50 Cent Heard Your Complaints + Chris Brown Expecting A Baby ! #HOT97NOW


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  • Pulla Bradley
    Pulla Bradley  3 weeks back

    Theme song was huff bring joe back

    • Che Rhys
      Che Rhys  3 weeks back

      Okay Mia!! You killed this 👏🏽👏🏽

      • Matt Level MOTIVATE MUSIC

        Why are Americans so retardedly excited over small things

        • Willhe Blackout
          Willhe Blackout  3 weeks back

          Mia is beautiful 😍

          • Power100
            Power100  3 weeks back

            Flex was already playing it before it hit YouTube Lmfao.

            • Power100
              Power100  3 weeks back

              The (Remix) was out since LATE JULY! #BrandNewMFs!!!!!

              • Donte NinetyThree
                Donte NinetyThree  3 weeks back

                People just don’t like change. It was cool

                • The Bjorn
                  The Bjorn  3 weeks back

                  why do people still pay attention to cassie?

                  • TheTR1358
                    TheTR1358  3 weeks back

                    @Power100 yep lol

                  • Power100
                    Power100  3 weeks back

                    To make Diddy look bad.

                • CiviliNation 7
                  CiviliNation 7  3 weeks back

                  lol he dont even listen his sons complaints

                • AuraHolyUltima 1981babyBABY

                  You fine ftbs

                  • Byron Kennedy
                    Byron Kennedy  3 weeks back

                    Lol 50

                    • Elijah Ashman
                      Elijah Ashman  3 weeks back

                      50 cent crazy 🤣🤣

                      • JetlifeMedia Entertainment

                        Diddy somewhere fightin’ the air

                        • Power100
                          Power100  3 weeks back

                          So He's having revenge sex with Ms. Harvey. (This comment is called a jk for ones that won't understand what I'm talking about. Yeah I to explain it due to 2019 Logic!)

                        • JoJoeBOC87
                          JoJoeBOC87  3 weeks back


                      • Dylz
                        Dylz  3 weeks back

                        Chris Brown is pregnant...woahhhhh.

                        • Michelle Hadiyyah Jenkins

                          Congrats Breezy!!🙌🏽🙌🏽

                          • Saddik Laaraiche
                            Saddik Laaraiche  3 weeks back

                            Help me paradise God's son's bless américain i need money come at me 28 Ain EL beida city Akid otman ORAN 🔯🇩🇿🅿🔢🔠💒✌💍❎❎😈😈👅👅🔠😍🔞🔞🏪🎄🅾🅾🗽😁😁😁

                            • BMWSEXFIFTYDROP
                              BMWSEXFIFTYDROP  3 weeks back

                              We ain’t bought a Joe CD in years cause we already bought all his joints. C’mon Fif!

                              • JB YOURHIPHOPTv
                                JB YOURHIPHOPTv  3 weeks back

                                Imma have to put that maafaka back the way it was lol

                                • Missandei
                                  Missandei  3 weeks back

                                  He said Trey Did it as a favor. It just goes to show u that, You Get What You Pay For!

                                  • Dope Action
                                    Dope Action  3 weeks back

                                    Whoever is with Mia is very lucky 😀

                                    • The Josh O Show
                                      The Josh O Show  3 weeks back

                                      This is how many people are OG fans of HOT 97 🔥🔥🔥
                                      👇🏿and support my YouTube journey

                                      • Krystion Bailey
                                        Krystion Bailey  3 weeks back

                                        First comment

                                        • Dead Serious
                                          Dead Serious  3 weeks back