Why Are So Many Canadian Basketball Players Snubbing The World Cup? | We Need To Talk

  • Published: 08 August 2019
  • A growing list of Canadian basketball players have confirmed they won't be participating at the upcoming World Cup in China. Sportsnet.ca's Michael Grange breaks down who's out and what chance Team Canada now has, alongside Faizal Khamisa.

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Comments • 46

  • moses jr
    moses jr  4 days back

    They know that they suck Australia, USA, Serbia and France are way better than Canada

    • Bang Bang Libra Gang
      Bang Bang Libra Gang  2 weeks back

      Someone said it'll take maybe a second generation of players to break the cycle. I really see this happening. Apparently CANADA basketball has made deep wounds in years past towards talented basketball players.

      • Rob Clayton
        Rob Clayton  2 weeks back

        I was excited for team canada as the best possible roster can compete with the top teams... to see the players not answer the call and rep their country is disheartening... why should they play they have NBA contracts to worry about right.. but why not.. you have a have an opportunity to do something really special for Canada basketball and your country... did they not just see most of Canada stand up with pride for the Toronto Raptors? And to have Canada basketball turn down wiggins interest in representing is just plain stupid... anyways good luck to the men who answered the call to rep our nation.. group of death will be tough but I got faith!!!

        • siggi zippan
          siggi zippan  3 weeks back

          If I had selected for the National team I would have played, regardless. As a woman, I played Team Handball as a goal keeper and would have been excited to play for the Canadian National team. We played not only in the summer league on different fields in Germany but also in the winter league in the hall - like Basketball. So, we amateur women played all year round and yet we never got the recognition of actually being handball players. And of course, we don't get the recognition here in the US or in Canada, You are sexist.

          • siggi zippan
            siggi zippan  3 weeks back

            I feel very disappointed with Canadian players, like Wiggins and others who are not part of the Canadian National team.

            • Rob Clayton
              Rob Clayton  2 weeks back

              siggi zippan wiggins wanted to play team canada denied his request

          • Social Justice
            Social Justice  4 weeks back

            Ungrateful athletes! What else is new? We the fans are just suckers

            • DHARMYOG_COM
              DHARMYOG_COM  1 months back

              These guys have too much money and spoiled. The high payed once have no need to do it and love for the nation is also lacking. I would love to play for Canada where everyone is treated with dignity. I would signup any day to play for Canadian. I m Indian born and live in Canada. I love it here.

            • Steve stevenson
              Steve stevenson  1 months back

              They have basketball in canada??

            • Ben McInnes
              Ben McInnes  1 months back

              Corey Joseph and Kelly Olynyk are the real ones. They always step up for the national team.

              • judge sim
                judge sim  1 months back

                might be a hot take, but i think basketball should only be played with 1 hand

                • Penny P
                  Penny P  1 months back

                  Who cares

                  • Ramrod
                    Ramrod  1 months back

                    Awwweee to bad. Had such a big shot

                    • Rob
                      Rob  1 months back

                      Why?? Hmmm why risk an injury for a tournament with not much importance? Besides, weren't these tournaments intended for amateur ie Olympic athletes?

                      • Eddy Cheung
                        Eddy Cheung  4 weeks back

                        It’s World Cup not Olympics. That’s like saying fifa World Cup should only consist of amateurs. Only other countries that don’t put on their full lineup are the Americans. But for them, they can send a D team and still potentially win the tournament. CanAda with a full lineup are capable of being top 5 team in the world. It’s too bad none of the top guys wanna represent.

                      • Rob
                        Rob  1 months back

                        @Kyle Peter I'll sleep quite soundly with the thought of that

                      • Kyle Peter
                        Kyle Peter  1 months back

                        in 1930s yes. they can get injured anywhere, because they will be playing somewhere. Good luck when all other countries (other than us) have their best players.. smfh Rob

                    • Ji Li
                      Ji Li  1 months back

                      What are you expecting from Blacks?

                      • Mjora
                        Mjora  1 months back

                        Hol up

                    • Novaura Autism
                      Novaura Autism  1 months back

                      Because they are cowards.

                      • mathew do
                        mathew do  1 months back

                        stick to hockey only sports good at

                    • internet !
                      internet !  1 months back

                      This is the weirdest hockey I've ever seen!

                    • Louisville 82
                      Louisville 82  1 months back

                      These guys just don’t care about Canada basketball. You’re hurt? No one buying that y’all just don’t care

                      • James G
                        James G  1 months back

                        Jamal Murray and RJ Barrett backing out hurts. I was most disappointed by those two.

                        • Kyle Peter
                          Kyle Peter  1 months back

                          the 2 that are actually injured? wiggins, lyles and stauskas are the ones who just dont want to

                      • Rick Robitaille
                        Rick Robitaille  1 months back

                        Do you not think their principle interest are invested in nba teams they currently play for and in the back of their minds is the question, what if I get hurt ,will I put possibly risk my playing longevity in nba,this could be a Canadian perspective, not saying it's right or wrong ,but it's a shame because Canada has never been a stronger basketball force that at this moment

                        • Rick Cordeiro
                          Rick Cordeiro  1 months back

                          We had 14 shootings this past weekend in Toronto during Carabana. Hopefully none of the basketball players were shot..

                          • Night Mare
                            Night Mare  1 months back

                            Shouldn't you have said: "I hope nobody got shot."

                            Before they are basketball players, they are people just like us.

                          • We The North
                            We The North  1 months back

                            get some help

                        • Rick Cordeiro
                          Rick Cordeiro  1 months back

                          Get Vince Carter. He has dual citizenship.

                          • Elie Fosso
                            Elie Fosso  4 weeks back

                            Rick Cordeiro does he actually??

                        • Mario Zamprogno
                          Mario Zamprogno  1 months back

                          What a bunch of whiners past not very sportsmanlike don’t want to represent your own country what the hell is wrong with these so-called sportsman

                          • Drew Rycerz
                            Drew Rycerz  1 months back

                            For real Toronto has some crazy talent. It's only a matter of time before Canada and the US have a real rivalry.

                            • y68 o n
                              y68 o n  1 months back

                              @Akat yeah maybe 20-30 years

                            • Akat
                              Akat  1 months back

                              @y68 o n As of now, but Canadian basketball is developing rapidly, like he said "It's only a matter of time..." Don't act stupid

                            • y68 o n
                              y68 o n  1 months back

                              The US has 50 players better than any single Canadian

                          • RAPS IN 4
                            RAPS IN 4  1 months back

                            This is bullshit. Not sure what's wrong with this new generation (aging myself) but damn. Show some damn heart.

                            • dnoz13
                              dnoz13  1 months back

                              A dozen Canadian NBA players just don’t want to represent. Pretty sad fellas, I will stick with hockey.

                              • About36GREEKS
                                About36GREEKS  1 months back

                                John Smith Exactly Lol it’s not the Olympics