Zion Williamson Put on a Dunk Show in His Preseason NBA Debut


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  • Jek Lee
    Jek Lee  2 weeks back

    Not even close.. this kid, with all of that weight n speed.. damn.. just stay healthy

    • Mike
      Mike  2 weeks back

      A lot of people saying he got lebrons body/athleticism when he was coming in the nba. I see some of it but the craziest thing about lebron was that he was huge and still ran as fast as a pg/sg in the nba.

      • The Truth
        The Truth  2 weeks back


        • Eric Howard
          Eric Howard  2 weeks back

          Big strong & he's cat quick


            Hes an under sized power forward. SIMPLE. Wait until he goes against shot blockers

            • Louie
              Louie  2 weeks back

              Well see whats in store this nba season

            • Eric Howard
              Eric Howard  2 weeks back

              They'll get dunked on 2

          • Yono84
            Yono84  2 weeks back

            He's looking like Shawn Kemp.

            • Amazinj Muzik
              Amazinj Muzik  2 weeks back

              New age dominigue wilkins just bigger and stronger

              • EIB
                EIB  2 weeks back

                Shawn Kemp 2.0

            • Spurs TiliDie
              Spurs TiliDie  2 weeks back

              so he's the new age Blake Griffin 🤔

              • anthony lovett
                anthony lovett  1 weeks back

                Professor Facts While I appreciate the novel you wrote Professor of GIBBERISH. exactly HOW did Blake NOT fulfill HIS promise with the Clippers when HE along with LeBron were the two top box office players during his time with the Clippers. You being the professor you CLAIM to be SHOULD know that. Since you claim to be about FACTS. The Clips ran as Chris Paul ran them but Blake is now getting to show ALL facets of his game with The Pistons. He did was what asked of him with the Clips and few have ever done it better. In no particular order and in MY opinion Blake, Deandre, Russ, MJ, Doctor J, LeBron, Shaq, Kawhi, Giannis, and Wilt are the most physically gifted athletes to step on an NBA court with Zion to be added down the road. Now go away and don’t come back until you get your “FACTS” straight......

              • Professor Facts
                Professor Facts  1 weeks back

                @anthony lovett (Facts) First of All I know all about Blake Griffin, he was a monster coming into the league so watch ur statements before you speak to me. Blake Griffin didn't fulfill his destiny with the Clippers , Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan which is no excuse despite he is doing vabulous in in the Detroit Pistons 👍 as a franchise player like always 👍 but still just being a great basic big man 🏋. Every player in the NBA is very great at a elite level but if you want to compare to Zion Williamson then there's nothing like him which was what i was saying just clarify that to everyone. Zion will dominate and he will fulfill his destiny by his motor and if he had Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan nothing would stop him. Although Zion has Lonzo Ball and Brandon Igram which will be all he would need to defeat super teams for championship caliber. Another thing Zion is not just a dunker for all you low IQ followers he can play all 5 positions by his speed and size (+) strength including all types of scoring abilities LOL sit down.

              • anthony lovett
                anthony lovett  2 weeks back

                Professor Facts that’s NOT true. I suggest you stop being a prisoner of the moment and take the time to research Blake’s career. In his prime, he was THAT dude and he is STILL top 25 despite all the injuries. Also, did I mention that he is EASILY a top 5 dunker of all time and quite possibly the greatest?

              • Gottfried Ofori
                Gottfried Ofori  2 weeks back

                @Professor Facts Blake Griffin is better than zion. More complete game. Zion can only dunk. You must not watch much basketball

            • Aidan O'Keeffe
              Aidan O'Keeffe  2 weeks back

              Someone that big should not be able to jump that high. Just unfair.

              • Curtis Canady
                Curtis Canady  2 weeks back

                @Amazinj Muzik lol its genetics, the dude hit the genetic lottery not once but twice. super fucking rare human specimem

              • Amazinj Muzik
                Amazinj Muzik  2 weeks back

                Its called being black and tall and athletic lol, im pretty sure hard work was put into training to jump high

            • Mr Q Ceaz
              Mr Q Ceaz  2 weeks back

              Definitely will be the #1 play on Sportscenter tonight

              • Aidan Wahlert
                Aidan Wahlert  2 weeks back

                Cool but Ja still ROY

                • De’Aaron Rose
                  De’Aaron Rose  2 weeks back

                  ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. It won’t be close this year. Kid is too fast‼️too strong‼️too good‼️ZION

                  • Clark kent Deslate
                    Clark kent Deslate  2 weeks back