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  • Cedric jones
    Cedric jones  4 weeks back


    • Harry Potter life after war

      I was sure that Anthony would answer Spider-Man

      • Sophie
        Sophie  2 months back

        I say chris evans is more high maintenance and I think he'd save evans from a burning building too

        • Sophie
          Sophie  2 months back

          brie has an oscar... but okay?

          • ervca06
            ervca06  2 months back

            Who cooked them chicken gizzards??!?!?! He looked so appalled lol

            • HaHaOkay
              HaHaOkay  2 months back

              This guy’s an Avenger?

              His real name’s Clarence...

              • YNL Hunxcho
                YNL Hunxcho  2 months back

                And Clarence lives at home with both parents

            • Jason Lee KY
              Jason Lee KY  2 months back

              Squirrel Girl would be triggered

              • Teo 05
                Teo 05  3 months back

                "As my friend Nishka would say, always wash it before and after you go to bed"

                • You Tubers World Wide
                  You Tubers World Wide  3 months back

                  Next Civil war
                  Spidey v Falcon

                  • Sandra Carter
                    Sandra Carter  3 months back

                    Yuck you ate frog legs and other horrible animal stuff.... Corn silk is from the corn husk and its an herbal tea, it doesn't smell.... Where did you come from?????

                    • Eden
                      Eden  3 months back

                      Anthony is hilarious 😂❤️

                      • Charis Armstrong
                        Charis Armstrong  3 months back

                        She’s been acting since she was a kid 😂😂

                        • MultiMIRIAAM
                          MultiMIRIAAM  3 months back

                          He was ranking them by how long they been in the industry of Hollywood.

                      • Muzaffard36
                        Muzaffard36  3 months back

                        When the hell was there a captain america movie rumor featuring Mackie? Clearly, he is just gonna have a TV series.

                        • MultiMIRIAAM
                          MultiMIRIAAM  3 months back

                          @Jhovan read the comics!

                        • Jhovan
                          Jhovan  3 months back

                          How can be captain America without the serum

                        • June
                          June  3 months back

                          no he's getting a movie too .. it was announced yesterday that Mackie signed a 10 PICTURE movie deal with Marvel so yeah he'll be getting his own movie after the disney plus series

                      • RedCannonBusterXL4
                        RedCannonBusterXL4  3 months back

                        I wish he said Captain Marvel, that ho Brie Larson needs TAHGO. Not to mention Captain marvel is a Donkey in the comics. Ugh that feminist biatch

                        • Erick Erick705
                          Erick Erick705  3 months back

                          He is the most boring and lamest avengers.

                          • Ife Leke
                            Ife Leke  2 months back

                            Yet you are watching a video based on him. Must be nice to be you.

                          • Erick Erick705
                            Erick Erick705  3 months back


                          • Eden
                            Eden  3 months back

                            I bet your life is boring and stupid

                          • Ensign Baker
                            Ensign Baker  3 months back

                            Erick Erick705 You’re just taking a shit on him because your jealous he’s gets to be avenger.

                        • Blu Outlaw
                          Blu Outlaw  3 months back

                          Thanos should've killed off Thanos for good. Duh! LoL. This video was funish though.

                          • 킴한결
                            킴한결  3 months back


                            • ShaQuira McInnis
                              ShaQuira McInnis  3 months back

                              None of this looks seasoned.

                              • N
                                N  3 months back

                                Sebastian Stan should have been with him in this

                                • MarveliciousCP
                                  MarveliciousCP  3 months back

                                  Whenever, there was Evans in the question. Mackie just went for the punishments, lol #friendshipgoals

                                  • Elyssa Aquino
                                    Elyssa Aquino  3 months back

                                    I can't erase what I saw on Black Mirror. So many questions!

                                    • CurtisEbear
                                      CurtisEbear  3 months back

                                      Ranks Brie Larson as worst actor. Only one on the list who has won an academy award.

                                      • MultiMIRIAAM
                                        MultiMIRIAAM  3 months back

                                        Having an Oscar doesn't make you the best actor. These days anyone can get an Oscar. Plus, he was ranking them by how long they been in the industry of Hollywood.

                                      • June
                                        June  3 months back

                                        he CLEARLY said he was ranking them on how long they've been in the MCU not their acting skills .. he wasn't throwing shade

                                    • armando carrillo
                                      armando carrillo  3 months back

                                      EXELENTE SALUDOS DESDE COLOMBIA

                                      • Rafi Lake
                                        Rafi Lake  3 months back

                                        LOL!!!!! This had me dyin' laughin'.

                                        • JERARD B LOPEZ
                                          JERARD B LOPEZ  3 months back

                                          This guy is awesome

                                          • JohnHero MX
                                            JohnHero MX  3 months back

                                            Genial 😁👌🏻