The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Before You Buy


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  • Deadeye HorrorGamer
    Deadeye HorrorGamer  2 days back

    Zelda I love you! But I hate Nintendo!

    • Kattobi
      Kattobi  2 days back

      I just picked up a switch! I need some help? Should I buy breath of the wild or link's awakening, as my first zelda game in a very long time! Last time I played was on the game cube! Thank you for your help!

      • Kattobi
        Kattobi  1 days back

        @Baca Thank You So Much! I was thinking that likewise!!!

      • Baca
        Baca  1 days back

        Breath of the wild for sure

    • cornbreadthedog
      cornbreadthedog  3 days back

      Never played Zelda before but have always loved Link. Not a fan of RPG's but I like the design of this game. Link looks like he's 9 years old here. Looks like I'd need a strategy guide book to play this one.

      • Flecher-Geno Dinelle
        Flecher-Geno Dinelle  6 days back

        i said i wouldn't buy it. because I've played it since the dx version on gameboy color. for a game that short, it's not worth paying that much. but I've seen it in a store and I'm undecided. lol!

        • Johannes Andersson
          Johannes Andersson  1 weeks back

          I think the price is too high for how quick it is to finish.

          • Archeluas V
            Archeluas V  1 weeks back

            60 dollars and made me feel the same feelings I felt as a child =priceless

            • yinzr
              yinzr  1 weeks back

              Links Awakening > Breath of The Wild

              • inGraffitiWetrust
                inGraffitiWetrust  1 weeks back

                zelda on NES whas my frist i loved SNES one the most and this one right after it (1993 version) sadly for now i dont have a switch just yet till Xmass >_< ohwell for now i just gotta wait and try not to watch any other videos besides this one...

                • LordTaboo11
                  LordTaboo11  2 weeks back

                  I remember playing the original one back in the day back when I was a kid and it was my first game, and I'm planning on buying this for my daughter for Christmas as her first game with a switch lite

                  • Duckey Productions
                    Duckey Productions  1 weeks back

                    I bought the switch lite and I love it it is so good. Feels like a gameboy 10.0

                • fludictag 174
                  fludictag 174  2 weeks back

                  I bought it and it's pretty much the the same game just with better graphics and better controls, all it is to me is an better version of the game I loved it.

                  • Xcile Nuggs
                    Xcile Nuggs  2 weeks back

                    Do I need Nintendo switch online to play this? Can someone please reply and tell me

                    • Xcile Nuggs
                      Xcile Nuggs  1 weeks back

                      Iceychaos123 thanks dude. You are a good human being 👍👍

                    • Iceychaos123
                      Iceychaos123  1 weeks back

                      For the main story no, but to share self-made dungeons and play other people's created dungeons yes

                  • The Juice Bar Gaming
                    The Juice Bar Gaming  2 weeks back

                    I think the game is actually worth it. It was done so well. Matter fact I did a video on it. If you can I would appreciate if you’d all check it out. Have a blessed day.

                    • Jeddicus
                      Jeddicus  2 weeks back

                      im really interested, but I think the $60 price tag is a bit too high. Also I don't really like the 8 directional movement. Just feels so weird and sudden seeing it in such a stylized and pretty looking game, especially since Link Between Worlds didn't have directional movement. Also apparently you move with the joystick only and can't use the d-pad, which makes the 8 directional movement even more awkward. I'll probably pick it up once the price drops, but for now I don't think id get it.

                      • Karlyle Cummings
                        Karlyle Cummings  2 weeks back

                        How odd. Link's Awakening was my first Zelda game too. And I fucking hated it. Absolute shit ending that isn't very satisfying to me.

                        • John B aka Smooth Chocolate
                          John B aka Smooth Chocolate  2 weeks back

                          @Karlyle Cummings then you're going to REALLY hate this version because the ending to this one won't be too different from the original.

                      • Anthony d'andrea
                        Anthony d'andrea  2 weeks back

                        Why would u show all that footage ur ruining the game!

                        • Flame
                          Flame  2 weeks back


                          • Berdstick 7
                            Berdstick 7  2 weeks back

                            I litterly got an ad for this before the video is this magic or something?

                            • Patrick Guerrisi
                              Patrick Guerrisi  2 weeks back

                              I am just waiting for my son to get a bit older and I am buying a switch for this game and breath of the wild. P.S mum never bought me a game boy because I played my NES WAY too much so This is a new fresh game for me

                              • Karl XZY
                                Karl XZY  2 weeks back

                                Actually don't mind these recreations. Would be nice to see a few more classics brought back to life like this.

                                • A Weido Named Link
                                  A Weido Named Link  2 weeks back

                                  just buy it there is no before u buy

                                  • HARD RICH
                                    HARD RICH  2 weeks back

                                    My favorite one is Hyrule warriors because that's the only one I could play through without looking up a walk through on YouTube at some point I tried to play the minischcap and after the 7th time I got sick and tired of getting stuck and looking up walk throughs so I gave up.

                                    • Dammit723
                                      Dammit723  2 weeks back

                                      Link to the Past was my first Zelda game.

                                      • PvtRyan
                                        PvtRyan  2 weeks back

                                        This game is great, but I still think A Link Between Worlds is better.

                                        • ForgottenT
                                          ForgottenT  2 weeks back

                                          A Link to the past is my favorite Zelda game.

                                          • José Villa
                                            José Villa  2 weeks back

                                            It’s so worth it once you get certain powers you need to go back to older spots to get stuff I’m probably like 2/3 and I’ve been playing quite a bit and price who cares one you beat it sell it for like 40 btw has normal and hard mode

                                            • theReal Aidenator
                                              theReal Aidenator  2 weeks back

                                              Hey, can any Link’s Awakening OGs comment the original version one line of dialogue that he mentioned was changed? Thanks in advance!

                                              • LPottoPixelrules
                                                LPottoPixelrules  2 weeks back

                                                its a cashgrab with easier mechanics. buy it when money grows on trees

                                                • - TH4TDUCKY0UKN0W -
                                                  - TH4TDUCKY0UKN0W -  3 weeks back

                                                  Writer of botw: maybe we should add Pokemon dlc to botw...
                                                  Founder of Nintendo: *HELL NO*
                                                  Writer of links Awakening: maybe we should have Mario enemies in links Awakening...
                                                  Founder of Nintendo: *HELL YEAH*

                                                  • MaroK
                                                    MaroK  3 weeks back

                                                    I bought this game for the hype and finished it a few days ago just for the sake of it, but for the most part I did not enjoyed it and it was frustrating as hell.

                                                    I hated the dungeons and the puzzles especially, I am just too lazy and dumb for this and don't have the patience at all. Had to look up guides in order to proceed with the last two dungeons because I just couldn't take it anymore and wanted to be over with it asap. Story is weak, combat is the most simple I ever saw in any game and the bosses are super easily cheesed. The whole map outside the dungeons is just a big maze and you are running back and forth visiting places where you already been 1000x times before, while figuring out where to go next.

                                                    No I didn't played the original game 26 years ago. No I do not have a nostalgic Zelda feeling and yes I played 5 Zelda games in total in hopes I will like it. I liked only Breath of the Wild. Hated Ocarina of Time, Link Between Worlds , Majora's mask and didn't like this one either. And it is all because of the puzzles and dungeons. The games are otherwise lovely. I do not see satisfaction in figuring out stuff that's why I hate puzzle games and if this is the main focus of the Zelda series then no thanks. Took me a while to understand....

                                                    • Rahul Pode
                                                      Rahul Pode  3 weeks back

                                                      Too expensive for old game

                                                      • Huckleberry
                                                        Huckleberry  3 weeks back

                                                        I’d rather buy untitled goose game

                                                        • Whiterun Guard
                                                          Whiterun Guard  3 weeks back

                                                          They need to remake the original zelda this way

                                                          • Danielle Thaxton
                                                            Danielle Thaxton  3 weeks back

                                                            I beat the original years ago. My dad surprised me by buying the remake for me. I beat it in less than 3 days and completed, as far as I can tell, all of the sidequests. It was fun, definitely better than the original in terms of frequency of changing which items are equipped. Not sure that I ever would have payed $60 for it though.

                                                            Now, I would pay more than $60 for the new Animal Crossing game. First though, I want to get a Switch so I won't have to keep borrowing my brother's.

                                                            • Lionblurz
                                                              Lionblurz  3 weeks back

                                                              Majora’s Mask and BOTW are the best Zelda games, change my mind

                                                              • Jon Tron
                                                                Jon Tron  3 weeks back

                                                                WHAT'S THE CHEST?DRAWER JOKE?!?!?!?! TELL ME!!!!111

                                                                • Rainos62
                                                                  Rainos62  3 weeks back

                                                                  Id say wait for a price drop because its too expensive for how much it offers. the spyro trilogy and crash trilogy are cheaper and offer way more content for what they are. I literally 100% this game in 18 hours and i have never played this game and my first playthrough. for link between worlds a 3ds game it was 40 hours to give an example of one that was 40 bucks and longer and it ran smoother too. this game cant hold its frame rate and its noticable and i hope they fix that.

                                                                  • Rosendo mendoza
                                                                    Rosendo mendoza  3 weeks back

                                                                    links awakening was my first zelda , i never beat it cause i was too dumb to put powder on the tanooki

                                                                    • Progress Motion
                                                                      Progress Motion  3 weeks back

                                                                      I don't know you guys, but I bought this game and I am playing on the switch lite, and the fps drops are absolutely annoying. Really, unbelievable.

                                                                      • link2176
                                                                        link2176  3 weeks back

                                                                        Thanks Jake for a great review, Link can do no wrong!

                                                                        • balasuraj1
                                                                          balasuraj1  3 weeks back

                                                                          My favorite zelda game is probably Phantom Hourglass and then BOTW

                                                                          • EmoCore UwU
                                                                            EmoCore UwU  3 weeks back

                                                                            maybe in 25 years nintendo will make a *breath of the wild remake*

                                                                            • Huckleberry
                                                                              Huckleberry  3 weeks back

                                                                              There’s gonna be a sequel so no point to make one

                                                                          • GlaciaTheWolfsky
                                                                            GlaciaTheWolfsky  3 weeks back

                                                                            My first zelda game was ocarina of time and i loved it! I really hope we either get a port or a remake for the switch! As for links awakening I never got to play the original but i am definitely gonna pick up the remake.

                                                                            • Electragirl5
                                                                              Electragirl5  3 weeks back

                                                                              This game aint worth 60. I finished it in 3 days playing extremely casually. Barely any content, just watch the entire gameplay on YouTube..... you'll get the same feeling with less frustration ;)

                                                                              • Das Boot
                                                                                Das Boot  3 weeks back

                                                                                Playing it now. Love it so far.

                                                                                • Hal J Smokes
                                                                                  Hal J Smokes  3 weeks back

                                                                                  Link’s Awakening was my first Zelda game and my favorite, and this version makes it my even more favorite.

                                                                                  • David Carter
                                                                                    David Carter  3 weeks back

                                                                                    something about this game really reminds me of clay-mation Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. and my favorite Zelda is probably a link to the past

                                                                                    • TheTopGun920
                                                                                      TheTopGun920  3 weeks back

                                                                                      My issue with the game (never played and have no nostalgia for original) is it still feels like a gameboy game. No story, depth, or interesting combat. It's about as bare bones as you can get. They should have added more than great graphics to make it feel better. Not a $60 game at all.

                                                                                      • TheMarionick
                                                                                        TheMarionick  3 weeks back

                                                                                        Eagle's Tower can eat shit. Great concept for progress in that dungeon, but making the color switch the main gimmick was mentally painful.