Dwyane Wade Watches Sierra Canyon's First Game With Full Roster - Full Highlights


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  • nplovingham
    nplovingham  2 weeks back

    Gabby got gams! 0:38 D-Wade can contest!

    • zeekmorris
      zeekmorris  2 weeks back

      The big chinaman is the best player they got.

      • 박민준
        박민준  2 weeks back

        Who are they playing? Some of the players on the other team doesn’t look athletic at all

        • Roody Call
          Roody Call  2 weeks back

          2:18 u know who side the refs are on

          • KEMAL C.
            KEMAL C.  2 weeks back

            haw you see the shouldr hit at 2:18 ? then you realise they are still kids af and still do not deserve to be proffessiona. notl yet at least...

            • KEMAL C.
              KEMAL C.  2 weeks back

              Jack Geary morelike shoulder stroke

            • Jack Geary
              Jack Geary  2 weeks back

              KEMAL C. r/hadastroke?

          • King Dami
            King Dami  2 weeks back

            Barely any Zaire Wade smh

            • Ona Ebodaghe
              Ona Ebodaghe  2 weeks back


              • Acee ✓
                Acee ✓  2 weeks back

                Bruh we gotta see more Zaire & Bronny than that 🤦🏽‍♂️

                • Tre
                  Tre  2 weeks back

                  If a nigga bump me like that at 2:18 I’m throwing hands on god

                  • Joseph Antonio
                    Joseph Antonio  2 weeks back

                    Lol they're too stacked. Huge blowout game but still didn't give much spotlight for the youngins

                    • Jaemond Mcneal
                      Jaemond Mcneal  2 weeks back

                      Zaire Wade is a senior and doesn’t start ? 😶

                    • Jesse Liu
                      Jesse Liu  2 weeks back

                      Luol Deng

                      • ShxdowIsDoodoo
                        ShxdowIsDoodoo  2 weeks back


                        • Lori Ryan
                          Lori Ryan  2 weeks back


                          • ibeen zay
                            ibeen zay  2 weeks back