Crazy 9th Inning In Atlanta As Cardinals Take Game 1 Of NLDS


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  • Mark Douglas
    Mark Douglas  2 weeks back

    Brave will be out in the first round of playoffs yet again. It's the never ending story.

    • Amy Peterson
      Amy Peterson  2 weeks back

      I hope not but I think you are right.

  • oksanasdad
    oksanasdad  2 weeks back

    Braves are reaping the whirlwind of taking the last week and a half off for their key players. Lost five of six going into the playoffs. Streaks are the norm in baseball... and this losing one seems to want to continue.

    • Martavius Echols
      Martavius Echols  3 weeks back

      Don’t end the game looking 🤦🏾‍♂️

      • Brandon McGowan
        Brandon McGowan  3 weeks back

        Blue and Cardinals champions in same year would really help this city.

        • Max Ferguson
          Max Ferguson  2 weeks back

          Brandon McGowan isn’t gonna happen tho

      • Mark Hendrix
        Mark Hendrix  3 weeks back

        I was really hoping the BRAVES would make the comeback... : /

        • Diego Villegas
          Diego Villegas  3 weeks back

          Instead of looking at your hit, run out the base you cocky fuck. I was rooting for ATL but now fuck that. Go red birds!

          • Rollo Lamont
            Rollo Lamont  3 weeks back

            Atlanta teams choking as usual

            • Rollo Lamont
              Rollo Lamont  2 weeks back

              @Chris Coates Atlanta sucks & always will suck! The only thing ATL is good at is producing god awful reality television portraying black ignorance at It's FINEST & Being GAY AF!!

            • Rollo Lamont
              Rollo Lamont  2 weeks back

              @Chris Coates Typical Atlanta making excuses.

            • Chris Coates
              Chris Coates  2 weeks back

              This wasn't a choke. Just a tough loss.

            • Bill Ainsworth
              Bill Ainsworth  2 weeks back

              I think the thing that came out of this is "the never give up additude" runs deep in both teams, but Cards eeked out this one.