Dramatic Helicopter Crash Caught on Camera | Onboard Footage

  • Published: 20 March 2019
  • This dramatic helicopter crash caught on camera shows onboard footage of a helicopter crash landing.

    The footage, which was filmed by one of those on board on July 9th 2018, shows the helicopter attempting to land at South Inylchek Glacier base camp in the Khan Tengri mountains when the pilot suddenly appears to lose control.

    The helicopter rises into the air again and appears to bank sharply before slamming into the ground and rolling over many times.

    Eventually, the helicopter comes to a stop and the filmer, who gave his name only as David, is able to escape the wreckage through a hole in the cabin.

    Incredibly, all those on board survived the crash, although many were injured, including four who were immediately flown to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

    One Polish woman was left paralysed from the waist down.

    According to the filmer, the tourists included two Germans, four Poles and four Japanese.

    "The panic set in when I felt the stinging of kerosene around my feet as my shoes were being drenched in it," David told Newsflare.

    "The fear of being burnt alive at any second made me struggle even harder," he added.

    According to the filmer, the cause of the crash hasn't been determined.

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Comments • 54

  • make America great again

    Language barrier I bet ...

    • Retro Junkie
      Retro Junkie  3 weeks back

      Ah shit the Germans figured out helicopters and the polish found an RPG

      • Tyler Wilson
        Tyler Wilson  3 weeks back

        It’s it bad that I’m laughing

        • craig dundas
          craig dundas  1 months back

          Cheap flights why so cheap? We seat you in the chopper with no seatbelts. This is the dumbest flight service ever 😂🤣

          • Aaron Bates
            Aaron Bates  2 months back

            They got lucky

            • D.r Offinsive
              D.r Offinsive  2 months back

              Do't ext nor reord whle drivg
              A ca pleasa

              • KIESE MEDIA
                KIESE MEDIA  2 months back

                Wonderful video. enjoyed seeing it.
                Continue please.Got a sub from me.
                I would definitely appreciate it when you give some love back 🙏 🙂 ❤&✌

                • DOC BAINL
                  DOC BAINL  3 months back

                  Oh the irony. Crashing in a helicopter and then literally being flown to hospital via a helicopter.....

                  • FinskaRS
                    FinskaRS  2 weeks back

                    Idk if i would take helicopter rides anymore 😅

                • fistteam
                  fistteam  3 months back

                  Amazing how everyone was so calm, following this accident...That guy was like: “Can you please move, you’re crushing me”...I’d a been like: “Get the “Fuuuk off me and move your A$$ out, right now, Mudder-Fatha!!”

                  • macy Gee
                    macy Gee  3 weeks back

                    Travis Ryno  I remember being run down by a bycycle (huge one), when I was about 7 or 8. The cycler flew a few feet and I was dragged-lying down flat under his bike. When I realised I was okay, the first thing I did was I got up and straightly went home (was a few blocks away). Didnt even bother turning back. I dont recall looking around either.

                  • macy Gee
                    macy Gee  3 weeks back

                    @Travis Ryno  Out of shock and the adrenaline of having just survived, plus instantaneous physical pain for some, if we must count - we dont know if all of them had the same _reflex_ when they realised they survived

                  • Travis Ryno
                    Travis Ryno  3 weeks back

                    @macy Gee ...They hadn't survived it yet.
                    Usually if you survive the impact it's the fire that kills you, and they clearly weren't all ignorant of that fact..
                    ...then there's not knowing if the wreck might start sliding down the mountain, as is most likely to happen in that terrain...

                  • Travis Ryno
                    Travis Ryno  3 weeks back

                    It was impressive. Very measured behavior.

                  • macy Gee
                    macy Gee  3 weeks back

                    Well, when you realised you just survived a horrible crash, the first reaction youd feel would never be condescending. I doubt they ever felt pain the moment they got to their feet

                • Noneof yourbeeswax
                  Noneof yourbeeswax  3 months back

                  Person: Is everybody ok

                  People on board: *WTF NO*

                  • flightisallright
                    flightisallright  4 months back

                    Maybe don't fly to a glacier? Why do you have to fly up there?

                    • Cam S
                      Cam S  4 days back

                      The accident wasn't caused by the glacier though?

                    • 4TheRecord
                      4TheRecord  2 weeks back

                      Most cars (100% of them) can't drive up the side of mountains.

                    • DB
                      DB  1 months back

                      The walk from your bedroom to your kitchen might be short, but glaciers are far away

                    • Jimmy Cline
                      Jimmy Cline  1 months back


                  • NC redbird
                    NC redbird  4 months back

                    Glad to know all on board survived although some injured very badly. I can only imagine the terror of being on board and helpless to stop it from happening.

                    • Armawulf
                      Armawulf  4 months back

                      I might be wrong, but isnt it the sound of the tail snapping after hitting something/having a major malfunction at 1:22 ?

                      • Armawulf
                        Armawulf  1 months back

                        @model guy295 Possible, but from the guy ' s view he didnt seem to land that fast. ..

                      • model guy295
                        model guy295  1 months back

                        It would be way louder along with the speed of the tail rotor it would have swung back and hit the helicopter, most likely he notice he was going down to land to fast and gave it to much and he lost control

                    • Shmurda Hat
                      Shmurda Hat  4 months back

                      Close call

                      • freemindthinker ezrapound

                        I hope they are going to clean up the mess they made

                        • pablo just pablo
                          pablo just pablo  5 months back

                          I liked how he helped people straight afterwards. Oh

                          • Go Pro Rottweilers
                            Go Pro Rottweilers  5 months back

                            Poor people, I hope they are all OK and back to their lives

                            • maximus Barlow
                              maximus Barlow  6 months back

                              It would be nice if he didn't shake the camera so much...godd🙄

                              • Travis Ryno
                                Travis Ryno  3 weeks back

                                @maximus Barlow Some people never see the sarcasm.....I blame helicopter parenting

                                I actually do

                              • maximus Barlow
                                maximus Barlow  5 months back

                                @Go Pro Rottweilers its sarcasm I'm joking

                              • Go Pro Rottweilers
                                Go Pro Rottweilers  5 months back

                                Yeah like he was going to make a nice steady movie, are you kidding.

                              • fadia
                                fadia  6 months back

                                are u fucking serious

                            • Noah Loving Life
                              Noah Loving Life  6 months back

                              Crazy thank god everyone fine

                              • Jimmy Cline
                                Jimmy Cline  1 months back

                                One lady was paralyzed from the waste down!

                            • Alan Simple
                              Alan Simple  6 months back

                              Russian language давай давай тащи шах

                              • Gideon van Niekerk
                                Gideon van Niekerk  6 months back

                                One woman was paralyzed from the chest down 😔

                                • wogstralien _____
                                  wogstralien _____  6 months back

                                  when he was leaving the exit, there were sparks near his feet... unbelievable! 🙏prayers to all in the accident🙏

                                • Loki Hid
                                  Loki Hid  6 months back


                                  • Edgaras Bars
                                    Edgaras Bars  3 weeks back

                                    There Are No Seatbelt On Passenger Seats.

                                • Chelsea Carlson
                                  Chelsea Carlson  6 months back

                                  Terrifying! Thank God they were able to stay relatively calm (under the circumstances) and get out of the crashed copter. Praying everyone was ok...

                                  • Asad Ali Shigri
                                    Asad Ali Shigri  6 months back


                                    • llamedos R
                                      llamedos R  6 months back

                                      Some seats with belts would be nice

                                    • Dunning Kruger
                                      Dunning Kruger  6 months back


                                      • Dab King94
                                        Dab King94  5 months back

                                        Kill yourself you fucking immature asswipe! Hope someone laughs at you if you have a serious injury or death!

                                      • Schematic
                                        Schematic  5 months back

                                        Lol? You're fucking disgusting.

                                    • RazorX53
                                      RazorX53  6 months back

                                      Seems he was bleeding pretty badly with how much blood was splattered on the rocks as he got out. At least the fuel didn't ignite.

                                    • JoeShmo
                                      JoeShmo  6 months back


                                      • فتاه - cutekey
                                        فتاه - cutekey  6 months back

                                        News flare is Illuminati

                                        Make likes 666