The Best Smartphone Deal Right Now.


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   6 months back

    Google Pixel 3 (Amazon Renewed) -

    • Clippers Nation
      Clippers Nation  5 months back

      Unbox Therapy

      April 22, 2019
      $450 brand new Pixel 3 / 128 GB

      I'm good. 😎

    • Hardy Rajput
      Hardy Rajput  6 months back

      Does all stock android phone give you unlimited photo storage?

    • Hardy Rajput
      Hardy Rajput  6 months back

      Does all stock android phone give you unlimited photo storage?

    • Edra Gultom
      Edra Gultom  6 months back

      lue i have a problem with my note 9, if i direct my cellphone position up then go into live focus mode then change to photo mode then the top of my cellphone will vibrate especially when zooming and the picture becomes blurry for a few seconds, many users feel this. if you search on google "note 9 buzzing sound when zooming camera" many complain about this and have not been able to get a solution. I also want to say if you shake note 9, you will hear the camera sound "click" even if you are not in camera mode.

  • Warren_ Nash
    Warren_ Nash  12 hours back

    My Christmas is already ruined my parents won’t get this phone 😢😢😢😢😭

    • TheRawBabe
      TheRawBabe  2 weeks back

      No headphone jack

      • Ethan Alley
        Ethan Alley  3 weeks back

        lost me at no headphone jack

        • Sarbaze Mehdi Rizvi
          Sarbaze Mehdi Rizvi  3 weeks back

          My SE has one camera...

          • Subzero Subzero
            Subzero Subzero  3 weeks back

            I will choose Google for ever I own one and it's one of the best devices ever been Build ... Google own everyone , if you used Google you can't go back it's always will be Google 💪

            • Mike's Collectible Madness

              Amazing video and amazing job friend 😀👍

              • AJ G
                AJ G  4 weeks back

                Dual cameras is a gimmick

                • Elbert Osorio
                  Elbert Osorio  1 months back

                  can someone recommend me a smartphone under 500$??? planning to buy one this month.

                  • Mortal Gam3zz
                    Mortal Gam3zz  1 months back

                    @Elbert Osorio i wouldnt recommend a google pixel 3a unless u take a lot of pics, i assume not so dont take that, huawei p20 lite on the price tag i gave u (200-300$) u get 64 GB so u can still take pics, however the OnePlus 6t, i feel like it should be used more as a 'work' phone just like microsoft idk. It is pretty durable tho so if u let your phone fall easy then either buy a chase or if you are distracted by the OnePlus 6t then buy that.

                    I'd still recommend you to get one of the list i gave u, but yeah of course its your money not mine

                  • Elbert Osorio
                    Elbert Osorio  1 months back

                    @Mortal Gam3zz how about the google pixel 3a or OnePlus 6t?

                  • Mortal Gam3zz
                    Mortal Gam3zz  1 months back

                    Huawei mate 20. 400-500€, huawei p20 lite 200-300€, Motorola moto g7. 250-350€
                    Samsung Galaxy A50. 250-350€.

                    This is my list, i really dont like the iphones becuz of the prices, dont buy em!

                    Huawei is know for low prices with good quality so id recommend it,
                    Best phone from the list according to the price is huawei p20 lite, if u dont care about price then pick huawei mate 20, as its known for its low prices but still is the highest costing phone, it sure is the best on the list.
                    After that it comes to preference.

                    My list is
                    1. Huawei p20 lite
                    2. Huawei mate 20
                    3. Samsung Galaxy S8
                    4. Samsung Galaxy A50
                    5. Motorola moto g7

                    My top 3 is a DEFO great smartphone list.
                    Inform me on what u bought pls

                • Amore Mio
                  Amore Mio  1 months back

                  Give me one phone

                  • FcGc
                    FcGc  1 months back

                    Bruh Best Buy got the 300 dollar deal NEW pixel 3 but u gots to activate but its the best deal trust

                    • ELmorabiti Youssef
                      ELmorabiti Youssef  2 months back

                      Dont fool ppl pliz

                      • Rishik kumar
                        Rishik kumar  2 months back

                        I agree with you opinions

                        • XxOrtonRandyXx
                          XxOrtonRandyXx  2 months back

                          I am looking into phones cause my PH1 is acting up and its pissing me off and I was looking into the Pixel 3 and 3XL, at this point do you think its worth getting or just waiting till October for new one?

                          • ragtop63
                            ragtop63  2 months back

                            So this entire opinion hinges on 1 thing, the camera. Who cares if it makes and receives calls. Who cares if it can run an app without choking to death. Who cares if the screen suffers from burn-in. Here's a strange idea, if you want to take pictures buy a camera.

                            • Jakub Niederle
                              Jakub Niederle  2 months back

                              Only $380 at the link he put in the description

                              • Kate Zy
                                Kate Zy  2 months back

                                Got recently Google pixel 3 XL I don't mind the notch u can get used to it but the phone is lush so smooth and work so well better than Samsung S10 I had so worth it

                                • Kate Zy
                                  Kate Zy  2 months back

                                  Pure android love it

                              • swansmeister
                                swansmeister  2 months back

                                The pixel actualy has 2 my dude not one camera.

                                • Fun Ny
                                  Fun Ny  2 months back

                                  swansmeister the pixel 3 xl has 3

                              • Steve P.
                                Steve P.  2 months back

                                $384 as of today!

                                • Flare78x
                                  Flare78x  3 months back

                                  its $500 new for all 3 colors unlocked from best buy or google

                                  • Niranjan Athikavil
                                    Niranjan Athikavil  3 months back

                                    2:12 wow that's a gorgeous creature.

                                    • Tyler Wagoner
                                      Tyler Wagoner  3 months back

                                      I found a whit pixel 3 for $385

                                      • Edgar Renje
                                        Edgar Renje  3 months back

                                        My colleague said to me today about his new S10: "Clearly better camera. Immediately reliable photos". He had a Sony before. Same sensor manufacturer (Sony, in some regions), different software.

                                        • Collins Acheampong
                                          Collins Acheampong  3 months back

                                          I just got my pixel 3 slightly used for 211 dollars in Vegas, no fault or scratch. Total steal! 😂

                                          • Wyhop
                                            Wyhop  3 months back

                                            What are the highest quality, least expensive cell phones now available (or soon available) which are usable on the Verizon network? They need not be for sale by Verizon. Only usable on their network. Thanks!

                                            • Bot Jah
                                              Bot Jah  3 months back

                                              Four Years Ago 6-7 inch We Call Phablet. and 4-5,5 inch Smartphone.

                                              and now 6-7inch we call Smartphone.

                                              R.I.P The Real Smartphone.

                                              • Dimitry Ruskiev
                                                Dimitry Ruskiev  3 months back

                                                Nokia 3210 is the best

                                                • AnEasyGoPerson YT
                                                  AnEasyGoPerson YT  3 months back

                                                  My dood the p smart is the best cheap phone imo, and it's not the most advanced at all, but it's fucking crazy for its price.

                                                  • Sahge Acuna
                                                    Sahge Acuna  3 months back

                                                    I think I’ll stick to the 4 dollar phone

                                                    • julybell villavicencio
                                                      julybell villavicencio  3 months back

                                                      I am looking for good good camera, I have note 9 witch is horrible phone . I dont wanna spend alot money on something that I am not going to be happy. Someone said 7 pro. Can you help me

                                                      • Xo Xo
                                                        Xo Xo  3 months back

                                                        How was you able to load pixel software to the 6t. Heck yes!
                                                        How did you exacute the install?

                                                        • Vibudh Sharma
                                                          Vibudh Sharma  3 months back

                                                          Do you not know what gcam ports are?

                                                      • Matrix Dude
                                                        Matrix Dude  4 months back

                                                        Guys his SIM in that phone
                                                        In that phone !! Can u believe it !!

                                                        • Cecilia Sanchez
                                                          Cecilia Sanchez  4 months back

                                                          Where can I buy p 30 pro

                                                          • Akhil Trivedi
                                                            Akhil Trivedi  4 months back

                                                            Lew love 69

                                                            • Kansas life
                                                              Kansas life  4 months back

                                                              I got iPhone XR and it’s a great deal with a trade in 😃

                                                              • Andrew Rattle
                                                                Andrew Rattle  4 months back

                                                                i was never cool with the iphone xs price tag with last years processor that was such a turn off.
                                                                just the principle.
                                                                but now u say i can have a like new one for the price that it should cost new?!?! what?! worth looking into!

                                                                • Ch Martin
                                                                  Ch Martin  4 months back

                                                                  I'm looking to get a pixel 3 but I'm worried about the reviews on the vibration on the phone from the speakers. Can anyone put my mind at rest I really want it

                                                                  • Andrew Ogbewe
                                                                    Andrew Ogbewe  4 months back

                                                                    You can always return it, and I found a better price at 423 on backmarket

                                                                • shock
                                                                  shock  4 months back

                                                                  Lacking a headphone jack? Goodbye.

                                                                  • RyanPerson
                                                                    RyanPerson  4 months back

                                                                    The pixel 3a is 400 dollars and has a headphone jack. It doesn't have wireless charging and isn't waterproof like the regular 3, but it has the same camera. Also, the 3a is plastic instead of glass back, but who cares, that's what cases are for. The 3a is totally worth it, unlike the regular 3.

                                                                • ZEOLINKY
                                                                  ZEOLINKY  4 months back

                                                                  I still rock the iphone 6

                                                                  • K Klumpers
                                                                    K Klumpers  4 months back

                                                                    How about the battery of the Pixel 3? I think it is way behind the Huawei and even the S10+ isn't it?

                                                                    • king cobra
                                                                      king cobra  4 months back

                                                                      Who gives a shit about the camera. You waisted to much time on the camera. Why didn't you name this "cameras of the phones I own"?

                                                                      • mr.k production 1617
                                                                        mr.k production 1617  4 months back

                                                                        Hy bro can do a video about cheapest Best smart phone ever

                                                                        • Benjamin Worters
                                                                          Benjamin Worters  5 months back

                                                                          How do I get the Pixel 3 camera software? To install onto another phone of course..

                                                                        • Alex G
                                                                          Alex G  5 months back

                                                                          Could I gibe me a call

                                                                          • Taylor Burns
                                                                            Taylor Burns  5 months back

                                                                            its actually cheeper now 400.

                                                                            • ZAKO khenchouch
                                                                              ZAKO khenchouch  5 months back

                                                                              I needed a design phone like the iPhone X and a powerful hardware And cheap. What do you recommend ? pls answer me

                                                                            • Min Liu
                                                                              Min Liu  5 months back

                                                                              Would u mind leave your email herewe want to cooperare with you

                                                                              • Tech Buddy
                                                                                Tech Buddy  5 months back

                                                                                my friend actually buyed the pixel 3 and is so satisfied with its camera