A Serious Critique of Minecraft


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  • Whitelight
    Whitelight   2 months back

    I've added some extra suggestions so you might want to read this after watching the video. You’re missing the point of minecraft is the most common criticism this video has received, so I thought it'd be worth discussing that now. Here's my slightly updated take.

    Minecraft is a creative platform. Via multiplayer and creative modes, players are capable of creating their own fun. This is a credit to minecraft’s sandbox, but I cannot critique the game itself when the individual player has the control. That’s up to you, and your mileage may vary.
    I don't want to limit Minecraft to just survival mode, but that is the base game, that's the game that the devs design.

    A lot of people have commented saying that they're happy to play survival soley to build cool stuff and that to them is the point of Minecraft. Well, I actually kind of agree. Let me put it this way. The point of minecraft is to use the sandbox to unleash your creativity. So would you not agree it’s important or good for the game to present situations in which your creativity is incited? Would you not therefore agree that the game should mechanically encourage creative solutions. This is what I tried to say with a lot of the video. I think it’s where the game falls short. And if you’re capable of making survival fun and engaging for yourself entirely on your creative urges, that’s great. But wouldn't you agree it should work on its game design so more people could find survival fun and engaging?

    Here's a few suggestions. We stick with Mojang's conquest progression in survival mode, and add new things, dimensions especially that bring a serious challenge. I like the aether for this. But the portal would be more challenging to build than the Nether portal. We want mechanical incentive to build BUT for that to be optional so purely creative players aren't bothered. We're also going to fix the current imbalances, add some more interesting biomes, and expand the underground.

    Next, we create a new mode. Survival +. In Survival +, winter is coming. This is a suggestion I got from Lachlan in the comment section. Winter will come in a number of days, and when it does, you will face challenges. Firstly, beds do not work. Farms will die on the outside, food mobs will die. Torches on the outside will burn out. Hordes of mobs will come from the mists, and they will try to break into your house. It's up to your creativity to build something that will defend you from the winter. Again, this is a separate mode form standard survival so everyone is satisfied.

    • OmniBoy Gaming
      OmniBoy Gaming  8 hours back

      @Pepper kat Well it's not that easy to get mending and even if u do it's not that cheap
      Also, you can't get diamond armor from trades

    • Pepper kat
      Pepper kat  19 hours back

      @OmniBoy Gaming ..How do you get the emeralds to get Mending books? WHEAT.
      What do emeralds trade for? Diamond armor and Mending books.

      It's not a direct trade, you're trading something worthless and easy to get for something that you can get literally everywhere in massive quantities every time you enter a village *facepalm*

    • OmniBoy Gaming
      OmniBoy Gaming  20 hours back

      @Pepper kat In my whole 6 years of playing Minecraft I have never seen nor heard of a diamond armor for wheat trade existing

    • Pepper kat
      Pepper kat  21 hours back

      @OmniBoy Gaming Well I mean, when you can buy diamond armor with wheat you find around the village just from trading, it kind of trivializes diamonds.

    • OmniBoy Gaming
      OmniBoy Gaming  21 hours back

      @Pepper kat Are you seriously praising money stealing testificates rn?

  • Masakirahati
    Masakirahati  1 hours back

    I would call normal pipes, petroleum and stuff like that. It's not a challenge. Mods exists like 4-6 years. And then making Survival + mode as harder with some balance. That mode could totally rock!

    • Joseph Bishop
      Joseph Bishop  1 hours back

      *Alike life, Minecraft has advanced the goal of the game from survival, to building a respectable legacy*

      • Smiley Boi
        Smiley Boi  2 hours back

        In conclusion
        *cave update*

        • Peanut Free Meatloaf
          Peanut Free Meatloaf  3 hours back

          I *REALLY* want Mojang to see this video and consider his suggestions, cause Minecraft would be legendary (or even more legendary) if they actually implemented them

          • Global warming is hot
            Global warming is hot  4 hours back

            _Minecraft becomes more like Terraria_
            You're not wrong, but it's a very good thing in my eyes.

            • Ryan Adams
              Ryan Adams  6 hours back

              This is so true Minecraft is just too easy now

              • starfireat2011
                starfireat2011  6 hours back

                mods are what really helped minecraft stay alive

                • Macklihn
                  Macklihn  6 hours back

                  RLCraft, you're welcome

                  • DjSquirrel33
                    DjSquirrel33  7 hours back

                    5:25 the music is so nostalgic. I remember playing back in 2011 and watching youtubers and hearing this music, the sound of walking on grass and the youtubers who are now considered loud etc. Were new and quiet. It had a peace about it. I do miss that.
                    Just playing was peaceful. I kind of miss it.

                    • Jona0
                      Jona0  7 hours back

                      I think if they would spawn more mobs but in a more realistic way it would be very cool. I mean imagine you could build a giant glass couple and no mobs could spawn inside.

                      • KARATE
                        KARATE  7 hours back

                        To be honest i feel something like bore of this all stuff i rly like minecraft but i was always skyblock server dude what only do it was grinding

                        • Just Another Random Crit

                          Withers make beacons

                          • KyroxLP
                            KyroxLP  9 hours back

                            This is so...true...just true

                            • Naty Lion
                              Naty Lion  10 hours back

                              Never heard of PUBG? 400 MIL peoples purchased the 30$ game? fuck off dude, get out of ur cave

                              • YT
                                YT  10 hours back

                                Bruh just go into different version

                                • Nitroade24
                                  Nitroade24  10 hours back

                                  Did he just... did he just mine dirt with a pickaxe?

                                  • Nitroade24
                                    Nitroade24  10 hours back

                                    Not scientifically possible

                                    • Siergiej Krietiakow
                                      Siergiej Krietiakow  10 hours back

                                      I totally agree with you, I like very much Minecraft and I play it, but I see it's soooooo boring game. Nothing new. When a new update comes I start Minecraft to check the update, but after some time it gets boring. This is only the one reason when I play Minecraft - new updates. And same like you I recommend to add MORE MORE MORE MORE AND MUCH MORE structures, logics, mechanics, interfaces, and hidden updates, no listed in changes list. I see and I think there are MANY mods for minecraft, and I think it's very bad for Mojang. There souldn't be any mods for Minecraft. The game itself should be as modded as possible. Imagine all Minecraft mods which are available on various modding sites, running in official game. This is how it should be done. Minecraft should be developed in such way, to make all modding sites down. Instead this is soooooo boring game. I am trying to use another maps, survival, escape, but it's with same result. You will complete, and what next? You will try another survival/escape map, and after completion you will try next one, and what next? You will try all escape and survival maps available on map sites, and what? Isn't that boring? Same logic, same rules, same structures, same items, same mobs, same player, same abilities.....

                                      • ANDREAS
                                        ANDREAS  11 hours back

                                        81 iron "a day of farming" lmao

                                        • melissa
                                          melissa  11 hours back

                                          such a good video totally agree!! i wish they would do more with minecraft it has so much more potential :(

                                          • Der Gerät
                                            Der Gerät  12 hours back

                                            basically make minecraft terraria reeeeeeeeeee

                                            • Ivanything 101
                                              Ivanything 101  12 hours back

                                              What if beds break when u sleep in them, after u skip the night

                                              • CrossXer
                                                CrossXer  12 hours back

                                                Problem with a minecraft is lack of dynamics. Its not just about more danger. Its just that there is nothing to make you move except for your own ambitions. You can make a huge castle and you ll find yourself all alone in your own castle, no soldiers, no guards, not a single valuable thing, and no enemies. Everything is froze in time, no season change, no animals hunting or migrating, nothing changes at all. Not even a wind blows in minecraft. Dig a cave with a door inside of hill, make a room there, a small farm inside that cave, a bed and thats it, nobody can move you out of that cave in a million years, cuz minecraft worlds are so dead there is nothing that would peak your interest to go anywhere explore anything or try anything. In minecraft the only limit is your imagination, sadly this is all minecraft has to offer. Personally i think they made a huge mistake and driven themselves into a corner with the villagers. They are useless annoying, ugly and pathetic concept. They should have bought minecraft comes alive mod and made it an official part of the game, not only they would have increased their sales, people now could be managing survival of a whole village community instead of taking care just for themselves. Plenty of mineraft concepts are wasted potentials. They made this game exclusively for children and thats painfully obvious.

                                                • CrossXer
                                                  CrossXer  11 hours back

                                                  @Whitelight when i think about minecraft i usually think of skyrim. Because the world of skyrim seems alive with or without player. Stuff is happening everywhere, you can get a whole adventure just by chasing a butterfly. Sometimes you go hunting just to get attacked by a pack of wolves, maybe you are still weak so you run towards the road where some npc helps you out with the wolves, when you talk to that npc you might get a knowledge about some city nearby maybe even a guild, or faction, maybe you get a quest that leads you to so many jorneys. But minecraft doesnt have that. It doesnt have a decent npcs, no diplomacy, no problems or drama. No dynamics. Also its very grindy, if you want to build a wall in survival you have to do it block by block, if you want to build same exact houses and make a village you have to do it block by block house by house. If you want materials you have to collect them on your own block by block. There is nobody to help you, i mean yeah there are ways to exploit mechanics with redstone and pistons maybe tnt mining but for that usually you have to make a creeper farm which is a game mechanics exploiting all the same. Just to build something small you have to grind so hard that this game makes you procrastinate from playing it. I think blueprint building mechanics would be nice. And i would be more than glad go extra mile, face some danger and mine some gold ores fight some enemies for gold ores to smelt them into iron ingots and use that to hire like 5 villagers to mine things for me. Thats what i dont like about minecraft. Everything you do, you do alone. Everything is tedious and static. ( i just wanted to expand on my previous comment)

                                                • Whitelight
                                                  Whitelight   12 hours back

                                                  I don't agree with everything you've said there, but that's a really, really interesting perspective. I need to think about that some more.

                                              • Kurz Whale
                                                Kurz Whale  13 hours back

                                                And this is exactly why mod packs resource packs and texture packs exsist

                                                • Zanian19
                                                  Zanian19  13 hours back

                                                  While I have done my fair share of Survival playing, Creative is what has always appealed to me the most. Minecraft lets you build and design anything, and as long as the player still has a conscious mind, the game will never really run out of things you can do in it.
                                                  I have spent hundreds of hours playing survival, but I have spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, of hours in Creative, building everything from massive urban cities and medieval castles, to entire fictional worlds, from either movies, books or just plain improvisation.

                                                  To me, Minecraft will always be the game I go to relax and let creative fluids flow.

                                                  • Gaio Z
                                                    Gaio Z  14 hours back

                                                    More cooperation + rewards for cooperating! How cool would it be to have a village of best friends without paying for Realms?

                                                    • Xenon VH2
                                                      Xenon VH2  14 hours back

                                                      13:06 "And the Wither is still a laughing stock..."
                                                      Bedrock players: *We don't do that here*

                                                      • Ollie M
                                                        Ollie M  14 hours back

                                                        "It only takes 5 minutes to mine down to 12 and start stripping. Don't let Lionmaker hear you say that though" LMFAO IM DYING

                                                        • Rxnys
                                                          Rxnys  15 hours back


                                                          „Minecraft is for kids“

                                                          „You kids are destroying Minecraft“

                                                          Me:Excuse me ,wtf ?

                                                          • Philip Williams
                                                            Philip Williams  15 hours back

                                                            Do a review of RLCraft mod please

                                                            • Fallen Seraph
                                                              Fallen Seraph  15 hours back

                                                              20 minutes of whining about how the game isn't challenging and here is me 60 hours in still in the stone age being killed by zombies, skeletons and creepers. Don't know where to get iron for a shield.

                                                              The joys of just playing the game and not looking everything up lol.

                                                              I think I'll run into some iron ore eventually

                                                              • HowToGames
                                                                HowToGames  15 hours back

                                                                how tf is the beacon or the wither bad?!

                                                                • Peter Hansen
                                                                  Peter Hansen  17 hours back

                                                                  Mojang needs to support mods (which they've promised years ago). My Minecraft experience changed A LOT when I started using Tekkit. The game itself is only 5% of what is actually possible. And Mojang's inability to support mods is quite ridiculous and stopped so many modders updating their mods.

                                                                  "Oh, look! We have dolphins now!"

                                                                  • Stefan Tataru
                                                                    Stefan Tataru  18 hours back

                                                                    WE MINE , WE CRAFT ... WE PLAY MINECRAFT :D

                                                                    • Il Panettaio
                                                                      Il Panettaio  19 hours back

                                                                      In this weeks i was losing interest in minecraft untill i start playing with some friend, it that day i had much fun and in this days i'm playing minecraft modded in multiplayer and i'm having more fun then i have in 6 years of playing

                                                                      • Benjamin Stafford
                                                                        Benjamin Stafford  20 hours back

                                                                        Yes and No. Yes, because updates and small changes are important for the game to grow, other wise it gets stale. Which is basically a quote from your video... No because if to many things are changed to quickly, you change what minecraft at it's roots is. Again basically a quote from your video...

                                                                        One of the greatest things about minecraft is it's simplicity. but at the same time, it's not simple at all. the basic idea of "survival" is a VERY simple idea. the amount of resources that function other then aesthetic functions are in so few numbers that it keeps with the theme of "simple". The depth of complexity of each of those resources is where the game gets it's complexity. simply adding in resources in between diamond and Iron is so much larger of a task then you are making it seem that it is almost uncanny. every resource you add, you will need to add a complex crafting network and functionality to it that is on par with iron, red stone, and diamond. By doing that, the game's simplistic setting becomes something other them "simple".

                                                                        You had mentioned emeralds and it's uselessness. Instead of adding all of these other complex resources and crafting recipes and so on, they should expand upon what they already have. make emeralds more important then what they are. Make them harder to get (Talking about a trading hall... lets be honest, emeralds are stupid easy to acquire in stacks of blocks). Lapis is another topic of block to expand upon. Yes it enchants stuff, but that and dying things blue (Which is an aesthetic mechanic and doesn't really count towards complexity of game play) are the only things it does.

                                                                        Cave biomes and a cave update is a good idea and has a lot of potential. Slime chunks should turn into Slime Biomes. Hiding slimes in chunks that are impossible to find without experimenting on individual chunks is kind of a bad mechanic because you are not given information necessary to achieve your goal. Slime chunks is just one example of what it could hold.

                                                                        So yes i agree with you. But no, because I don't think going to the extent you are getting at is a good idea.

                                                                        P.S. I like the idea of more game modes. More game modes can honestly only be helpful. Even if the game mode is DRASTICALLY different then any other game mode, you will still have access to the ever popular survival mode...

                                                                        • Econymous
                                                                          Econymous  21 hours back

                                                                          wood and stone tools can get enchantments that others can't.
                                                                          same with gold. and gold items

                                                                          • Elijah Ellis
                                                                            Elijah Ellis  22 hours back

                                                                            I remember Minecraft when you had to have a degree in quantum physics and computer engineering to install mods.

                                                                            Also, don't forget to delete META-INF.

                                                                            • nori
                                                                              nori  23 hours back

                                                                              My main gripe is that the game world is dead. Very few mobs interact with each other, the world doesn't change over time. The main changes I'd like to see are bigger biomes, seasons, mobs interacting with each other, entities interacting (trees growing, saplings being spread, flowers spreading, deserts growing, water eroding, tides, better rivers, mob breeding, better mob spawning) etc.

                                                                              Minecraft relies solely on the players for content, but they should utilise their world.

                                                                              • nori
                                                                                nori  23 hours back

                                                                                It's telling that before dev/infdev/beta/survival people loved to play game modes like lava survival and zombie survival. Then we got creative mode with a health bar and biomes...

                                                                            • ArnoSoba
                                                                              ArnoSoba  1 days back

                                                                              i think the game needs more structures like abandoned houses and random tall stone towers and more dungeons. It also needs more animals and plants.the game can sometimes feel empty and everything looks the same.I love minecraft to pieces though i always find my self only being able to play with friends, other than that the world doesn't draw my attention to adventure or anything else.I think the game just needs to be more complex and encourage building and adventure.

                                                                              • Rhoka
                                                                                Rhoka  1 days back

                                                                                I disagree that diamonds always need to be the best top tier ore. I do agree with your stance on mods but I think Mojave could take a page from their book. They could add new ores beyond diamond as long as the challenge scales with it. i.e. finding a new ore could allow you to craft something to increase the challenge of the world a la terraria style

                                                                                • TitanKeiros
                                                                                  TitanKeiros  1 days back

                                                                                  I just realized this came out on my birthday lol

                                                                                  • Isaac Espinal
                                                                                    Isaac Espinal  1 days back

                                                                                    The idea of Minecraft is to be simple. And you mostly suggest for Minecraft to be more complex

                                                                                    • VY Canis Majoris
                                                                                      VY Canis Majoris  1 days back

                                                                                      Dude if you don't find survival interesting you have no imagination.

                                                                                      • Baikey Boot
                                                                                        Baikey Boot  1 days back

                                                                                        3 things that need to come to minecraft:

                                                                                        1: CAVE UPDATE
                                                                                        2: *A E T H E R*
                                                                                        3: More Mobs

                                                                                        • Arcana
                                                                                          Arcana  1 days back

                                                                                          Very well thought tru! I like the ideas.

                                                                                          • Wessel Schaart
                                                                                            Wessel Schaart  1 days back

                                                                                            Some of these problems are caused by the rapid growth of Minecraft.
                                                                                            The game was developped by Notch as a small game.
                                                                                            When it became popular he kept building on that shaky base.
                                                                                            Because the game became such a hit he and later Mojang couldn't afford to stop adding interesting features.
                                                                                            This has gone on since the beginning, and now the game's code is a mess that can completely break if one simple thing is changed.
                                                                                            The updates take so long because they have to work around this mess or replace or add something while keeping the old code coöperating.
                                                                                            Because they do this so carefully somehow the bugs are predictable and often not gamebreaking.
                                                                                            Mods usually add a lot of stuff on their own that interact as less as possible with the vanilla code.
                                                                                            Bedrock has to stay close to the leading java edition essentially preventing it from improving.
                                                                                            Because bedrock was devellopped *properly* it didn't need as much care to work, making some bugs unpredictable and worse than java.
                                                                                            This puts Mojang in an unfortunate position, as the properly coded bedrock edition is worse than the barely maintainable vanilla mess that they basicly can only add to.
                                                                                            And they probably want people to use the new feature, so they make it easier to exicute than the existing stuff.

                                                                                            • Wessel Schaart
                                                                                              Wessel Schaart  17 hours back

                                                                                              @yalcın cantürk I agree, and they are already taking it slowly on 1.15 to recode some of Minecraft's spaghetti code. Unfortunately the Bedrock edition, which is coded from scratch and easily maintainable plays worse in my opinion.

                                                                                            • yalcın cantürk
                                                                                              yalcın cantürk  1 days back

                                                                                              we can wait there ıs nothing more than time on our hands