Analyzing the Film on Taysom Hill's TD Catch vs Texans | Expert Analysis | New Orleans Saints


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  • Taylor the Sailor
    Taylor the Sailor  1 days back

    Start Taysom

    • Philip Tucker
      Philip Tucker  2 days back

      What an absolute stud of an athlete. Saints better cut him a fat check and resign him next year!!! Imma be pissed if they let him walk 😡

      • andrew hager
        andrew hager  3 days back

        I smirked because I knew it was True.
        Hill is everything.
        If Lutz got hurt Hill prolly be kickn that ball[jk lol].
        He is Truly 1 of a kind.

        • Boosted Bricks
          Boosted Bricks  5 days back

          That was a great drive. Taysom is the quarterback; next play he is the receiver.

          • Ninef Sargis
            Ninef Sargis  5 days back

            brees came through on fantasy won by .6 owned him like 5 times in last ten years sigh as a bears fan we only dream of having a qb like him

            • Markus
              Markus  5 days back

              When 2 TEs named hill line up wide you can totally confuse some ppl.

              • Rick Owens
                Rick Owens  5 days back

                Defense needs to "switch-the-pick" Basketball 101!
                Nice play by the Saints.

                • David Ward
                  David Ward  5 days back

                  Rick has the right idea about basketball comparisons. But , in basketball, the idea is to get the ball in the hoop; lay up, jump shot, tear drop. In the screen and roll we see here, the objective is to just receive the pass by losing the defenders. In one-on-one defense, the "weak side" help shows up too late. Score. Coach dreams up multitude of options off this concept.

              • RonJohn63
                RonJohn63  6 days back

                TH is big, athletic, can block and catch. No smirking at all.

                • Big White
                  Big White  6 days back

                  Brees is the goat.

                • Brady Crump
                  Brady Crump  6 days back

                  Love it!! Taysom is such a stud!

                  • Hansum joe
                    Hansum joe  7 days back

                    We got 4 days to dream up all kinds of new plays with 7, 87, and 28

                  • Joshua Doakes
                    Joshua Doakes  7 days back

                    We need a nickname for him

                  • Anomaly 6
                    Anomaly 6  7 days back

                    Love it