The Texans Need To Protect Deshaun Watson | The Jim Rome Show


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  • Monica Reedy
    Monica Reedy  6 days back

    Agree 100% ...2 PROTECT D.Watson !
    & (O.B.)Now that Deshaun is BRUISED-UP
    Get m Out of Game,if we ...Go...way up in Score !

    • Davor Stjepic
      Davor Stjepic  7 days back

      Help us fire that POS Coach!

      • TexasKing100
        TexasKing100  7 days back

        Texans defense wasnt in prevent defense, Aaron Dumbass Colvin was in prevent defense. Every single CB stayed with the WR they were on, and locked them up, besides Aaron Colvin, who was 10 yards away and bailing after his WR he was covering took 1 step. Colvin threw that game away

      • Brandon Wright
        Brandon Wright  7 days back

        Such a lazy take about the o line. Tunsil has been in Houston less than a week, and the starting left guard was out with a finger injury. Give it a few games. They will be just fine.

        • sjchac
          sjchac  5 days back

          @Gregory Fuller and?

        • Gregory Fuller
          Gregory Fuller  7 days back

          The saints was missing two staring d lineman

      • Wuzi Mu
        Wuzi Mu  7 days back

        even with less than a week the texans o-line is already drastically improved compared to last season. they had less penalties, and really did protect watson much better. they did have some miscommunications but that should improve as they get more in sync. they also were much much better in the run game.

        • king shark
          king shark  7 days back

          Rome ... romester, how are you really side stepping the browns, being the browns, wow is romey really that deep in mayfield jockstrap locker.

          😕 dammmmmm. Burn the dam browns romester

          • Johnathon
            Johnathon  7 days back

            Hey Jim - those cheating refs oughta be embarrassed and ashamed. - Lance Armstrong

            • Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY

              Lol, Cowboy Breaking News, Now. Look on my Likes

              • King Ziggy
                King Ziggy  7 days back

                NFL starting to become unwatchable for me. These refs are severely altering games and I just can’t deal with it.

                • king shark
                  king shark  7 days back

                  Facts.... refs and these wild blind spot blocking calls, crazy azz holding calls, and then tried to hit replay to call a titans td back because of a lineman, if you dont catch that live, trying to do it via replay is Bush league.

              • Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY

                Romey, I do Love My DA almost as Much as Toby in Houston aka - #HurricaneJen, Love Ya! ❤💋 Who's your Mudder?💋

                • Jennysue - Miss Kitty NY

                  I Need to Ride A Cowboy, Jim 🤠❤🏈❤💋 aka - #HurricaneJen I'm so Hot 🔥Today🔥💋❤💋