Rakim Breaks Down Hip-Hop History, Talks Dr. Dre Sessions, Eric B, His Book + More

  • Published: 26 September 2019
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  • Aakash Bisht
    Aakash Bisht  4 hours back


    • David Robinson
      David Robinson  4 hours back

      The R - 🐐

      • RealRapp FG
        RealRapp FG  7 hours back

        Great interview by the Breakfast Club they showed the God love!!
        Seems like Daddy O has been hating on him lately i know why...Bottom line is Daddy O is a Stan
        1st Rakim was his hero, he said he defended Rakim's GOAT status for years up until he did that Sway Interview
        Like they say its a thin line between Love and Hate.Daddy O saw he was getting a little attention that he haven't had since the late 80's every since that Sway interview so he rolled with it adding more fuel to the fire in each interview mentioning Ra's name. Now he's saying we took what he's been saying out of context and would like to record with him. Nigga please! Ra definitely hold grudges ( i ain't no joke )look what happened between him and Eric and that took 25 years to mend. That was Eric, You's a Nobody
        We know who Ra rolled with and when they rolled, they rolled Heavy! { ask Iron Mike Tyson (Enforcer), Ice-T ( almost caught a buck 50 for the Rhyme Pays chain until Supreme Magnetic put the word out that he wasn't to be touched ), King Sun (caught slippin smokin a loosey was packing a 357 but out gunned Decepz had the drop on him for coming at Eric B sideways...Supreme spared him only because he was God Body) and Eric Sermon(Terror on the 14th floor nuff said!) } and what they did to your boy Paradise's club on a regular, the Head Counts the Real Reason why he wasn't on Self Destruction because of his affiliation to those same individuals that the song was about..{ The infamous Brooklyn Mob, Paid in Full Posse, Fort Greene Supreme Team(R.I.P Killer Ben, The Real 50 cent, JuJu, Fly Ty ), Wolf Pack(R.I.P Keith"Money"Green ) Deceptz (R.I.P Meg) Brooklyn Zoo }..and how they Taxed other Crews and Rappers and relieved them of their Keys, Diamonds and Gold (the real reason they started wearing African Medallions) ..Daddy O admit it he had more Juice in those 5 Burroughs than you ever had esp in East New York Brooklyn (R.I.P Bill Blass )where your'e supposed to be from.. so i guess his statement does rings true ( it ain't where your'e from, its where you at!! ) while Ra was on some metaphysical shit you was talking petty gang banging 101 (what set you from type shit). Ra never had to glorify how hard He or His Team was and he never dry snitched for props..( he got Property ).. .didnt have to.... Peace War
        Al Capone was from Brooklyn but Chicago made him what he was, so whatcha saying..

        • NYG Fanatic!!!!!
          NYG Fanatic!!!!!  11 hours back

          GREAT INTERVIEW! Tha God!

          • Toastyy T
            Toastyy T  12 hours back

            When I want to hear lyrical perfection I always go to the 18th letter, respect to the god emcee

            • hollyweird
              hollyweird  13 hours back

              He is buckshot shorty

              • 747hitman
                747hitman  14 hours back

                real legend in the game much respect so check out my melody

                • Emily Pennick
                  Emily Pennick  15 hours back

                  This man has class, ruggedness, and more manliness than most of the rappers out there. If he is less than number 1 on your list..... Check your list again. Thank you Rakim.

                  • L Gardner
                    L Gardner  19 hours back

                    I go to Queens for queens, then get the crew from Brooklyn
                    Make money in Manhattan and never been tooken
                    Go Uptown in the Bronx to Boogie Down
                    Get strong on the Island, recoup and lay around
                    Time to build my juice back up
                    Props stack up, suckers get smacked up

                    Rakim killed that back in 92

                    • André Orvalho
                      André Orvalho  1 days back

                      rap city? what was the name of the female rapper again?

                      • WHAMMY GunSlinger
                        WHAMMY GunSlinger  1 days back

                        I could listen to RA all damn day man. We got the same last name, same initials, same mentality.

                        • GxFR4 11667
                          GxFR4 11667  1 days back

                          Blueface was not the first QB to make it in tha rap game

                          • Cleveland Lynch
                            Cleveland Lynch  1 days back

                            Her name was MAHOGANY she rubbed me on my chest and called me MR SEXY

                            • Branden Smith
                              Branden Smith  2 days back

                              C the god said You wrote your first rhyme by 7 and was carrying a gun by 12 😂😂😂

                              • Chris Mclaren
                                Chris Mclaren  2 days back

                                Trust Charlamagne to highlight Paul C was white. Not talk about Paul being one of the very best producers of all time and a mentor to Large Professor.

                                • Grim Reaper
                                  Grim Reaper  2 days back

                                  Adlib rappers 😃.

                                  • King Chino
                                    King Chino  2 days back

                                    Wait ! Rakim produced “Know the ledge”?? So he is the greatest of all time lmao Yo!!! I did not know he produced. If he produced “Paid & Full” I’m slapping my mama today! lol Hip-Hop is amazing

                                    • LILSNUPERIP
                                      LILSNUPERIP  2 days back

                                      I see Nip in this dude heavy.

                                      • Ashley Barbery
                                        Ashley Barbery  2 days back

                                        Envy rakim gotta go :ctg just one more question 😂😂 the god got the god star struck #legend

                                        • Frederik Rasmussen
                                          Frederik Rasmussen  2 days back

                                          Rakim - your favourite rapper's favourite rapper.

                                          • K DENTIAL
                                            K DENTIAL  3 days back

                                            Listen up youngsters!!! This is real Hip Hop! GrownMan Shit!

                                            • Aquabayb
                                              Aquabayb  3 days back

                                              Love this interview. My Aquarius brother!!! Learned a lot. Great Interview!

                                              • lpward90
                                                lpward90  3 days back

                                                He shouted out Sadat X, that’s so dope.

                                                • Jerry Anthony
                                                  Jerry Anthony  3 days back

                                                  Much love to Rakim✊🏾!Know The Ledge still goes hard AF in 2019🔊🔥.I wanna thank you for that timeless music🙏🏾!

                                                  • Josh K
                                                    Josh K  3 days back

                                                    Real Deal HOF 🤙🏽🎤

                                                    • Uncle Roly
                                                      Uncle Roly  3 days back

                                                      Jay Z said it's not that he doesn't write. He's written so much, he goes into his mental archives when he hears a beat he likes.

                                                      • V the PRO
                                                        V the PRO  3 days back

                                                        Ra is from the future

                                                        • sal juarez
                                                          sal juarez  3 days back

                                                          Rakim and Kane should do a battle album instead. that would be something!!!

                                                          • Freemason Michi
                                                            Freemason Michi  3 days back

                                                            I was just like damn talk louder this nigga mad laid back.Peace King

                                                            • ttaylor705
                                                              ttaylor705  4 days back

                                                              Best Interview Ever! The God!!! Rakim

                                                              • sirpoppinchuck
                                                                sirpoppinchuck  4 days back

                                                                I like Rakim he keeps it honest n real never compromised his gift. A brotha with integrity from tha hood not too many of them around anymore. You can tell about how he explained about Dre. Wow. He wanted him to be gangsta with it but he was the knowledge. Dudes wit wisdom n knowledge dont need gangsta they are islands to themselves leaders not followers. "Follow the leader" he should have known.

                                                                • TempeSoldier123
                                                                  TempeSoldier123  4 days back

                                                                  This dude is a legend. He's your favorite rapper's, favorite rapper.

                                                                  • Troy Brown
                                                                    Troy Brown  4 days back

                                                                    he said: you got sumn. and Rakim said "no, but i can whip sumn up". That nigga is just cavaleirly talking about creating genius level work lol. like "nah i dont got shit, but if u got a couple minutes i'll paint the mona lisa by hand for you"

                                                                    • Omowàle Zaquir
                                                                      Omowàle Zaquir  4 days back

                                                                      RAKIM is easily the greatest EMCEE I’ve ever heard. His rhyme schemes, cadence, demeanor, knowledge, that quiet rage and energy made him seem like he was way older than his age when he first came out.

                                                                      I was a senior in high school when Paid in Full dropped, I wore that tape out, had to keep rewinding in amazement. I lost count of how many times I bought that album.

                                                                      Like Ra said “RAP is Rhythm and Poetry!” And this Brother is in my opinion, the greatest Poet to ever bless the Mic.

                                                                      • Kedar.
                                                                        Kedar.  4 days back

                                                                        Rakim Allah has always been about the art of lyricism and true Hip Hop.

                                                                        "Sip the juice, I got enough to go around"...G.O.D

                                                                        • 123AFTERMATH
                                                                          123AFTERMATH  5 days back

                                                                          The God MC - RAKIM
                                                                          God's Son - NAS

                                                                          • hiiipower iii
                                                                            hiiipower iii  5 days back

                                                                            Rakim is so gangsta, he can do a straight hardcore gangsta rap song & not curse. Nowadays all we hear is mumbling & a bunch of curse words on a dope beat & that's it. Rakim is a real God & you don't have to curse or say offensive things about women to be a rapper. Straight up

                                                                            • BIGG REDD
                                                                              BIGG REDD  5 days back

                                                                              Triple O G..CERTIFIED

                                                                              • timmy tap
                                                                                timmy tap  5 days back

                                                                                Yo!!! "I'm hard to read like graffiti" I ain't no emcee but i bit that.
                                                                                NUFF RESPECT TO THE R, PEACE.

                                                                                • Chris Gray
                                                                                  Chris Gray  5 days back

                                                                                  Charlamagne y’all play things that are wrong for kids to hear as well, what are you talking about??

                                                                                  • Lovell Williams
                                                                                    Lovell Williams  5 days back

                                                                                    Alot of my demeanor and character came from Rakim a whole generation of black men owe you so much peace God

                                                                                    • Tyrone Brown
                                                                                      Tyrone Brown  5 days back

                                                                                      “Cause I’ll be in the crowd if u ain’t controlling it, drop the mic you shouldn’t be holding it” my favorite mc of all time period. I’m 49 years old and I remember when I was in high school kids used to say who’s better Rakim or Big daddy Kane ? Rakim always won. Even his swag was ill, he never used to smile he didn’t dance only did the two step and hung out with real gangsters. Kane on the other hand was dancing all over the place and doing songs with Barry White .I was like what the fuc is he doing lol. He started out RAW then he’s the prince of darkness standing by a piano lol The R never switched up. Everybody all ways saying Biggie or Jay-Z is the goat, hell no , RAKIM ALLAH is the goat, shit he was saying in the 80s niggas can’t touch that now in 2019 Facts! RAKIM changed the flow of rap, he made brothers think about what they was writing down instead of nursery school rhymes . peace to the god RAKIM

                                                                                      • marchveris
                                                                                        marchveris  5 days back

                                                                                        "Ripping your Wrath in half who gets the last laugh
                                                                                        Followers become leaders without a path you mentally paralyzed
                                                                                        Crippled your third eye when I'm so blurred then it occurred that you heard I would do stuff"

                                                                                        41:00 Rakim's diss bar towards Kane was brutal, damn!

                                                                                        • Brian Holmes
                                                                                          Brian Holmes  6 days back

                                                                                          I'm still cocky! I don't think nobody is better than me. That's just my mindset! - Rakim

                                                                                          • NoFakesHere
                                                                                            NoFakesHere  6 days back

                                                                                            He isn't just a legend he is a god amongst gods..those 3 chuckle heads know to keep the mouth shut when the god speaks

                                                                                            • Chandell Miller
                                                                                              Chandell Miller  6 days back

                                                                                              So down to earth. I support true school artist financially. But all of them bounce around the fact the Hip Hop has taken a wrong turn into crap rap. I don’t hear this development with these alleged artists of the lady 15 years

                                                                                              • veautifulstranger
                                                                                                veautifulstranger  6 days back

                                                                                                Kane & Rakim BOTH should've been on Self Destruction!

                                                                                                • Grum Pee
                                                                                                  Grum Pee  6 days back

                                                                                                  Kneel and kiss the ring 👑