Holy Roller

  • Published: 13 January 2015
  • Raiders advance "fumble" to win game at end. NFL changes the rule for the next season so that only the fumbler can advance the ball in the last 2:00 minutes of a half.

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  • Eric Maltbia
    Eric Maltbia  10 months back

    The correct call should have been an incomplete pass and a penalty for Intentional Grounding. Game over.

    • Drew Bell
      Drew Bell  1 years back

      Awesome call. remember it from NFL films when I was a kid.

      • MKIVWWI
        MKIVWWI  3 years back

        "Madden is on the field... he wants to know if it's real?   They said 'Yes -- get your big butt outta here'!"   Absolute classic!

        • Jay Nicks
          Jay Nicks  3 years back

          This is on the top 10 most controversial calls, and it's the only one I'm not really sure about. No onviosly due to rule changing, that wouldn't happen today, but I'm the most indecisive on this one over the others.

          • bis225
            bis225  9 months back

            Would it help you be sure if I told you that all three players involved later admitted that their actions were intentional? But forget about about the multiple batting fouls, Stabler should have been called for intentional grounding. Even if there had been instant replay review, you could make an argument that the refs still wouldn't be able to determine conclusively if the actions of the players who batted the ball forward were deliberate, but it's crystal clear that Stabler deliberately pitched the ball forward, so there is no question that they got the call wrong.

        • Matthew Poliachik
          Matthew Poliachik  3 years back

          Best. Play-By-Play. Call. Ever.

          • Ben Breeg
            Ben Breeg  4 years back

            Madden wants to know if its real, it is get your big fat butt outta here....he does. LOLOL
            Listen to the announcer slam his pen down at the end..lol priceless