Florida Sashimi!!! Deep Sea Catch and Cook. (Can you even eat this???)

  • Published: 28 July 2019
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    » Cuban Food

    1. KEY LARGO CONCH HOUSE: Cracked Conch Benedict
    ADDRESS: 100211 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037, USA
    WEBSITE: keylargoconchhouse.com
    SOCIAL: bit.ly/KeyLargoCH

    🍳CRACKED CONCH BENEDICT: English muffin, 3 poached eggs, fried conch, tomato with Hollandaise sauce. Topped with lobster & conch ceviche.

    💸PRICE: US $15.95
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    2. Captain Dan’s House: White Margate + Mackerel + Black Fin Tuna (Raw Sashimi)
    YOUTUBE: bit.ly/FloridaFishingCouple
    SOCIAL: @floridafishingcouple

    🐟WHITE MARGATE: Filet white margate and season with olive oil and black pepper. Add capers, minced garlic, onions, sliced cherry tomato and parsley. Wrap in tinfoil and cook on grill until ready.

    🐟MACKEREL + BLACK FIN TUNA (Raw Sashimi): Filet the fish and slice the raw meat into thin pieces. Dip into soy sauce + wasabi and enjoy.
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    3. HEIKO’S BOAT: Mangrove Snapper Sashimi
    SOCIAL: @heikowinkler

    🐟MANGROVE SNAPPER SASHIMI: Filet the fish and slice the raw meat into thin pieces. Dip into soy sauce + wasabi and enjoy.
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  • South Florida Fishing Channel

    Had an awesome time filming with you and your crew Sonny! Look forward to showing you more fish here in Florida! Stay JUICYYY

    • A-L SC
      A-L SC  2 months back

      ur excitement for fishing and being out on the water is so pure. loved it!

    • Fahad Munib
      Fahad Munib  3 months back

      Have you tried Pakistan?

    • Bayouman002
      Bayouman002  3 months back

      lol cool heiko

      THE NEON TETRA PRO GAMER  3 months back

      I hope you start selling sweat pants with that catch phrase soon because they would sell fast. Especially, if the words are in shiny glitter and straight across the booty cheaks.

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    matty the bloody robot  8 hours back

    11:17 is that a giant bra??

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      nasik khan  3 days back

      At 0:54 did u hear seaman?

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        Anastasia Strizhak  4 days back

        Sonny, who hit u in the face?

        • Phill Hart
          Phill Hart  4 days back


          • Ishan Gupta
            Ishan Gupta  5 days back

            What an Amazing Catch..!!! Feeling stunned

            • Yoona Lee
              Yoona Lee  1 weeks back

              How'd the mosquito taste Sonny?


              • joy lee
                joy lee  1 weeks back

                5:58 everyone gots to have THAT one supportive friend :')

                • max banda
                  max banda  2 weeks back

                  BIG, JUICY, tHuMbNail

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                    jake mclean  2 weeks back


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                      Matilda Myers  2 weeks back

                      oh my the college joke hilarious... 🤣

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                        That's good 👍 Philippines here

                        • GeForce 0101
                          GeForce 0101  3 weeks back

                          Florida man

                          • Shon Mai
                            Shon Mai  3 weeks back

                            The song at the end?

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                              Are you gonna bring back the “please send noods” merch? I would really like to purchase a hoodie

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                                Clover Vue  3 weeks back

                                Awesome, a day like this for me is a day worth.

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                                  mr paccy money  3 weeks back

                                  You should put peanut butter on a bait.

                                  • olxzender
                                    olxzender  3 weeks back

                                    worrying about mercury, but cooking in aluminum foil, seriously?

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                                      Gary Thach  3 weeks back

                                      did just hear chicken fried cum

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                                        Pls visit Iloilo in Philippines, this january we have a event called Dinagyang Festival

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                                            Can anyone tell the ending song

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                                              It's the guy from Blacktiph !

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                                                Been watching your videos in the last couple of days and it was amazing! Love you man!

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                                                  All your videos are great. I enjoy watching them .👍

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                                                    Not using citrus on the raw fish before eating it!!?? Savage.

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                                                      Does this guy have a TV show?? This is amazing quality it could totally be a TV show and I would watch it.

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                                                        I know you usually click really well with the hosts...but for some reason, this one feels like you all have been friends since childhood! Awesome to watch.

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                                                          amazing video, just wow

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                                                            your are not going to put a peanut butter?! hahahaha your so funny man!! hahahaha

                                                            • Andy Ho Outdoors
                                                              Andy Ho Outdoors  1 months back

                                                              I laughed out loud when he said “You don’t use any bait, you don’t put peanut butter on this?” Always so cheeky Sonny.

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                                                                Alyssa Carrillo  1 months back

                                                                anyone know what happened to sonnys forehead?

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                                                                    I feel like I’m watching a real tv show

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                                                                        Welcome to florida! Love all your stuff brother!

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                                                                            Putting Peanut butter on a fish as a bait,🤣

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                                                                              Beautiful video! Great job! Love all your documentary episodes so much!

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                                                                                Troy  1 months back

                                                                                Subscribed to South Florida Fishing Channel now and love it! Thanks!

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                                                                                  how daheck did he got his scar? :'(

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                                                                                    help me reach my channel 2k subs <3 please :( :(

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                                                                                          Home sweet home baby. Home of the crazy, home of the wild. Florida (south Florida)

                                                                                          • AngryGam3r
                                                                                            AngryGam3r  1 months back

                                                                                            Sure raw fish can give you parasite, but if you look at the meat before you put it in your mouth you can see if the contain parasite :D

                                                                                            • Local trash
                                                                                              Local trash  1 months back

                                                                                              Him: eat well little friend so you can get strong
                                                                                              Barracuda: why thank you-
                                                                                              Him: so I can see you again
                                                                                              Barracuda: oh ok- WAIT WHAT

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                                                                                                He said for college 😂😂