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    REACT   1 years back

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  • Dat Dang
    Dat Dang  1 years back

    Will he get Vageta? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

    • Breanna Quinn
      Breanna Quinn  1 years back

      I would like to recommend a game for them to try. I'd like to see them play Portal 2 co-op. It is super fun and they have to work together to get through it!

      • Amir Omar
        Amir Omar  1 years back

        Vegeta literally playing hard to get

        • Ronelskie
          Ronelskie  1 years back

          can they react to the new "welcome to the game II"? that thing is fun XD

          • MyFilmStudios
            MyFilmStudios  1 years back

            Completed it mate

            • Christa Offenderwoman
              Christa Offenderwoman  1 years back

              I started playing it, but, I TRIED GETTING POIPOLE BUT I CANT GAAAAAHHHHH

              • Emily Sun
                Emily Sun  1 years back


            • UltimateSakura
              UltimateSakura  1 years back

              I’ve started playing Toreba because of this video and it’s pretty fun! How long did it take for the packages to get shipped to you guys? Also, what address would you use for the United States? If someone could provide an example based on the address outline Toreba provides. Thank you!

              Also if anyone could reply to this that would be very nice of you too!

              • cristal !
                cristal !  1 years back

                alberto’s struggle with the figure ,,,,, i felt that

                • FireSonata
                  FireSonata  1 years back

                  I would pick the Plush Pokemon dolls

                  • Alex Bull
                    Alex Bull  1 years back

                    I had this game last year but gave up when I never won

                    • Stariix x
                      Stariix x  1 years back

                      Did you pay the shipping or something...?

                    • Gamer Sider
                      Gamer Sider  1 years back

                      Did you pay the shipping fee?

                      • Kiyozzz
                        Kiyozzz  1 years back

                        Free ems shipping once a week if I'm correct.

                    • Lions Edge
                      Lions Edge  1 years back

                      That egg yok is gutitama

                      • angeline
                        angeline  1 years back

                        Please play Detention!

                        • rui ogawa
                          rui ogawa  1 years back

                          Vegeta is being hard to get

                          • nfsgamer717
                            nfsgamer717  1 years back

                            i won twice but i still havent gotten any shipping info on my prizes its been over a week now ._.

                            • Romi
                              Romi  1 years back

                              Waiting for be more chill fans to be like,"IT'S FROM JAPAN!!!!"

                              • nat !!
                                nat !!  1 years back

                                pokemonnarutofan10 THE QUANTUM COMPUTER IN THE PILL

                              • pokemonnarutofan10
                                pokemonnarutofan10  1 years back

                                Its a gray oblong pill, quantum nano technology cpu!!!

                            • Searan Choi
                              Searan Choi  1 years back

                              I WANT TO SEND ALBERTO SOMETHING!!! *SCREAMING*

                              • snickerlous the big oof

                                The vegeta man

                                • Allison Estrada 103
                                  Allison Estrada 103  1 years back

                                  We want more video of it

                                  • Sarah Grace
                                    Sarah Grace  1 years back

                                    they need a P.O. box so we can all send something to alberto

                                    • !Cam! !!
                                      !Cam! !!  1 years back

                                      I'm jealous your guys is unlimited!

                                      • Marcus Silva
                                        Marcus Silva  1 years back

                                        ALBERTO IS A UNLUCKY GUY.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

                                        • Colorless Rainbow
                                          Colorless Rainbow  1 years back

                                          6:44 Me when i win #1 Battle Royale

                                        • Rae Finesse
                                          Rae Finesse  1 years back

                                          Do a part 2 please

                                          • EcoDimension
                                            EcoDimension  1 years back

                                            you need over 9000 tries to win vegeta

                                          • fluff bunni
                                            fluff bunni  1 years back

                                            Gude tama tama
                                            Gude tama tama
                                            Mata mata mata tama

                                            • Taísa Alho
                                              Taísa Alho  1 years back

                                              I SAW ZERO TWO I WANT HER XD

                                            • chelle 15
                                              chelle 15  1 years back

                                              BRANDON 6:45 😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

                                              • 永山氷山水
                                                永山氷山水  1 years back

                                                Rae is sooo cute.XD

                                                • Aegislashgamez 777
                                                  Aegislashgamez 777  1 years back

                                                  Have the kids play it they would be so happy

                                                  • Crazeh Cookie
                                                    Crazeh Cookie  1 years back

                                                    I really want the gudetama

                                                    • • King Kags •
                                                      • King Kags •  1 years back

                                                      Can you please do this again with different people perhaps? 😊

                                                      • Asuna Chan
                                                        Asuna Chan  1 years back

                                                        Can youtubers play this game?

                                                        • Asuna Chan
                                                          Asuna Chan  1 years back

                                                          Poor Alberto

                                                          • Sparklez Slime
                                                            Sparklez Slime  1 years back

                                                            Brittany is becoming my favorite reactor

                                                            • Amy Adams
                                                              Amy Adams  1 years back

                                                              Legit thanks to this vid I went and played and I won me an r2d2 premium diecast clock and a Donald Duck decorative plate.

                                                              • Miyuki-san
                                                                Miyuki-san  1 years back

                                                                genuinely upset Alberto didn't get the Vegeta...

                                                                • Shaunoez Kewl
                                                                  Shaunoez Kewl  1 years back

                                                                  As a big fan of Vegeta i'm sad that Alberto didn't get a figure of him.

                                                                  • Anime_Lord
                                                                    Anime_Lord  1 years back

                                                                    It’s called a claw machine.

                                                                  • Minus Comedy
                                                                    Minus Comedy  1 years back

                                                                    Plz react to Dragon Ball FighterZ

                                                                    • BILL REX
                                                                      BILL REX  1 years back

                                                                      Vegeta never came...😢

                                                                      • Hannah Marcelino
                                                                        Hannah Marcelino  1 years back

                                                                        How come I can't download it? Is it because I'm in Philippines :( I'm using andriod btw

                                                                      • Andrew Leake
                                                                        Andrew Leake  1 years back

                                                                        Maybe have a react to DragonBall Fighters?

                                                                        • Sadlilwolfemma OwO
                                                                          Sadlilwolfemma OwO  1 years back

                                                                          Andrew Leake he never got he dragonball fighters because he didn’t win it

                                                                      • Deltal0l
                                                                        Deltal0l  1 years back

                                                                        Man I really wanted to see that Vegeta Unboxing

                                                                        • Deltal0l
                                                                          Deltal0l  1 years back

                                                                          I tried it and got a Star Wars half 3D coffee mug on my 5th Free Attempt

                                                                      • callmealex
                                                                        callmealex  1 years back

                                                                        6:45 r.i.p chair

                                                                        • spill the tea
                                                                          spill the tea  1 years back

                                                                          Rae reminds me a lot of LaurDIY