[M/V] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 독 : Fear

  • Published: 16 September 2019
  • ‘자체제작’ 타이틀로 가요계에서 꾸준히 성장세를 보이고 있는 세븐틴이 이번엔 정규 3집 [An Ode]로 더욱 성숙하고 깊이 있는 앨범으로 돌아왔다.

    세븐틴의 정규 3집 [An Ode]는 'Ode(시)'를 통해 화자가 메시지를 은유적으로 표현하듯 세븐틴 또한 그들이 전하고 싶은 메시지를 다양한 방식으로 녹여내 특별한 의미를 전달, 많은 이야기를 담아냈다.

    특히 누구나 한번쯤 느낄 수 있는 '두려움'을 세븐틴은 창작하는 과정을 통해 느끼는 감정 중 하나로 마주해 이에 대해 스스로 내면 깊숙이 통찰, 고뇌에 빠진 세븐틴을 한 단계 더 성장하게 했다.

    또한 세븐틴의 대표 수식어인 ‘자체제작돌’에 걸맞게 이번 정규 3집 [An Ode]에서도 멤버들이 음악 작업에 참여해 진정성을 더하며 세븐틴만의 감성으로 한층 더 성숙해진 완성형 음악을 선사할 예정이다.

    SEVENTEEN returns with their 3rd full length album, [An Ode], proving their growth and maturity as “self-producing” artists.

    As a writer metaphorically expresses his/her message through an “ode,” SEVENTEEN also seeks to share their messages and stories to listeners through this album.

    “Fear” is an emotion many people encounter at least once in their lifetime. SEVENTEEN explores fear as an emotion they face during their creative process. As the members search within for insight, the agony they endure help them develop one step further as artists.

    As expected from “self-producing idols,” the members participated in producing the album, adding on to the authenticity of their music. Through [An Ode], SEVENTEEN plans to present their distinct emotions in a more sophisticated manner.

    iTunes & Apple Music ▶ music.apple.com/us/album/an-ode/1479663299?app=itunes
    Spotify ▶ open.spotify.com/album/4btxaakgIaE1AkXqpReLwd

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  • hamster INC
    hamster INC  7 minutes back

    20.4M is coming sooonYoung
    Good night / morning / evening / afternoon caratfam
    Keep fighting for our precious Seventeen, thank u for your hardwork.. Stay happy fam,good luck with life ♡

    • Rose Rosie
      Rose Rosie  42 minutes back

      الاغنيه كلش حلوه 😘 عجبتني

      • hamster INC
        hamster INC  43 minutes back

        i really want you to get what you really deserve.. You have worked so hard from the beginning. I wish the best for you
        i dunno why i feel like crying.. i dont know all of your fears but i hope we can defeat them together

        • Rose Rosie
          Rose Rosie  44 minutes back

          Woww it is so nice 😍😘

          • Rose Rosie
            Rose Rosie  36 minutes back

            @Evi Min Oh thanks ☺️

          • Evi Min
            Evi Min  40 minutes back

            So happy u liked it!

          • Rose Rosie
            Rose Rosie  43 minutes back

            بصراحه كلش الاغنيه حلوه 😘

        • FNA Syndrome
          FNA Syndrome  47 minutes back

          Mingyu-yaa, if you are dating, please don't tell me, don't get caught dispatch or whatever. Will you keep it a secret for a while, until I'm ready to hear it. I was depressed just because I saw lots of videos about you dating an idol girl group. thinking about it makes me very stressed. I'm really scared to hear that. I'm afraid, Pledis will confirm the scariest words. I am not willing. I'm sorry, it's not that I don't want you to be happy, after all I'm just a fan. and I'm not (sesaeng). I love you very much, that's why I don't want to hear your dating news. I really don't want to hear it. Only for now, at least until I can find your replacement. My mother said I was crazy for loving my own idol who was not in front of my eyes. but, I can't open my heart to other men. What should I do? I don't like many who pair you with member girl group members. I beg of you, at least until I can love another man besides you. Ahh, I think I'm going crazy. but, I'm really scared to hear that. ahhhhh

          • FNA Syndrome
            FNA Syndrome  10 minutes back

            Oke. Thank you. I think, my heart calm down now.

          • proud carat right here
            proud carat right here  25 minutes back

            Like Seventeen said, don't trust any rumours you see online.

        • Balsam Balsam
          Balsam Balsam  58 minutes back

          Wow ww so cool 😍😘

          • Nina Maxwell
            Nina Maxwell  1 hours back

            Good Night Fam^^ Take Care Make sure to stay healthy and strong :)) Fighting!!! 14k more needed for 20.4M Hwaiting ;) Happy Str34ming!!

            • Evi Min
              Evi Min  40 minutes back

              Goodnight.. Take care too tho Thank u so much ♡

            • hamster INC
              hamster INC  45 minutes back

              good night fam ^^

          • Carolina Silva
            Carolina Silva  1 hours back

            I love you

            • hoshoshi Inc
              hoshoshi Inc  1 hours back

              ROAD TO 30M FAM HWAITING

              • lizzie
                lizzie  2 hours back


                • I'm Called S
                  I'm Called S  13 minutes back

                  It's Vernon
                  He is the rapper of the group

              • Fujoshi Sin fronteras
                Fujoshi Sin fronteras  2 hours back


                • hoshoshi Inc
                  hoshoshi Inc  2 hours back

                  HWAITING FAM

                • hoshoshi Inc
                  hoshoshi Inc  2 hours back


                  • hoshoshi Inc
                    hoshoshi Inc  3 hours back

                    i was trying to draw Hoshi but then it started to look like Kakashi in the end im not sure what happened hehe
                    HWAITING FAM

                    • ليدي
                      ليدي  3 hours back


                      • hoshoshi Inc
                        hoshoshi Inc  3 hours back

                        Hwaiting lovely fam ^^

                        • Valentina Prima Ballerina

                          (This is a comment about the comments)
                          Oh Lord, lol, xD I read some comments and was fascinated by creative & funny carats names ^^ like: _wonwoos_ _glasses_ , _bag_ _of_ _wonwoo_ , _future_ _unknown_ , ... etc. or simply _stream_ _fear_ :D I'm not the only one who's smiling, am I ?!

                        • Nina Maxwell
                          Nina Maxwell  3 hours back

                          20 376 714 Fighting ^^

                          • Baekkie Blogshop
                            Baekkie Blogshop  3 hours back

                            Happy 700k likes!!! <3

                            • кєlly
                              кєlly  3 hours back

                              caratdeul fighting

                              • кєlly
                                кєlly  4 hours back

                                hahaha i actually got good grades bc i str17med.. is there a connection? absolutely stan seventeen for good grades

                              • Jeonghan's Pabo
                                Jeonghan's Pabo  4 hours back

                                The fact that Seventeen is seventeen. You can't expect them to stay without trying their wants.

                                • liza dm
                                  liza dm  4 hours back

                                  20 370

                                  • 柊柊花
                                    柊柊花  5 hours back


                                    • nurah
                                      nurah  5 hours back

                                      1:09 WOW

                                      • Stream fear
                                        Stream fear  5 hours back

                                        When people look up to Seventeen we're shared the happiness but why are the views still increase in a superrr slow motion

                                        • Valentina Prima Ballerina

                                          Me ordering pizza. Pizza Guy: "for delivery?" Me: "oh oh oh yeah yeah - oh oh oh" ...yes, I support/include seventeen in my daily life, whenever I can, whereever I can. ^^
                                          y'all! he was confussed af :') maybe he thought it was a joke? Cuz I'm *still* waiting :o

                                        • Bag of Wonwoo
                                          Bag of Wonwoo  5 hours back

                                          their new selcas are killing me
                                          HWAITING FAM

                                          • Master Soonyoung
                                            Master Soonyoung  5 hours back

                                            FIGHTING 17 CARATS
                                            I WISH THE BEST FOR YOU ♡

                                            • hoshoshi Inc
                                              hoshoshi Inc  5 hours back

                                              noncarat : ah choosing tshirts are too hard.. i cant decide which one i should buy

                                              me : HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO CHOOSE BIAS IN SEVENTEEN??

                                              • hoshoshi Inc
                                                hoshoshi Inc  5 hours back

                                                Forget everything which makes you sad, listen svt you will feel better ♡

                                                • Aracely
                                                  Aracely  2 hours back

                                                  hoshoshi Inc I totally agree with you

                                              • hoshoshi Inc
                                                hoshoshi Inc  5 hours back

                                                SEVENTEEN HORANGHAEEE
                                                KWON KWON FIRE TO THE 30M FAM

                                                • hamster INC
                                                  hamster INC  5 hours back

                                                  1 + 1 CARATS

                                                  • hamster INC
                                                    hamster INC  5 hours back

                                                    Hwaiting fam, have an aju nice time while swimming ^^

                                                  • isa
                                                    isa  6 hours back

                                                    2:43 ❤️😭😍

                                                    • Ian Moone
                                                      Ian Moone  6 hours back

                                                      I'm a huge EXO fan... but this is fucking good. I've literally spent the last hour learning their names. I wish I would have known about them sooner. Amazing!

                                                      • cheolsol zone
                                                        cheolsol zone  3 hours back

                                                        @Ian Moone hope you check other mvs from them and their albums. Their discography really shows how versatile SVT can be

                                                      • Ian Moone
                                                        Ian Moone  3 hours back

                                                        @cheolsol zone Thanks. I'm defiantly not disappointed! These guys are amazing.

                                                      • cheolsol zone
                                                        cheolsol zone  3 hours back

                                                        Welcome to diamond life

                                                    • Jeonghan's Pabo
                                                      Jeonghan's Pabo  6 hours back

                                                      'Turns out the love I wanted to give you is hurting me more' - I feel it Jeonghan. I feel it

                                                      • Viyonna Metaliani
                                                        Viyonna Metaliani  6 hours back

                                                        Who still with me right now????

                                                        For seventeen!! Fighting

                                                      • Nina Maxwell
                                                        Nina Maxwell  6 hours back

                                                        Fighting Fam!!!

                                                      • Jeonghan's Pabo
                                                        Jeonghan's Pabo  6 hours back

                                                        I really love everyone's voice. Like-- like-- you know

                                                        • Jeonghan's Pabo
                                                          Jeonghan's Pabo  6 hours back

                                                          Good to be back! Seventeen love you

                                                          • Noor Farhin
                                                            Noor Farhin  7 hours back

                                                            Who still here say yoooooooo!!

                                                          • Noor Farhin
                                                            Noor Farhin  7 hours back

                                                            Louder - The way I love the way I love

                                                            • Noor Farhin
                                                              Noor Farhin  7 hours back

                                                              Louder - This is a love

                                                              • Asma Chimochi
                                                                Asma Chimochi  7 hours back

                                                                What should I do? I’m an army but I can’t stop watching this. This song, music videos and everything about it so perfect!

                                                                • FeeCoups17
                                                                  FeeCoups17  8 hours back

                                                                  someone tell me what should I do aaaaaah mathematics doesn't like me ://

                                                                  • Noor Farhin
                                                                    Noor Farhin  8 hours back

                                                                    20,360..someone tell me what should I do..hwaiting!!...

                                                                    • FLUFFY SOONYOUNG!!
                                                                      FLUFFY SOONYOUNG!!  8 hours back