is Max?

                    • Josh Friedman
                      Josh Friedman  2 months back

                      Big statement win for the Nats.

                      • Gabriel Torres
                        Gabriel Torres  2 months back

                        He definitely earned that win, he deserved to win that night.

                        • MLB Nation
                          MLB Nation  2 months back

                          0:50 who else thought that ball moved like a whiffle ball?

                        • Crosh
                          Crosh  2 months back

                          Even his single curved! 0:50

                          • Ed TheSun
                            Ed TheSun  2 months back

                            Strasburg's Star-Burst my gawsh! lets go Nats!

                            • Aiden’s Life
                              Aiden’s Life  2 months back

                              Have him on dd

                            • Do Damage
                              Do Damage  2 months back

                              0:26 sounds like my love life 😂

                            • SoundFX09
                              SoundFX09  2 months back

                              + Strasburg may not have been at his best on the mound tonight, but he didn't need to be. The fact that he Outscored the Braves 5-4 ALONE is enough to make me want to wear a paper bag over my head as a Braves Fan. His Final Line Pitching: 5 1/3 Innings of Three Run, Eight Hit Ball, Walking Two and Killing Seven Braves. Batting: 3-3 with Two Singles, a Three-Run Super Missile, and 5 RBIs. He was the star of the show tonight, no question about it.

                              A Preview of what's to come in my "Notes from the Game".

                            • Carter GamingTV
                              Carter GamingTV  2 months back

                              Curly Dub boys

                              • Jacob Halenda
                                Jacob Halenda  2 months back

                                Lets goooooo!!!!! Nats fans unite!!!!