Nick Wright explains why Antonio Brown's grievance over helmet denied by arbitrator


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  • Christopher Ferachi
    Christopher Ferachi  1 months back

    Nick needs a cigarette and buzz his head again

    • R BZ
      R BZ  1 months back

      Gruden has a season to start and this isn't the time to publicly berate your best player before you even get started. Besides who knows what conversation they had in private, but I see no other way for Gruden to handle this and still try and get AB to buy in.

      • DNICE41
        DNICE41  1 months back

        AB did nothing wrong, he took his grievance to the arbitrator his appeal was rejected he accepted it. Just another opportunity to unfairly bash the Raiders.

        • Ha Du
          Ha Du  1 months back

          Cris is wearing so much make up??? wtf

          • Carlos gamer
            Carlos gamer  1 months back

            Julio Jones is the example

            • Nathan Mcdonald
              Nathan Mcdonald  1 months back

              AB got some serious mental issues! surprised he hasn’t been made to go see someone

              • Carlos gamer
                Carlos gamer  1 months back

                He’s an amazing athlete got 30million is what he wanted earned your contract and grow up

                • Christine Smith
                  Christine Smith  1 months back

                  "I don't believe winning is important to him," such a despicable statement from CC. An athlete can want to be duly compensated AND want to win; those two 'wants' can be co-equally important.
                  Has anyone, in the history of a career move, left a seemingly attractive situation for one that looks unappealing? YES! It's called an "I know what's best for ME" move.

                  • Jazzy Jeff Real Talk
                    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk  1 months back

                    I love Jenna. She’s beautiful

                    • Ed Hartman
                      Ed Hartman  1 months back

                      The Raiders still don't get it. You sine Burfict and then Brown. Mayock, what are you thinking?

                      • Ed Hartman
                        Ed Hartman  1 months back

                        @Birt Dag It's internet slang Sully

                      • Birt Dag
                        Birt Dag  1 months back

                        Ed Hartman please don’t question an NFL GM when you can’t even spell sign*

                    • Daniel Chirwa
                      Daniel Chirwa  1 months back

                      Fuck me. This is utter nonsense. He injured his feet trying ton look after his body for the team having worked out all summer. His helmet got banned, he filed a grievance, it got denied and he accepted it and moved on. They are intent on making everything into a huge deal – there is literally nothing to moan about and yet they get three segments every day trying to talk rubbish into existence.

                      • donnibrasko1
                        donnibrasko1  1 months back

                        You can have the most gifted WR on earth but if you cant throw it to him than what does it really matter?

                        • Christine Smith
                          Christine Smith  1 months back

                          I want to puke @ these talking heads. "Erratic, dare I say crazy behavior," they are simply upset b/c Gruden's decision to support AB w/o hesitation, WORKED! AB wasn't rewarded, It seems Gruden realized AB was well-intentioned @ the helmet, and the feet situation was an accident. Gruden did not feed into the narrative 'everything AB does is w/malice.'

                          • Robert Jeffers
                            Robert Jeffers  1 months back

                            @Daniel Chirwa There is a difference between a mistake and an accident. I believe that AB thought it would help with his treatment so he didn't cover his feet. That was a mistake but what happened was NOT an accident. Accidents are something you have no control over he had control over that situation.

                            Yes, he used the same helmet all his life but the company that made said helmet discontinued it 5-6 years ago because they deemed it unsafe. At which point the NFL gave a list of 30-35 approved helmets. Why would you not take that time to find a new helmet? Why wait until judgement day comes and make a big deal out of what you knew was coming?

                            As for people being hurt about him forcing his way out of Pittsburgh I am not one of them. The only issue I had was him not showing up for work week 17 of last season. I am all for players getting their money as it is quite easy for teams to ditch the player any time they want. But not showing up for work in the final week of the season was a BS move in my opinion.

                          • Daniel Chirwa
                            Daniel Chirwa  1 months back

                            Robert Jeffers but rewarded by who? The pittsburgh stuff is irrelevant to the Raiders so long as he doesnt jerk around there. He hasnt.

                            The helmet thing is normal. Used one all his career and then you get a season to change once it is banned. The same as Rodgers and Brady. That is up, he appealed as is his right and now he has to change. I completely get using something you are comfortable with, some people are stranger than others with OCD.

                            As for the cryo, people make mistakes. Are you saying someone known for their love of practice intentionally injured his feet?

                            He has plenty to be criticised for but none of this is it. Seems to be mainly people hurt over the way he forced out of the steelers which i understand. But dont let that impair objectivity forever.

                          • Robert Jeffers
                            Robert Jeffers  1 months back

                            AB has been rewarded for all of his negative behavior. Went live on facebook with the Steelers... got a new contract! Wanted a new contract so he acts a fool to get out of Pittsburgh... Gets traded to the Raiders and gets a new contract!

                            The helmet situation was stupid NFL players were told a couple years ago the said helmet would no longer be available. Instead of looking for a new helmet and trying to get used to it he just continued on.

                            Saying his feet was an accident is highly debatable... You are talking about someone who has been getting Cryo therapy for many years. You are always told to keep both your hands and your feet covered due to the risk of frostbite. So he decides he isn't going to wear anything on his feet because he thinks it will help? How is that not his fault exactly?

                            Not saying everything is as bad as many people are trying to make it. But you all defending his every move really need to realize that a lot of what is being said about AB is brought on by his own actions.

                          • Daniel Chirwa
                            Daniel Chirwa  1 months back

                            Someone who sees it finally. It's hilarious the sight of them trying to pre-empt problems talking like he's a scrub when he has an all-time great resumé in terms of numbers.

                        • lamaur Thompson
                          lamaur Thompson  1 months back

                          Idiot talking heads! 😒😒

                          • Tax-bitchass biyatch
                            Tax-bitchass biyatch  1 months back

                            Man I hate Nick wrong trying to sound knowledgeable about sports

                            • Benny Hath
                              Benny Hath  1 months back

                              Tax-bitchass biyatch He's right on this one

                            • Birt Dag
                              Birt Dag  1 months back

                              Tax-bitchass biyatch 😂

                          • brad m81
                            brad m81  1 months back

                            AB is going to run ALL over Gruden this year and Gruden won't be able to control it. To me, he's already lost.

                            • damomand
                              damomand  1 months back

                              This guy hashtags "its bigger than me"....HAHAHAHAHA i love the irony in this statement. what a joke. i feel bad for his kids. this idiot is their "role model".

                              • SDJ 63
                                SDJ 63  1 months back

                                AB is a train wreck,something bad is going to happen to him”wait “

                                • Lamar Davis
                                  Lamar Davis  1 months back

                                  Chris, the Steelers tried to keep him lol

                                  • Ryan Dawson
                                    Ryan Dawson  1 months back

                                    Work always speaks for its self . Wining over comes everything

                                    • Travis Cook
                                      Travis Cook  1 months back

                                      What's wrong with wanting to wear a helmet that you feel comfortable w

                                      • Morris Whitaker
                                        Morris Whitaker  1 months back

                                        damomand everyone who reads your post will know who the child is. No need for the salty language, its just an opinion.

                                      • damomand
                                        damomand  1 months back

                                        @Morris Whitaker no you dumb fuck. they are constantly testing football gear and putting them through quality measures, as well as pushing for more research into developing safer equipment. So, let me break it down for you like a child. It was deemed safe by their measures 10 years ago, HOWEVER, and try and follow me on this one, continued testing and research has led to NEWER SAFER HELMETS and those old ones are now NOT AS SAFE as the newer ones. Tough to follow??

                                      • Dylan Neufeld
                                        Dylan Neufeld  1 months back

                                        How the fuck do you get comfortable with something? Oh wait i know you use it! Hahahaha AB is the dumbest, most childish player in the NFL.

                                      • Morris Whitaker
                                        Morris Whitaker  1 months back

                                        damomand so the NFL and the company that made that helmet should pay all the players for damages since they said it's not safe. They are admitting guilt.

                                      • Hey
                                        Hey  1 months back

                                        Retiring for it after a team traded picks and made you the highest paid receiver in the league

                                    • Taco Tacotington
                                      Taco Tacotington  1 months back

                                      Nicks hair piece is tripping me out lol I cant listen when im looking at it..