UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (08.23.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Tony Lopez
    Tony Lopez  3 weeks back

    Can someone please make a meme out of Skip Bayless saying bling bling im all about the bling Everyday im about the bling. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • TheOriginalGrownB
      TheOriginalGrownB  4 weeks back

      I hope Zeke wasnt making this about Another Man's money

      • Phone Cord
        Phone Cord  4 weeks back

        Smh brady can wear cams hat, but he aint allowed to get HIT like cam or mahomes.. Smh why everybody scared to say that shyt..

        • MoathPremiumVideos
          MoathPremiumVideos  4 weeks back

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          • D Man
            D Man  4 weeks back

            40 yr old Came out of retirement..., but former 49er qb can't get a job and much younger....hmmm

            • Michael Sneed
              Michael Sneed  4 weeks back

              @deekers215 I would rate any current QB higher simply because even if they are less than average (as he is) you dont get any off the field issues that come with them. Being subpar but black doesnt afford you the right to play in the NFL. If you dont have standards, that's fine, keep cheering for the guy who wouldnt be good enough for CFL.

            • deekers215
              deekers215  4 weeks back

              @Michael Sneed You really rate Josh McCown higher?

            • Michael Sneed
              Michael Sneed  4 weeks back

              Because he couldnt play to save his life hmm..... as a football fan I'm glad no one is talking about it.

            • deekers215
              deekers215  4 weeks back

              As an Eagles fan I was so disappointed in that, and I find it weird that no one has been talking about it.

          • The Tribal1
            The Tribal1  4 weeks back

            Can't wait to watch h the Dolphins in the playoffs

            • Jason Street
              Jason Street  4 weeks back

              @We Hauling it I was gonna say something similar LOL

            • We Hauling it
              We Hauling it  4 weeks back

              The Tribal1 In 10 years?

          • Matthieu Thomas
            Matthieu Thomas  4 weeks back

            You guys are awesome.
            A life size cut out of your ex 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 in your current relationship 😂

            • FlashPipo
              FlashPipo  4 weeks back


              • the420xtc
                the420xtc  4 weeks back

                Libtards FTL

                • OneAmongst2113
                  OneAmongst2113  4 weeks back

                  "I love hats" ... Jenny Taft.. out here giving the hard takes

                  • TheOriginalGrownB
                    TheOriginalGrownB  4 weeks back

                    Thats what everyone wants though

                  • Elusive Poet
                    Elusive Poet  4 weeks back

                    They pay her to lure in the simpletons.

                  • Romeo Williams
                    Romeo Williams  4 weeks back

                    She throwing hints to Shannon.....his birthday was a couple of weeks ago and she gave him a Louie vutton towel. It was live on her Instagram.... So she's expecting a gift for her birthday

                • Tommy Reno
                  Tommy Reno  4 weeks back

                  Brady’s house for sale has seven toilets. Tom and Giselle are really pressing out some logs. Maybe all that quinoa and kale

                  • Tommy Reno
                    Tommy Reno  4 weeks back

                    Hahahahahahahahaha I’ve got a quick bit on that I released on my channel ..check it out

                  • klo schuessel
                    klo schuessel  4 weeks back

                    Tommy Reno no, its all very soft
                    Thats why they need one at every corner.

                    All that water...