Lil Tjay - F.N (Official Video)

  • Published: 22 August 2019
  • Official video for "F.N" by Lil Tjay.

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    Production Company: AT.LAS
    Director - David Wept 
    Co Director - Omar Jones
    Co Director/Writer - Lil Tjay 
    Producer - David Wept & Bobbi Digital 
    DOP - Franklin Ricart
    Editor - Kenny Shimm
    VFX - Nolan Riddle 
    Colorist - Stephen Derlugian 
    Steadicam Op - Calvin Falk
    Gaffer - Keisuke Nojima 
    Grip - Lucien Basttiste
    AC - Kenny Shimm
    2nd AC - Matt Odell
    Movi Tech - Andrew Peister
    Casting Director - Ariona Beninato
    HMU - Marie Cruz & Sarah Bedrick
    Lead Supporting Act - Gwalla Donn
    PA - Micheala Perau  
    PA - No Credntls

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Comments • 19 754

  • ChaoticCorry
    ChaoticCorry  17 minutes back

    I just realized how many time Lil Tjay said "nigga" in this song bruh😂😂😂

    • Marco Ulloa
      Marco Ulloa  20 minutes back

      Oh shiiit

      • TSM Ιησους
        TSM Ιησους  33 minutes back

        if you like this dope piece like this comment

        • Ivan_O_O
          Ivan_O_O  42 minutes back

          This is something that actually happened to him right?

          • Abdoulaye Niang
            Abdoulaye Niang  1 hours back

            Something tells me lil tjay is gonna be on the same level as roddy ricch

            • TooHuskyJake
              TooHuskyJake  2 hours back

              I want lil tjay and polo g on more songs

              • Kiarah Maragh
                Kiarah Maragh  2 hours back

                COLLAB WITH RODDY RICH

                • Kiarah Maragh
                  Kiarah Maragh  2 hours back

                  collab with Roddy rich

                  • Xarkye
                    Xarkye  3 hours back

                    Everyone Don’t Be a Snitch Ayt

                    • Mr. mAnSteR
                      Mr. mAnSteR  3 hours back

                      This is the best song I've heard so far

                      • Candida Lopez
                        Candida Lopez  4 hours back

                        The best

                        • ツFl0zy
                          ツFl0zy  4 hours back


                          • Corey Thompson
                            Corey Thompson  4 hours back

                            Realest song i heard this year. You one of the BIG homies for this 1 liltjay

                            • Alasia Humber
                              Alasia Humber  5 hours back

                              I fuck with Tjay mad heavy yo like every track he put out hit

                              • Gelson Muiambo
                                Gelson Muiambo  5 hours back


                                • ITC Gareth
                                  ITC Gareth  6 hours back

                                  Its nigga

                                  • Goulzzy
                                    Goulzzy  6 hours back

                                    not how police arrest people 💖

                                    • Todd ThaGod
                                      Todd ThaGod  6 hours back


                                      • Tyler Morris
                                        Tyler Morris  7 hours back


                                        • GT40 #1
                                          GT40 #1  7 hours back

                                          Sheesh 10k dislikes this shit fire🔥

                                          • WICKED ASTRO
                                            WICKED ASTRO  7 hours back

                                            Honestly ever since he blew up I stopped listening to him. He’s over played loved it when he was underrated.

                                            • That1 Lynx
                                              That1 Lynx  7 hours back

                                              I can relate to these lyrics... the one song i can relate to and its a beat

                                              • The Joe Sankovich
                                                The Joe Sankovich  8 hours back

                                                Hmmmmm... My Edits Are 100x Better... 15 mill Views 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🤙🤘

                                                • Shaan Sayyad
                                                  Shaan Sayyad  8 hours back

                                                  "Grrr poow" always make to go back ND listen it for 2 to 3 times ❣❤

                                                  • Nederlandجمال هولندا


                                                    • GMV GMV
                                                      GMV GMV  9 hours back

                                                      Any1 from New York?

                                                      • PM36
                                                        PM36  10 hours back

                                                        This song reminds me, "i Feel fantastic" The scary video when he say "hey hey hey"

                                                        • Synthetic Clan
                                                          Synthetic Clan  10 hours back

                                                          It's not real rap till you say the N word

                                                          • antonio88
                                                            antonio88  10 hours back

                                                            this is actually a such a good ass song. knew this guy was gonna blow up since brothers hes got talent

                                                            • life with montavia
                                                              life with montavia  11 hours back

                                                              Who thinks that police officer was doing too much

                                                              • life with montavia
                                                                life with montavia  11 hours back

                                                                Also who thinks lil tjay was too cute when he was on that car😭😍

                                                            • Kayden Slaven
                                                              Kayden Slaven  11 hours back

                                                              That "To be continued..." got me thinking🤔💯

                                                              • Haiden Andrus
                                                                Haiden Andrus  11 hours back

                                                                Damn that shit deep like for real for real!!

                                                                • Zoe Banks
                                                                  Zoe Banks  12 hours back

                                                                  Go listen to my new song on YouTube. Zoe Banks- Can’t let you go. If you like it subscribe to my channel for more show support to a Younging 🎶🔥🔥🔥📶🖊🖊🖊💰📶🎶🎶🔥🔥🎶🔥

                                                                  • Michael MaGuire
                                                                    Michael MaGuire  12 hours back

                                                                    Ppl saying "like this and...". R just desperate

                                                                    • dakota olivar
                                                                      dakota olivar  12 hours back

                                                                      If you don’t like this you gay

                                                                      • Kyler Maraj
                                                                        Kyler Maraj  12 hours back


                                                                        • Plug TV Kenya
                                                                          Plug TV Kenya  12 hours back

                                                                          lil loaded should collab with Tjay

                                                                          • Plug TV Kenya
                                                                            Plug TV Kenya  12 hours back

                                                                            lil loaded should collab with Tjay

                                                                            • Xenofie
                                                                              Xenofie  13 hours back

                                                                              0:32 GRRRRRUPA

                                                                              • DjPoopp
                                                                                DjPoopp  13 hours back


                                                                                • Shereta Sanders
                                                                                  Shereta Sanders  14 hours back


                                                                                  • Hoodie Josiah
                                                                                    Hoodie Josiah  14 hours back

                                                                                    My favorite songs

                                                                                    • Xx modz
                                                                                      Xx modz  14 hours back

                                                                                      This bout to make me cry

                                                                                      • Biruk Ayele
                                                                                        Biruk Ayele  14 hours back

                                                                                        0:48 Sounds like the bolt action sniper in Fortnite

                                                                                        • Daniii ,
                                                                                          Daniii ,  14 hours back

                                                                                          WET BED GANG🇵🇹

                                                                                          • Daniii ,
                                                                                            Daniii ,  14 hours back

                                                                                            That beat is from Wet Bed Gang- não sinto

                                                                                            • oshione garuba
                                                                                              oshione garuba  14 hours back

                                                                                              0:30 he looked like coop from all american😂💀

                                                                                              • Leila Huntsman
                                                                                                Leila Huntsman  15 hours back

                                                                                                why tf is this NOT on spotify ??