Video Footage Of 6ix9ine Attack Released + Update On Day 3 Of Testifying + The Boondocks Are Back!


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  • Everett Burns
    Everett Burns  4 weeks back

    Why it look the guy in the bacc got ah blue flag 🤣😂🤣😂😂😂 ♿♿♿

    • Jeremy Kimble
      Jeremy Kimble  4 weeks back

      Yeah but who wrote those 20 some episodes? 🤔

      • N.O.G B.H.B
        N.O.G B.H.B  4 weeks back

        Don’t send me a “recommended” notification for this chicken scratch tv

        • Ron Gee
          Ron Gee  4 weeks back

          And for those saying he snitched ..then you saying he should done 20 years for a bunch of dudes extorting him robbing him and plotting on killing him soon as he wanted to go his own direction. Lolololol.

          • Ron Gee
            Ron Gee  4 weeks back

            69 is a hero he ain't snitched ..he took out his enemies the best way he could

            • Ron Gee
              Ron Gee  4 weeks back

              @Fox 8 you common he ain't snitched he just pointed elbows

            • Fox 8 you
              Fox 8 you  4 weeks back

              Lmfao man gtfoh he a fkn rat🐀

          • Sean Briggs
            Sean Briggs  4 weeks back

            She can get it. Who's this girl?

            • PharaohLoso215
              PharaohLoso215  4 weeks back

              Is it Aaron or naw??

              • heart of a lion989
                heart of a lion989  4 weeks back

                That's what I want to know too, its not the same without him

            • Heru PESGOD The Benevolent

              Hope tekashi gets freed and come back and make some hot music . Y’all dirty haters gonna hate some more

              • Jason Omar
                Jason Omar  4 weeks back

                Wtf who put u on that frog ass Budweiser jacket? Hot97 failed on that one

                • Christopher Roach
                  Christopher Roach  4 weeks back

                  Click wait

                  • Wach 172
                    Wach 172  1 months back

                    U wild late

                    • MusicUnderGround
                      MusicUnderGround  1 months back

                      This chick is fugly also clickbaited by boondocks

                      • Power100
                        Power100  1 months back

                        Aaron won't be on it tho (or will he???)))))

                        • TheUniverse Nside
                          TheUniverse Nside  1 months back

                          Make #Tekashisnitch9 the most trending hashtag in hiphop!!!

                          • Amaka Amadi
                            Amaka Amadi  1 months back

                            But is The Boondocks come back with Aaron McGruder? Otherwise ....

                            • Aqua Boy95
                              Aqua Boy95  4 weeks back

                              Amaka Amadi exactly, wouldn’t even bother

                          • Samuel Daniel
                            Samuel Daniel  1 months back

                            The Boondocks is coming back? Sweet!

                            • Jeff thirsty Zucio809
                              Jeff thirsty Zucio809  1 months back

                              Big time clickbait smd

                              • Patrick Smith
                                Patrick Smith  1 months back

                                Hor97 corny asf

                                • jerone lawrence
                                  jerone lawrence  1 months back

                                  snitch stands for "six nine in the court house"

                                  • JustinArmstrong0089
                                    JustinArmstrong0089  1 months back

                                    100th like too!!!! I feel like a real YouTube groupie now!! All is good today!

                                    • JustinArmstrong0089
                                      JustinArmstrong0089  1 months back

                                      888th view. HHwp!!

                                      • A Rock
                                        A Rock  1 months back

                                        Don't be surprised if it comes out that 69 was really an undercover cop who was infiltrating to bring down gangs. It's like in too deep

                                        • Rodriguez 860
                                          Rodriguez 860  4 weeks back

                                          A Rock yoooo that would make history I ain’t going to lie 😂😂

                                      • Soufend
                                        Soufend  1 months back

                                        Boondocks are Back, and on HBO??? is this correct

                                      • thatGee Threehundred
                                        thatGee Threehundred  1 months back

                                        Hope they bring back Black Jesus. That show was hilarious. RIP Charlie Murphy

                                        • Barry Allen
                                          Barry Allen  1 months back

                                          It come on tumah

                                        • A Rock
                                          A Rock  1 months back

                                          Yeah that was a good show

                                      • CED FADER
                                        CED FADER  1 months back

                                        Sounds like someone is getting their gangsta tested.

                                      • Zakaria Caro
                                        Zakaria Caro  1 months back

                                        How he still trolling from jail

                                        • MVSK MVRDA MOBILE GAMING
                                          MVSK MVRDA MOBILE GAMING  1 months back

                                          *TEKASHI 6-911...👮🏽‍♂️*

                                        • ChilLy WilLy
                                          ChilLy WilLy  1 months back

                                          I came for the [email protected]@@[email protected]@

                                          • k singh
                                            k singh  1 months back

                                            Why did y'all snatch the first video? Ok we'll act like that didn't happen

                                          • Mr Nobody
                                            Mr Nobody  1 months back

                                            Treyway=way into jail

                                            • Ré
                                                1 months back

                                              Including a complimentary three-way upon arrival.

                                          • Lex Gally
                                            Lex Gally  1 months back


                                            • Cash AlMighty
                                              Cash AlMighty  1 months back

                                              69 got the Internet on fire

                                              • Isaiah Brown
                                                Isaiah Brown  1 months back

                                                Boondocks did it! #HBO