Top 50 Sound FX | #15: The Holy Roller: "There's Nothing Real in the World Anymore!" | NFL

  • Published: 05 December 2015
  • The Legendary John Madden and the infamous Oakland Raiders Holy Roller fumble.

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Comments • 50

  • Greg Presley
    Greg Presley  9 months back

    Greatest radio call ever!!!

    • Michael Ciardi
      Michael Ciardi  2 years back

      The greatest call by a sportscaster ever! Just makes me smile to hear it again, and I remember seeing the game 39 years ago.

      • J Coleman
        J Coleman  2 years back

        Most ridiculous non calls i've not once but twice the Raiders throw the ball forward and the refs don't see it. Funny how the Raiders fans never mention this or the 76 play off game vs the Pats when they a crying about the Tuck rule call on them

        • Gabriel Ravier
          Gabriel Ravier  6 months back

          The referee was behind, so he couldn't see and had to rule it a fumble. The quarterback did admit to it being voluntary in 2001 or so, but we can't exactly do anything about it fifty years after the fact

      • Tristan Andrew
        Tristan Andrew  3 years back

        Lol you don't see Chargers fans whining about this play like the Las Vegas Raiders fans do about the Tuck Rule game smh

        • billny33
          billny33  3 years back

          That's because this was regular season. And if I'm not mistaken, very early in the season too. The Tuck Rule game very possibly denied the Raiders a spot in the Super Bowl or a championship. I don't blame Raiders fans for being that pissed off not one bit.

      • Zalis116
        Zalis116  3 years back

        1:29 = How I felt on November 9th, 2016.

        • billny33
          billny33  4 years back

          Why didn't Dave Casper show any emotion when he scored?

          • Greg Presley
            Greg Presley  9 months back

            ...Because Casper knew that Kenny Stabler "CHEATED", and he felt shame for contributing to a false win. If you have a soul, you wouldn't be happy either.

          • BoomBoomPowe
            BoomBoomPowe  2 years back

            Well he was probably also nicknamed "The Ghost" because of Casper the Friendly Ghost, but I see your point.

          • BravesAvsFan
            BravesAvsFan  3 years back

            That's probably one of the reasons why Dave Casper was nicknamed "The Ghost," lol! And yes, it certainly did work for him, as he's in the Hall of Fame. Also, personally, I'm not sure I would celebrate on a play like this, either, considering how weird and flukey it really was. I would probably be looking around asking myself if this really happened.

          • billny33
            billny33  3 years back

            Wow. I can't fathom...

            Not even taking into consideration the celebration culture of modern sports. But if, according to Herm Edwards, "you play to win the game" and winning doesn't make you excited, then what are you playing for?

            I mean I guess it worked for him, one of the all time great Raiders. I could just never relate to someone who wouldn't go nuts if he scored the winning touchdown on a weird flukey fumble recovery with no time left.

          • Guillermo Sanchez
            Guillermo Sanchez  3 years back

            Because that's the way he is. He scored a touchdown in Superbowl XI and the winning touchdowns in several playoff games and never showed any emotion.

        • Brandon Bate
          Brandon Bate  4 years back

          Great commentary. This wouldn't stand if it happened in a game now though. At least I don't think it would

          • BravesAvsFan
            BravesAvsFan  3 years back

            Yes, this play is the reason for the rule change and wouldn't be legal these days. And the way you describe the rule, I'm not sure if you're wrong or not, therefore, I won't correct you.

          • billny33
            billny33  3 years back

            If I recall, the rule is that (gotta love how complicated NFL rules can get) even in the last 2 mins of a half, the ball can be recovered by another offensive player but it would be moved back to the spot it was fumbled if it had been fumbled forwards. And it can't be advanced once it's recovered. Otherwise, any such fumble would be too easy for the defense to recover if other players knew they weren't even allowed to pounce on it. Correct me if I'm wrong about any of this.

            But yeah, the Stabler/Biletnikoff/Casper connection as shown here would not be legal and I believe it's because of this play that they introduced the rule.

          • BravesAvsFan
            BravesAvsFan  3 years back

            You're right, it wouldn't stand now. After that season ended, the NFL changed the rule so that on fourth down or within the last 2 minutes of a half, whenever a fumble occurs by the offense, it can only be recovered by either the player who fumbled or a defender.

        • beruk wubeshet
          beruk wubeshet  4 years back

          Did you see how the kickers use to wind up and kick filed goals. Looks like a toe punt to me.

          • BravesAvsFan
            BravesAvsFan  3 years back

            Back in the old days, the straight-ahead style of kicking was the norm. The soccer-style kick that you see nowadays was introduced by one player during the sixties, but took some time to catch on. Now, everybody kicks soccer-style it seems.

        • hendetra888
          hendetra888  4 years back

          This would either be an incomplete pass or the ball would be downed where the initial fumble was in todays game (most likely called incomplete

          • Noah Garutti
            Noah Garutti  4 years back

            R.I.P. Stabler

            • Rhys Smith
              Rhys Smith  4 years back

              Seems. Outstanding Effort! snotty woozy What do you think, guys? !!!

              • TonyKingOfTheOzone
                TonyKingOfTheOzone  4 years back

                Raiders killin the chargers since 1960.

                • Obafemi
                  Obafemi  4 years back

                  Wow extremely bad scrambling technique.. Times have changed.

                  • Yusuf-74
                    Yusuf-74  4 years back

                    +Mike Laos He was a pocket Qb he ran when he needed to

                  • Obafemi
                    Obafemi  4 years back

                    +Raider Bashir that may be out of question but i think that in terms how the sport has been changing in the last decades he might have been in a lot more trouble nowadays, with this kind of movement..

                  • Yusuf-74
                    Yusuf-74  4 years back

                    He won a Super bowl by doing that who are you to say that's bad

                • The_BankRoll_God 29
                  The_BankRoll_God 29  4 years back


                  • T1K Prod
                    T1K Prod  4 years back

                    THE SNAKE STABLER and CASPER

                    • james burke
                      james burke  4 years back

                      RIP STABLER

                      • Zents Gaming
                        Zents Gaming  4 years back

                        Look like a good pass to me.

                      • HIPPYdaHIPSTER productions

                        R. I.P

                        • jackofallspades98
                          jackofallspades98  4 years back

                          "There's nothing real in the world anymore! The Raiders won the football game!" Funny how we're saying the same thing all these years later...

                          • Harry Engel
                            Harry Engel  2 years back

                            Who is the announcer in this clip?

                          • Tevin Jones
                            Tevin Jones  4 years back

                            that's not how he meant it. when raiders had madden they were actually very good. but it's okay at least raiders have sb rings. could be worse. I could be a panther, eagle, or charger fan with 0 sbs.. I couldn't imagine that kind of drought.

                          • Blaber Vlogs
                            Blaber Vlogs  4 years back

                            +jackofallspades98 That would have been clever about 1-2 years ago.

                          • #LakeShow #GoPats
                            #LakeShow #GoPats  4 years back

                            The Raiders are good

                        • Just Win Baby
                          Just Win Baby  4 years back

                          R.I.P stabler

                          • DaCheapChimp
                            DaCheapChimp  4 years back

                            so many things wrong on this play

                          • StFidjnr
                            StFidjnr  4 years back

                            0:35 Madden is on the field he wants to know that if it's real they said yes get your big butt outta here he does

                            • Gamer2k4
                              Gamer2k4  3 months back

                              That right there is quality commentary.

                            • Jonathan Blaze
                              Jonathan Blaze  4 years back

                              +StFidjnr You forgot the "Lol!".

                          • J The GAWD
                            J The GAWD  4 years back


                            • JakeBuck123
                              JakeBuck123  4 years back

                              Fantasic commentary

                              • BravesAvsFan
                                BravesAvsFan  3 years back

                                That was Bill King, the legendary Raiders announcer.

                              • billny33
                                billny33  3 years back

                                So was this the Chargers or the Raiders' radio guy?

                              • billny33
                                billny33  3 years back

                                It really was. I'm a fan of great announcers calls throughout history and I just love the way he describes this.

                              • StFidjnr
                                StFidjnr  4 years back

                                +skbuckh1790 the greatest call in bill king's life