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  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Do you think Dak Prescott is a top 10 quarterback?

    • 6 plyrich
      6 plyrich  4 days back

      I think he might be this year

    • Kerry Thompson
      Kerry Thompson  5 days back

      Absolutely 💯

    • Dana Jett
      Dana Jett  5 days back

      @Kevin Melton I just gotta ask 1 thing who is your team and can they beat the COWBOYS?

    • Kevin Melton
      Kevin Melton  6 days back

      No!! Next question 😂

    • Brylen Caddiell
      Brylen Caddiell  6 days back

      The Herd with Colin Cowherd / Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Big Ben, Rivers, Wentz, Dak, Watson, Matt Ryan, Mahomes. No order

  • James Rhoades
    James Rhoades  2 days back

    Please watch

    • CowboyN4tion21 l
      CowboyN4tion21 l  3 days back

      I think my QB is the number one, it's amazing how everybody loves dak now stop comparing hom to wentz or goff in my eyes fak is way better and he sure proved it against the giants and this season haters beware we going to the super bowl and dak is here to stay for many years to come.#dakattack#4

      • PureSwank
        PureSwank  3 days back

        Gronks body is FCKED. Thats the difference. Gronknwas a vertical threat. He was always getting KILLED by the safeties. Witten is known for his 10 and outs and in. Its hard to take a huge hit like that.

        • zakkrick
          zakkrick  4 days back

          I want witten to get a ring

          • jeremy x
            jeremy x  5 days back

            To win a future hof'er in Jason Witten over is admirable
            Dak's that guy

            • Militant Prophecy Channel

              It's clear that Witten is very excited about Dak😂🔥

              • Randy Savage
                Randy Savage  5 days back

                Wit has to get a chip man he deserves it

                • Raymond Acosta
                  Raymond Acosta  5 days back

                  ask him about this MNF stint and how dumb it made him look

                  • Ronald Slater
                    Ronald Slater  5 days back

                    All these folks saying the Giants are a bad team are correct. The problem is that it was Dak doing this, not Brady, Ryan, Rodgers or Wilson...it was Dak Friggin' Prescott!!!! The same Dak that can't throw, is a game manager, blah, blah, blah. This is his fourth season, generally around the same time when most QBs get it or they won't. So maybe, just maybe it's coming together for him? We shall see.

                    • Ben gibb
                      Ben gibb  6 days back

                      That smile on wittens face after scoring the touchdown made my day

                      • Ben gibb
                        Ben gibb  5 days back

                        Pat Ortiz hopefully they can get him the ring he deserves.

                      • Pat Ortiz
                        Pat Ortiz  5 days back

                        It was awesome to see Jason Witten score a TD, good man and a good team mate for the Dallas Cowboys 👊💪.

                    • Silmarrillion123
                      Silmarrillion123  6 days back

                      Jason Witten is an upstanding person. For losers in the comments that haven't achieved what he has in his career and life to poke fun at him is a disgrace and petty.

                      • Theressa Kimbrough
                        Theressa Kimbrough  6 days back

                        Everybody wanna say its just tge Giants but when it was uncertain if Zeke would play people were taking Giants. Stop it. They're still pro athletes and its a divisional game which u can never count out! My Boys balled and look really good!!!

                        • 12Hatcher23
                          12Hatcher23  6 days back

                          Dak is the unquestioned leader of the Cowboys. He runs that team with an iron grip.

                        • bowlchamps37
                          bowlchamps37  6 days back

                          Best thing about Witten back in Dallas is that he cannot destroy MNF anymore.

                          • Johnny James
                            Johnny James  6 days back

                            Colin is such a fake, this the same guy that was taking Dak down not even two month ago. Now he is giving him praise.

                            • Raymond St Pierre
                              Raymond St Pierre  2 days back

                              Prince thaboi not truer he last 8 games last year he was the most accurate qb throwing 20 yards or more

                            • Ricardo Oviedo
                              Ricardo Oviedo  4 days back

                              @Prince thaboi thank you! Dak has always shown that he could be great but it's never been consistent. Especially since his rookie year. Hopefully he keeps it up.

                            • Prince thaboi
                              Prince thaboi  4 days back

                              Also Dak was trash last year. This coming from a die hard cowboys fan. Missed tons of throws and didn't look good throwing deep. That's just facts but he looks great this year

                            • Ricardo Oviedo
                              Ricardo Oviedo  4 days back

                              Not really, he's said for some time that Dak is a top 15 qb. Anytime I've heard him talk about Dak, he always has good things to say but I'm sure he's bashed him. Just like i did when he didn't throw a td for like 4 straight games or something like that lol. We couldn't even manage to put up 10 in that span.

                          • Justin Heister
                            Justin Heister  6 days back

                            Witten looks leaned out man.

                            • SonnieSlim1
                              SonnieSlim1  6 days back

                              I don't see the points of this. Of course hes gonna say good things lol

                              • Neal Hamamura
                                Neal Hamamura  6 days back

                                Too 5

                                • K G
                                  K G  6 days back

                                  Eebooku-ooba-eeba-khuyam = Ebukam.

                                  • Doug SwampRat
                                    Doug SwampRat  7 days back

                                    I don't pay much attention to commentators not named Romo Buck Aikmen or Collingsworth so tell me is this interview similar/better/worse than his performances last year?

                                    • Dell Dixon
                                      Dell Dixon  7 days back

                                      All the idiots on this page does criticize Dak is

                                      • Dell Dixon
                                        Dell Dixon  7 days back

                                        I'll be idiots on this page thats criticize Dak are haters u seen performance three years Straight can all of them was winning Seasons This sounds like a Little Salt to me

                                    • Kevin Porter
                                      Kevin Porter  7 days back

                                      It’s not Daks fault that the Giants are 🗑 !!! Dudes saying it’s the giants, but they get paid to play, like everyone else, so miss me with that bs... If I’d said that Zeke would only have 53 yards for the game , would y’all have said that the boys win that?Yall remember the dude who carries the team(everybody said)Everyone been panicking ALL OFFSEASON, and look what happens when a qb has good wrs,and a healthy line. Good Lawd, give the man some credit for this week and let this play out. Oh wait, he supposed to take a team friendly deal, because he’s making money outside of football too ,right...

                                      • ThatBoyNeeds SomeMilk #HolEmDown
                                        ThatBoyNeeds SomeMilk #HolEmDown  6 days back

                                        ril850 Steelers no where close to playoff contender.

                                      • ril850
                                        ril850  7 days back

                                        It's not Daks fault, but look at your opponent. It's not impressive like what the Patriots did to the Steelers that are a Super Bowl favorite or at least a playoff team. Everyone knows the Giants suck and are rebuilding. What about what the Titans did to the hyped Browns with ALL that "talent". Cowboys won,so what they're supposed to win that game. People will be calling for Daks head when he has a bad game like they always do. He's average and even Andy Dalton looks good every now and then.

                                    • billy heaton
                                      billy heaton  7 days back

                                      I like how people are trying to discredit the cowboys win yesterday because of the play of the New York Giants they're all professionals

                                      • Eloy Garza
                                        Eloy Garza  5 days back

                                        Well said partner well said

                                      • bigpoppa 1967
                                        bigpoppa 1967  6 days back

                                        The Cowboys goal is to beat the teams that's on their schedule. Giants? Check. Next....the Redskins.

                                        Cowboys can't control their schedule...but they can control how they go about handling the teams that's on the schedule.

                                      • Local PPC
                                        Local PPC  6 days back

                                        What? Everybody should know that even though someone is a professional, there is always another professional better than you. Bottom line the Giants suck and they have the worse defense in that division.

                                      • Hooked on Chronics
                                        Hooked on Chronics  6 days back

                                        Plus it's a division rival.

                                    • culu37
                                      culu37  7 days back

                                      Good to see Jason Witten hasn’t gotten any better at this tv thing 😂

                                      • William Fout
                                        William Fout  7 days back

                                        Yep, I can see why Jason's not on TV anymore!

                                        • Manny Rodriguez
                                          Manny Rodriguez  7 days back

                                          I'm a cowboys fan but..... the giants c'mon
                                          Talk to me after we play
                                          Patriots then will see where were at

                                          • lovemyboys
                                            lovemyboys  6 days back

                                            No you're not a real one. You'd be happy. Stop with saying he has to prove it here and there. He's done it.

                                          • Fredrick Weathers
                                            Fredrick Weathers  6 days back

                                            Nah..., if you were a Cowboys fan you’d be happy about any win and excited what we did to this past Sunday regardless of who we play

                                          • bigpoppa 1967
                                            bigpoppa 1967  6 days back

                                            Dak doesn't care what the fairweather fans think of him.

                                          • Jose Garcia
                                            Jose Garcia  6 days back

                                            @envy I'm not saying it's going to be easy but overall we're a much better team. However there's no doubt the Saints will be a big problem. Let's use these first few teams to our advantage.

                                        • John Dalecki
                                          John Dalecki  7 days back

                                          Dak is mediocre just like Romo... he will get you close but no superbowl. It's going to be another lost decade for dallas.

                                          • David Travis
                                            David Travis  19 hours back

                                            Dak can't throw deep he sucks blah blah blah.

                                          • John Dalecki
                                            John Dalecki  5 days back

                                            @Tw1 I see jerry jones has rubbed off on you, being in the hunt every year sells out a stadium and lots of merch. Since being a giant fan since 85 I've noticed 1 thing. Every decade we built a superbowl team and have a shot to go in a 3 year stretch. That's why we consitantly win 1-2 per decade...proven methodology. We are rebuilding to put rings on out fingers while the cowboys get thisclose year after year after year...lol. settling for mediocrity must suck as a fan!

                                          • Tw1
                                            Tw1  5 days back

                                            @John Dalecki oh I see you're a giants fan, still mad that we're gonna sweep you 3 years in a row this year?

                                          • Tw1
                                            Tw1  5 days back

                                            @John Dalecki carried by a great defense while Dak has been stuck in playoff shootouts, how many times has eli led the leauge in picks and pick 6's? You're a joke.

                                        • Allis Chalmers
                                          Allis Chalmers  7 days back

                                          Jason Wittens Claim To Fame:
                                          The first receiver in a 16 year NFL career to be inducted into the Hall of Fame that has only scored "ONE" touchdown in a playoff game.

                                          • Ron B
                                            Ron B  4 days back

                                            Until last year Witten held the record for most catches in a season by a TE with 110

                                          • Zac Marvel
                                            Zac Marvel  5 days back

                                            You can easily point out anyone’s worst stat line, it’s all about what they do on a consistent basis. Jason Witten has shown that he is an above level to great level tight end that is reliable and open in most situations. Now go run along and talk smack somewhere else little boy.

                                          • NEMoretime
                                            NEMoretime  6 days back

                                            You don't dictate was his claim to fame is. Some may say 2nd all time in receptions. Also tied for a 15 reception games.

                                            So what team do you route for?

                                          • Allis Chalmers
                                            Allis Chalmers  6 days back

                                            @Heberto Madrigal No Superbowl ring just like Jason.

                                        • eduardo orozco
                                          eduardo orozco  7 days back

                                          Hair is gone?

                                          • INTOtheVOID11
                                            INTOtheVOID11  7 days back

                                            Yeah, some guys are bald. What rock are you living under?

                                        • adam
                                          adam  7 days back

                                          No Vols slander please.

                                        • Slikk Pulla
                                          Slikk Pulla  7 days back

                                          Got to love written man the ultimate professional

                                          • Will Harris
                                            Will Harris  7 days back

                                            Bruh they played the only team worse then miami. Let's chill 😂

                                            • Nick Badry
                                              Nick Badry  6 days back

                                              Any given Sunday

                                            • Chris Castro
                                              Chris Castro  6 days back

                                              @Buffalo Bill dont forget to include ur bills

                                            • Jayce
                                              Jayce  7 days back

                                              @billy heaton That's actually what makes it more impressive. BAL and DAL both embarrassed NFL quality teams.

                                            • Buffalo Bill
                                              Buffalo Bill  7 days back

                                              Giants will have more wins than Redskins, Cardinals, dolphins, jets, browns,

                                            • billy heaton
                                              billy heaton  7 days back

                                              Was that an NFL team on the field yesterday yes it was they're all professionals

                                          • erik puka
                                            erik puka  7 days back

                                            Big Ben
                                            Matt Ryan
                                            Cam Newton
                                            At least 12 better Qbs than Dak Prescott maybe more, but these for sure if put in Daks situation do better.Even in a game to save my life I would put Nick Foles ahead of Dak.A SB winner with a SB Mvp is better than Dak.Even Andrew Luck even tho bot playing is better.

                                            • Zac Marvel
                                              Zac Marvel  5 days back

                                              All respect for your argument was gone after you continued to name mediocre qb after mediocre qb.

                                            • Crunshii Katsuma
                                              Crunshii Katsuma  6 days back

                                              James McClure Agreed

                                            • James McClure
                                              James McClure  6 days back

                                              Take off the following :
                                              Wentz No playoff wins. Hurt two seasons. What is his rushing total? Outplayed by Dak twice.
                                              Rivers hasn't won his Division yet. 15 years and 3 playoff wins Dak 3 years and 2 already, advantage DAK.
                                              Baker The Faker not even a winning season yet
                                              Cam is a Draw. Same talent Dak is more Team oriented and no distractions
                                              Watson is hurt and will be hurt more as he has no protection. He might not make 6 years

                                              Big Ben. Being exposed after running off his best options

                                            • Crunshii Katsuma
                                              Crunshii Katsuma  7 days back

                                              TRiX - NBA highlights he played the raiders idc how good Carr looks threw 4K yards and missed the playoffs btw thanks for your #1 WR

                                            • Crunshii Katsuma
                                              Crunshii Katsuma  7 days back

                                              erik puka 5 QBs on this list has never even played in a playoff game gtfoh or won.... love rivers but guess what throwing the ball well got him jack squat can’t even believe you put a Browns QB on here ur a joke

                                          • THE FF MACHINEE
                                            THE FF MACHINEE  7 days back

                                            Stop talking about the cowboys already 😴
                                            You were literally bashing them all off season 🤣

                                          • SunFlower
                                            SunFlower  7 days back

                                            Colin hasn't done a single segment on Antonio Browns racist comments.  Looks like Colin is controlled by ((them))

                                            • TobiV31
                                              TobiV31  6 days back

                                              @Roman Aldrich you genuinely think that because disney has made child shows that they are the left. they have had underlying racism in their shows since the 50s. Americas ran by rich old white men, so why would they try to stop colin cowherd from talking about something regarding a black man usin a racial slur to a white man. They wouldnt, because its a non issue. No ones rly up in arms because NO ONE is truly offended. White people have never really been truly oppressed in the united states for that word to have any significant impact to their day to day lives. Can you give me examples of how theyre weaponizing information. And as your so clearly paying attention whats that going to do for you sir, if you dont mind me asking?

                                            • Roman Aldrich
                                              Roman Aldrich  7 days back

                                              @TobiV31 Fox is owned by Disney now. Fox news is slowly changing. Pay attention. The left is weaponizing information be aware. They're playing right into Russia and China's plans to weaken us as a country and divide us.

                                            • TobiV31
                                              TobiV31  7 days back

                                              @SunFlower whos they, and dont you think that FOX is not owned by primarily white individuals. It hasnt been made a big deal because it isn't really that offensive of a term and lacks the historical significance of the n word. All for conspiracy theories, but sometimes evaluate more👍

                                          • Charles Ashley
                                            Charles Ashley  7 days back

                                            Big Witt. The 🐐