UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast (6.18.19) with Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe & Jenny Taft | UNDISPUTED


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  • Justin Ehmke
    Justin Ehmke  4 months back

    every gm would take Donald not Brady and every one take Mahomes

    • Josh Edmonds
      Josh Edmonds  4 months back

      Why is it even a discussion if Rodgers should call audibles or not..or decide what plays to format as audible

      • Motor City Mike
        Motor City Mike  4 months back

        I understand why skip has a job he bring in ratings but he be hard to watch

        • El Ethan
          El Ethan  4 months back

          That PB&J analogy was hilarious😂😂😂

          • Dave Yang
            Dave Yang  4 months back

            shannon will lose 50 cases of dew. skip will need a bigger pool

            • Dickson Seals
              Dickson Seals  4 months back

              Go ahead. Sleep on the spurs. And dejountes coming back. This kids gonna be a beast. And derozan seeing his old team win one. You know hes gonna bring it next year. See you in playoffs

              • DaevonTheSavage
                DaevonTheSavage  4 months back

                I'll never sleep on San Antonio. THEY'LL ALWAYS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS LMFAO

            • Rico Thatway
              Rico Thatway  4 months back

              Mountain Dew owe you guys some 💸💰💰🔫

              • TurdNugget123
                TurdNugget123  4 months back

                Sourdough probably tastes gross with pb and j.

                • TheHagfish
                  TheHagfish  4 months back

                  Sourdough tasts gross with everything

              • Tommy Taprell
                Tommy Taprell  4 months back

                I love skip trolling shay. That brady section was funny af.

                • Nathan Chamberlain
                  Nathan Chamberlain  4 months back

                  Loving the show I don’t miss any!

                  • philbruin
                    philbruin  4 months back

                    So , Davis forces his way out of NO. The Lakers give up a ridiculous amount of players/picks to make it happen - and he DESERVES a trade kicker ??? I dare say if he demands the kicker it's a VERY BAD SIGN.

                    • Jay Mula
                      Jay Mula  4 months back

                      philbruin I was just pointing out that they offered more originally, AD is entitled to his money but he will most likely decline but only if it’s the last piece needed to get that max slot or if it’s for a quality player either way roster will be upgraded by a lot with all that money

                    • philbruin
                      philbruin  4 months back

                      @Jay Mula they already traded Zubac, and from all reports refused to include Kuz .... my point is about the trade kicker

                    • Jay Mula
                      Jay Mula  4 months back

                      They gave up a fair amount let’s not forget they also offered kuz zubah and to take on Solomon hill and that was rejected now they r favored idk hw that is bad for them

                  • Owen Scarsdale
                    Owen Scarsdale  4 months back

                    Keenan Allen Best Wr in the NFL😱🤮😵🌩⚡⛈🔥💣💥✌🍕🤙

                  • vinnythewebsurfer
                    vinnythewebsurfer  4 months back

                    Acting like you’re smarter than Aaron Rodgers is one thing if you’re an idiot outsider fan watching on tv and insisting Brady has more talent than Rodger.

                    It’s another for a coach to treat Rodgers like he’s some baby like Goff who can barely do anything without Mcvay

                    • Phenom AL
                      Phenom AL  4 months back

                      Nobody man Stra8 they I know of besides Carlos aka 7

                  • Monty Hibdon
                    Monty Hibdon  4 months back

                    Is it football season yet

                    • Phenom AL
                      Phenom AL  4 months back

                      Starts in July but I do know the take out should be ordered on everybody just to see what everyone really looks like! I can almost guarantee alot of them look like a bunch of skinny Hipjews lol!

                  • Kevin Sargent
                    Kevin Sargent  4 months back

                    Brady has never been the most talented QB but he always finds a way. He is the GOAT regardless of pure arm talent.

                    • Dino King
                      Dino King  4 months back

                      Chris Paul got a better chance of winning the championship in at LA then in Houston

                      • Giffond Hall
                        Giffond Hall  4 months back

                        are you kidding me? he couldnt win with the clippers he is trash

                    • Terry Mcdiarmid
                      Terry Mcdiarmid  4 months back

                      Great! Skips face is perfect for podcasts! Now we can eat while his shows on