Chapman's HRs in 5-RBI game to lead A's | Mariners-Athletics Game Highlights 7/16/19


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  • Eric S
    Eric S  2 months back

    War eagle

    • Zofe Raweline
      Zofe Raweline  2 months back

      Thanks brothers $€

      • Douglas Thompson
        Douglas Thompson  2 months back

        Same dance.....different day, ugh.

        • GengarPlayz
          GengarPlayz  2 months back

          Smh. What a joke. The mariners are never winning a title if they play like that 😂

          • _ Smitty _
            _ Smitty _  2 months back

            That HR pitch was sooooo low and outside! How did he take it to left?

            • Manfred Drews
              Manfred Drews  2 months back

              Mariners "rebuild" year doesn't excuse those sloppy fielding errors. When will SEA be a competitor again?

              • Kevin Champagne
                Kevin Champagne  2 months back

                Seattle had like the best record in the first month and the worst now what happened

              • Brendan Villafane
                Brendan Villafane  2 months back

                The a’s are on a hot streak. They could take the division.

                • 13th Exit
                  13th Exit  2 months back


                  • Border Reiver
                    Border Reiver  2 months back

                    the A's were on fire....

                    • Emmanuel Riou
                      Emmanuel Riou  2 months back

                      Moroners are unwatchable, but it's all good for their opponents!

                      • RememberTheMaine
                        RememberTheMaine  2 months back

                        Yeah they're pretty terrible this year. And have the most errors

                    • school pizza
                      school pizza  2 months back

                      4:10 ugh that song was always trash, but so is my team ahah

                      • John Brandreth
                        John Brandreth  2 months back

                        Mariners just keep on losing, get rid of dipoto and servais.

                        • Brendan Villafane
                          Brendan Villafane  2 months back

                          ଳଳଳ ଚଚଚ is Yankees fans love Paxton. He’s doing great. He’s a bad first inning pitcher. His era in the first is above 10 but after the first it’s under 2. I agree with dipoto I just wonder what he’s doing because the trades confuse me.

                        • Emmanuel Riou
                          Emmanuel Riou  2 months back

                          Moroners, the eternal botton feeders of the MLB are now rebuilding after 19 years of futility? LOL

                        • ଳଳଳ ଚଚଚ
                          ଳଳଳ ଚଚଚ  2 months back

                          They are losing on purpose, that's the whole point of rebuilding. Dont expect them to compete until 2022-23ish at the earliest. Servais is the perfect coach for a rebuild and most certainly will be gone then. Dipoto has made some boneheaded mistakes but he also got rid of Paxton Diaz and Cano, all of which are struggling mightily in New york. Team has been losing for 20 years, what's another 5?

                      • hector gonzalez
                        hector gonzalez  2 months back

                        Rossi Loves Her Chapman!

                        • Codekiller332
                          Codekiller332  2 months back

                          Lets go A’s!!
                          Keep doing your Dirty work Chapman!

                          • redhotchilifan98
                            redhotchilifan98  2 months back

                            Its so hard being an M's fan love em anyway

                            • Adriel Ortega
                              Adriel Ortega  2 months back

                              @NotAsian I'm a Giants fan, just checking in on the A's and see how they're doing. Lol

                            • NotAsian
                              NotAsian  2 months back

                              @Adriel Ortega More bad A's fans really classy

                            • 13th Exit
                              13th Exit  2 months back


                            • King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me
                              King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me  2 months back

                              You guys are trash

                            • isaaclikesturtles
                              isaaclikesturtles  2 months back

                              I would say they did good for a few innings but those errors we're so embarrassing to see even as an A's fan