Excavator thumbs

  • Published: 12 March 2019
  • 0:00 into to excavator thumbs
    2:05 Demonstrating a Geith thumb on a Hitach ex100 excavator
    5:38 Demonstrating a Homemade? thumb on a Komatso PC15 excavator
    10:14 Demonstrating a thumb on a Yanmar B50 excavator
    12:53 Demonstrating a hydraulic thumb on a Kubota KX121-3 excavator
    16:09 Installing a EA thumb on a Yanmar B37 excavator
    22:34 Demonstrating the newly installed thumb on the B37 and comparing with the a hydraulic
    29:03 Demonstrating why the thumb needs to be the correct length
    31:24 Talking about adding thumbs to backhoe tractors
    36:30 Track pad pieces available
    37:59 video ending

    Track pieces:
    From my friend $40: ebay.com/itm/183729723880
    T shirts: ebay.com/itm/183390302680
    More track pieces: ebay.com/itm/183735799062
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  • jaymanxxxx
    jaymanxxxx  11 hours back

    THUMBS UP Andrew!!!

    • Logan Alderman
      Logan Alderman  3 days back

      The problem you have with the hydraulic thumb not being powerful. The circuit reliefs for the auxiliary spill are probably set too low. They are supposed to be set lower than the bucket circuit pressure because the bucket cylinder puts out so much force that it will bend or break the thumb cylinder rod. But if you tighten up the reliefs to around 2000 psi it should hold anything you need but still release before thumb cylinder damage

      • OUKRH5
        OUKRH5  4 days back

        Never seen an excavator with thumb in real life, but the seem to be quite popular in the usa.

        • OUKRH5
          OUKRH5  4 days back



        • OUKRH5
          OUKRH5  4 days back

          @Andrew Camarata Well in the last 5 to ten Years almost every new excavator has Oil Quick, so a so called "Sorting Grab" can be attached in a few seconds. Before we used clamshell grabs or so called "Rock laying buckets" that are buckets with a very long lip, that also make it easy to pick up rocks or so.

        • Andrew Camarata
          Andrew Camarata   4 days back

          How are you guys moving stumps, logs and boulders without thumbs?

      • R.T. L
        R.T. L  6 days back

        I pay for netflix, HBO GO, Cable, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. I watch these videos 100% of the time. I don't own any heavy equipment...

        • Brent Weeks
          Brent Weeks  1 weeks back

          Andrew, how many excavators do you plan to buy and has the wife agreed with that number? :)

          • Brent Weeks
            Brent Weeks  1 weeks back

            @Andrew Camarata Hey Andrew! Really enjoying your vids. I’m construction too so I’m accustomed to doing what you do. Always like a new set of eyes on similar jobs. Sorry bout the wife comment. I saw a young woman clearing an island with you. My bad. Keep up the good job!

          • Andrew Camarata
            Andrew Camarata   1 weeks back

            I have a good number now. I do not have a wife.

        • jlucasound
          jlucasound  1 weeks back

          You've got ALL the ingredients, Andrew!! I am now going to make spaghetti sauce. I'll bet you have a killer recipe. No, let's not turn this into a cooking channel. Love your work and inspiration and insight. You are (almost) always right. We think alike. Building, repairing and running stuff is so rewarding.

          • jlucasound
            jlucasound  1 weeks back

            IMHO I think you should replace the word "Manual" (thumb) with "Fixed".

            • Casanova Frankenstein
              Casanova Frankenstein  2 weeks back

              What husky chainsaw do you have?

            • nevets68
              nevets68  2 weeks back

              My thumbs are better. Why? Opposable! ;)

              • tonyo524o524
                tonyo524o524  2 weeks back

                Andrew run the lines. We run 4000 psi hoses and aircraft Adel dumps all the time on hoppers. After watching your videos, you could do it with your eyes close.

                • Mike Holley
                  Mike Holley  3 weeks back

                  There are only two YouTube channels worth watching. This is by far #1.

                  • Dennis The Menance
                    Dennis The Menance  3 weeks back

                    I pass on some of your Video' to the Morgans( OUtdoor) He enjoys your Helping teh Coammunity ..He and Yaouy best get Syndicated oan Facebook, befaore Youtaube faigaures aoauat and remaoves yoau foar 3aa0 dayas foaar soame dumb reasaon

                    • Jari V.
                      Jari V.  3 weeks back

                      I discovered this guy about a month or something ago, and one of the first things I payed attention was the thumb on a excavator. I might never have seen that before. Not that I am a huge knowitall in construction, but I do something and have drove some machines. The thumbs just are not so big thing in Europe I guess? Or I just don´t know anything. But if it isn´t I can´t understand why! Those things look soooo handy especially in Andrews mighty hands off course. Anyway, I am very, very thankful for this excellent video. Month ago I knew nothing about thumbs, now I know. I do not own excavator, but I have couple old backhoes. Even thou Andrew did not recommend it I just might ad a thumb on the other. Because I DO move rocks, logs and stumps with it, even when I admit it´s nothing like excavator, but it´s hell of a lot easier with it than without it! It´s all relative :)

                      • cynda99
                        cynda99  3 weeks back

                        Even tho I will never use any of the information you gave on thumbs, I understood perfectly everything you taught and found it extremely interesting. Too bad I can't impress anyone with my new found knowledge.

                        • Shawn Villalpando
                          Shawn Villalpando  3 weeks back

                          Andrew thank you for the videos, I wanted to ask if I should get a mechanical or hydro thumb on my mini excavator. It's a Kubota 1.6 ton but it is piped for a thumb. There are a couple companies that sell a hydro thumb for my machine, and tons that sell mechanical. Which would you do? The cost difference is not very much, 500 to 1000, and the weight is not much of a difference either.

                          • Talon Tranter
                            Talon Tranter  4 weeks back

                            That mini excavator is comically small and surprisingly adorable

                            • Shady Kiwi
                              Shady Kiwi  1 months back

                              Thanks Andrew for this and all your videos you took time out of you day to tell about something i didn't even know i would be interested in but wow i was. go figure
                              anywho keep it up please you do such an awesome job

                              • Justin Manship
                                Justin Manship  1 months back

                                What a terrible design on that backhoe. You would think they would notice that you can literally pick the front up by hand during the R&D phase. Lol

                                • randomk7
                                  randomk7  1 months back

                                  ? Does anyone know which excavator he would start out with if he had a choice? New to channel... what do you guys think would be the best bang for the buck?! Thanks!!

                                  • delinquentdesign
                                    delinquentdesign  1 months back

                                    Andrew, Isnt the hydraulic thumb easily moved in because of the hydraulic relief valve. Check that circuit i bet the valve is bad or weak. Thank you Andrew for your awesome videos.

                                    • Kevin Biggerstaff
                                      Kevin Biggerstaff  1 months back

                                      19:12 *roadhouse*

                                      • Justin Fiorini
                                        Justin Fiorini  1 months back

                                        You call that a thumb? THIS is a thumb!

                                        • ivar falk
                                          ivar falk  1 months back

                                          Why don’t use a swedish rototilt much more efficient? Im a swedish excavator operatior who use a rototilt everyday in my work?

                                          • CrudusViscus
                                            CrudusViscus  1 months back

                                            [casually lifts the loader of a backhoe by hand]

                                            • Harry burford
                                              Harry burford  1 months back

                                              make grapple bucket good when u come to sell it great feature do it in spare time good winter project

                                              • Harry burford
                                                Harry burford  1 months back

                                                hi good idea change it over wont take much just abit of time well spent u will be glad u did afterwards on future jobs

                                                • Calvin Santiago
                                                  Calvin Santiago  1 months back

                                                  Do you still have those tracks?

                                                  • Andrew Camarata
                                                    Andrew Camarata   1 months back


                                                  • Andrew Camarata
                                                    Andrew Camarata   1 months back

                                                    Calvin Santiago yes. They are on eBay.

                                                • Margaretann Simon
                                                  Margaretann Simon  1 months back

                                                  Thumbs up . Love the Manuel

                                                  • davidmellott50
                                                    davidmellott50  2 months back

                                                    My problem with adding a hydraulic thumb is I do not know how to measure for a cylinder, could you help me with that?

                                                    • Andrew Camarata
                                                      Andrew Camarata   2 months back

                                                      Install the thumb, measure how long it needs to be closed, measure how long it needs to be open.

                                                  • RV Free
                                                    RV Free  2 months back

                                                    You are a great teacher. You are amazing.

                                                    • Keith Clark
                                                      Keith Clark  2 months back

                                                      YOU HAVE COME A LONG WAY PICKED UP AND LEARNED ALOT VERY GOOD DEMO.

                                                      • MRSketch09
                                                        MRSketch09  2 months back

                                                        What a great video. Informative.

                                                        It seems like your into everything.

                                                        • lawrence head
                                                          lawrence head  2 months back

                                                          Hard work to make a great video. We thank you.

                                                          • Professor MaryAnn
                                                            Professor MaryAnn  2 months back

                                                            I can't stand a static thumb on an excavator!

                                                            • nozmoking1
                                                              nozmoking1  2 months back

                                                              "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
                                                              One advantage you have with your equipment is that you own it. Not like reporting to a site every day to operate somebody else's junk you have no control over. Great idea to use the pivot circuit to run a thumb but if you don't need it you can save the hydraulics for something else that might be more useful in the future.

                                                              • Fireball 54
                                                                Fireball 54  2 months back

                                                                I like your toy collection.

                                                                • Mg Giezentanner
                                                                  Mg Giezentanner  2 months back

                                                                  I look for one day Andrew will build his on 747 and fly it .

                                                                  • Ruthless Goat
                                                                    Ruthless Goat  2 months back


                                                                    • mattespacca 24
                                                                      mattespacca 24  2 months back

                                                                      Do the idraulic thumbs four yanmar 37

                                                                      • Thomas Brown
                                                                        Thomas Brown  2 months back

                                                                        love the gauntlet of excavators

                                                                        • Rinoa's Auspicious Travails

                                                                          that intro, my god

                                                                          • Steve Herring
                                                                            Steve Herring  2 months back

                                                                            thanks for that lesson. i did the same with my lab. my lab acted just like levi did. he was looking at me like what is this your making me step into. i very much like the rubber that you pored into the mold. im going to have to do that. thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

                                                                            • Angry Ram
                                                                              Angry Ram  2 months back

                                                                              Niece work, but I would have covered the rod with something when grinding and welding, bits will stick to it and drag past the seals causing damage

                                                                              • OUTTA TIME
                                                                                OUTTA TIME  2 months back

                                                                                Well, I don't know whether to give this vid a thumb up or a thumb down...😂

                                                                                • Sos the Rope
                                                                                  Sos the Rope  2 months back

                                                                                  Andrew, sell the backhoe, it's slow and clumsy it seems to me.
                                                                                  Your excavators are the boss.
                                                                                  Them and a decent Caterpillar bulldozer is the way to go.

                                                                                  • Andrew Camarata
                                                                                    Andrew Camarata   2 months back

                                                                                    I was thinking about selling it. I was actually using it today for something. It has its purpose.

                                                                                • italiano
                                                                                  italiano  2 months back

                                                                                  37:09 ha ha ha super Greetings from Poland :)

                                                                                  • Etienne philima
                                                                                    Etienne philima  2 months back

                                                                                    when are you going to fix that damn exhaust on the JOHN DEERE tractor it looks like a loose DICK.

                                                                                    • Joe Conforti
                                                                                      Joe Conforti  2 months back

                                                                                      I am not saying that there is anything wrong with having 6 excavators plus a back hoe , but I think you got to be one of
                                                                                      a very small "club" of one man shops with this much iron . Man you got backups for the backups to the backups.
                                                                                      Like I said , nothing wrong with that , just saying. Take care.