Brett Eldredge Shows His Gym & Fridge on Tour | Gym and Fridge | Men's Health


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  • Rebecca Tagalog
    Rebecca Tagalog  1 weeks back

    Love this post.

    • Eternal Being33
      Eternal Being33  1 weeks back

      Oh really? Vodka, whiskey, and beer? Huh interesting. Thats how brett eldredge is in such good shape. Maybe i should start drinking poison to.

      • Affordable Amber
        Affordable Amber  3 weeks back

        Omg when he turn on that song!! I have been listening to that song over and over!

        • Affordable Amber
          Affordable Amber  3 weeks back

          I’m here to check out more then just the fridge and gym ❤️😍😍

          • The PINK THRIVE DIVA
            The PINK THRIVE DIVA  4 weeks back

            We NEED TO HAVE a BATTLE
            of THE FLEXES BRETT💪😜

            • Charley Wang
              Charley Wang  4 weeks back

              Travel sketches return. Take a look at your video again. Interesting stories, state of input, and interesting details. We pay attention to each other.

              • Lynnemargaret Phillips
                Lynnemargaret Phillips  4 weeks back

                🌺🧔🎸🥒🥝🍅🏋️‍♂️🥃hope it's not romane lettuce 😁😁

                • The PINK THRIVE DIVA
                  The PINK THRIVE DIVA  1 months back

                  Ohhh BRETT! YOU HAVE to THRIVE!!!!

                  • CELIE MG
                    CELIE MG  1 months back

                    Love you love you 😘 😂this guy gives you the happiest feeling ever he has that soul of magic

                    • Elyssa Aquino
                      Elyssa Aquino  1 months back


                      • Vikram Koppikar
                        Vikram Koppikar  1 months back

                        Please do Stallone next guys! You know you gotta!!!!

                        • Tony Xie
                          Tony Xie  1 months back

                          Protein powder made of bone broth?? I don’t know if I could drink meat water after a workout... 🍖🥛😅

                          • muoian
                            muoian  1 months back

                            Country Chris Martin vibes

                            • Em n’ Health
                              Em n’ Health  1 months back

                              Not a guy but this is one of my favorite series

                              • Denise Danielle Dukes
                                Denise Danielle Dukes  1 months back

                                loved it

                                • Santos Alvarado
                                  Santos Alvarado  1 months back

                                  im waiting for a soccer player fridge and gym