Pete Alonso's identical homers in Atlanta

  • Published: 16 August 2019
  • Pete Alonso launches a pair of home runs into the fountain in center field at SunTrust Park on two separate occasions

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Comments • 20

  • Eric B
    Eric B  4 weeks back

    Imagine if Cespedes and Alonso were both in the lineup up together...

    • NYRGaming30
      NYRGaming30  1 months back

      He might tie Arron Judge with 52 Homers!

      • inttruders
        inttruders  1 months back

        Nice of the Braves to build a Polar Bear pool.

        • Strong Delusion
          Strong Delusion  1 months back

          A rookie with 50 homers by the end of season? SMH!

          • ö ü
            ö ü  1 months back

            Reminds me of backyard baseball when I use to always hit it in the pool

            • Drew Burris
              Drew Burris  1 months back

              🅱️ete alonso

              • Levi's Lyrics
                Levi's Lyrics  1 months back

                Deja Vu! Pete the Polar Bear Power Driver is definitely up for the award. He no longer seems like a rookie runner up, but he still is.

                • Kris Smith
                  Kris Smith  1 months back

                  ROY uncontested

                  • 허걱
                    허걱  1 months back

                    2019 NL ROY

                    • Met Fan
                      Met Fan  1 months back


                      • M M
                        M M  1 months back

                        POLAR BEAR

                        • Ophyllia L
                          Ophyllia L  1 months back

                          He's probably gonna hit 50 homers in his ROOKIE SEASON. ROTY for sure.

                          • Ophyllia L
                            Ophyllia L  4 weeks back

                            freddy and foxy Thats the average for years in the minors. 🤨

                          • Running Down a Dream
                            Running Down a Dream  4 weeks back

                            @freddy and foxy how did he almost not make it? He wasn't ready...the Mets knew what they had

                          • freddy and foxy
                            freddy and foxy  4 weeks back

                            @Running Down a Dream but he in minor league for like 4 to 3 years he almost didn't make it

                          • Running Down a Dream
                            Running Down a Dream  4 weeks back

                            @freddy and foxy he's only

                          • Ophyllia L
                            Ophyllia L  1 months back

                            freddy and foxy I’m also a Phillies fan, but what he’s doing is INSANE.

                            PS: Did you see the walkoff grand slam?

                        • Brody Weissman
                          Brody Weissman  1 months back

                          Let’s go

                          • Lightning Trojan
                            Lightning Trojan  1 months back

                            First comment