Cuban Lechon Hot Box!!! EXTREME Cubano Food in Miami!!!

  • Published: 25 July 2019
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    » Cuban Food

    1. CAJA CALIENTE (Hot Box): Tamal Cubano
    ADDRESS: 2634 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137, USA
    SOCIAL: @cajacaliente

    🌽TAMAL CUBANO: Homemade tamale is topped with avocado, pico de gallo, Caja aioli, pork lechon, egg, queso, tajin seasoning and parsley.

    💸PRICE: US $11.00
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    2. MORENO’S CUBA: Tostones Habaneros + Cordero de Mari
    ADDRESS: 1850 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
    SOCIAL: @morenoscuba

    🍌TOSTONES HABANEROS: Plantains, pulled chicken, Moreno’s signature sauce and mozzarella

    🥩CORDERO DE MARI: Marinate lamb pieces for 12 hours in white wine, beer and fresh herbs. Cook with garlic, onions, carrots and peppers over low heat.

    💸PRICE: Tostones Habaneros US $7.00 - $10.00 | Cordero de Mari US $19.00
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    ADDRESS: 1334 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135, USA

    ☕CAFÉ CUBANO: Add cane sugar to the espresso as it is being brewed.

    💸PRICE: US $3.00
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    4. BELLA CUBA RESTAURANT: Lechon Asado Tradicional Cubano + Cuban Sandwich + Rabo Encendido Cubano + Arroz Con Pollo Borracho
    ADDRESS: 1659 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
    SOCIAL: @bellacubarestaurant

    🐖LECHON ASADO TRADICIONAL CUBANO (Traditional Cuban Roast Pork): Marinate lechon for 12 hours overnight in a Mojo marinade.Then slow roast the marinated lechon for 4.5 hours, allowing the marinade to blend with the juices from the pork. Serve with Yuca, Tostones & Traditional Black Bean Rice.

    🥪CUBAN SANDWICH: Using Cuban bread, add lechon, smoked ham, homemade sliced pickles, swiss cheese and mustard.

    🍲RABO ENCENDIDO CUBANO (Cuban Oxtail Stew): Traditional Cuban Stew with pieces of braised beef tail on the bone, carrots, onions, peppers, garlic, tomato and spices.

    💸PRICE: Lechon Asado Tradicional Cubano US $20.50 | Cuban Sandwich US $11.00 | Rabo Encendido Cubano US $27.50 | Arroz Con Pollo Borracho
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  • Gunnertary
    Gunnertary  7 hours back

    Are Cubans born with Rolex Daytonas on their wrists?

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      • Edduart Budiargo
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        I love your videos and you to

        • Glenn Hope Vistal
          Glenn Hope Vistal  3 days back

          Wow..but no one can bit our filipino lechon...agree..

          • daniel bohorquez
            daniel bohorquez  3 days back

            Yo Sonny you should try venezuelan food it is a really big contrast to cuban we are all about punch in your face flavor and use some similar things and there are a loto of venezuelan restaurants on Miami

            • jannis joplin
              jannis joplin  4 days back

              Namjoon? LOL looked him up. A typical, basic beta male.

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                >we had the pig
                >but it was really hard to get the ham

                • Jaelynn Daily
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                  11:54 looks yummy

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                        Omg why is namjoon in here, I freaked out

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                          Do you not worry about having a massive heart attack?

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                            Man that pigs last stare 🤫

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                              Dale Aruwa  1 weeks back

                              His cocaine references 😆😆😆

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                                Rache Fdez  1 weeks back

                                Cuban food its amazing 😍. So proud to be cuban 🤞🏼🥰

                                • Dq Davis
                                  Dq Davis  1 weeks back

                                  Yes plz go to cuba

                                  • Katherine Cano
                                    Katherine Cano  1 weeks back

                                    Their lechon looks dry and burnt.not appetizing

                                    • circusoddity1
                                      circusoddity1  2 weeks back

                                      Cuba trip is a must.

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                                          Freaking screamed when I saw RM im like OMG RM ( while my potato self was supposed to be taking a lil break )

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                                            Definitely check out Cuba and Colombia!!!

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                                              Sure you guys should do Cuban cuisine.

                                              • Lolita maoirat
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                                                Lechon is originaly created by filipinos

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                                                    Cuban sandwiches started in Tampa not Miami

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                                                                    Yes go to Cuba

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                                                                      Guy in dreads talking about the 2 version of tamales. didn't he just contradict himself?

                                                                      • Hoydlee Bonifacio
                                                                        Hoydlee Bonifacio  3 weeks back

                                                                        the lechon...😂 know how Philippine lechon looks and taste like... unlike that one... crispy?yeah... right...😂...our lechon is crespier without the dark color...

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                                                                                        Crisi Bella  3 weeks back

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                                                                                            Miggie maccin  3 weeks back

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