Why FIBA Is To Blame for Players Skipping the World Cup | Grinds My Gears


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  • John Davis
    John Davis  1 months back

    FIBA might be partly to blame; but sorry, this is mainly on the players. You should see it as an honour to represent Canada on the World stage. All of the players who are not showing up are very disappointing and the opposite of heroes. So many Canadians were really looking forward to finally having a good team in the international arena and you completely let us down.

    • Nagato Sarutobi
      Nagato Sarutobi  1 months back

      NBA is a joke league anyways. Super teams and a player who owns his own agency.

      • Aleksandar Spasic
        Aleksandar Spasic  1 months back

        Qualifiers were already a thing. And format is not a problem on its own, just a schedule, especially for Europeans. FIBA is right in terms of some national teams not playing at home for up to ten years, which these qualifiers bring. But everything else you mention here is just simply lack of patriotism and bunch of excuses to cover for it. Canada has a lot of players who are too young, but there is no excuse for player like Wiggins. If NBA league MVP Antetokounmpo and member of All-NBA team Jokić can play, so can anyone else. And almost all teams are truly in full power.

        • C Sy
          C Sy  1 months back

          very well said!

          • Robbie Greig
            Robbie Greig  1 months back

            Didnt realize playing a game and representing your country was a burden.... Hope one of them sees it as a opportunity and jumps all over it and gets the love we as canadians will give.

            • Caleb C
              Caleb C  1 months back

              European guys have no problem going. These guys aren't even gonna make the Olympics never mind deciding to actually go. Should ban them if they do make it.

              • Novaura Autism
                Novaura Autism  1 months back

                Excuses, excuses.

                • GOAT
                  GOAT  1 months back

                  These players don't care about representing their country. All they want is money.

                  • C Sy
                    C Sy  1 months back

                    who cares abt this nationalism bs, unless it's military service I dont want to hear it , at the end of the day the country is not going to pay ur Bill's or take care of ur kids lol

                  • Skankhunt42
                    Skankhunt42  1 months back

                    GOAT exactly