Holy Roller * Nazareth (Audio/Lyrics) 1975 Classic Rock


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  • Showmengo PEREIRA
    Showmengo PEREIRA  6 months back


    • James Naegele
      James Naegele  11 months back

      Only JESUS SAVES

      • Jay Dixon
        Jay Dixon  10 months back

        You got that right, remember that the next time someone asks if you've been saved. No pastor or ministry can save you. Read your own bible, dont let them do it for you and fill you up with their bad practices. We are all Gods temple, it isn't a concrete building. Keep those Commands to Gods word.
        Had to come to this song not because I am luke warm but because their are so many out there profiting from the word of God and it frustrates me. Youtube is the worst for this. This song meant nothing to me when I was a horrible sinner as a youth, now it means so much more. Also be careful with that Lauren Daigle, She was handing out awards to a major satanist group. Many of these Christian Contemporaries, wont even mention the name Jesus. watch for that. Owl city is likely my favorite for CCM.

    • Showmengo PEREIRA
      Showmengo PEREIRA  2 years back

      Rock é rock