Growing Up Asian


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  • S ElementalFlame
    S ElementalFlame  53 minutes back

    "Jmom's place"

    • Tamunotonye Wakama
      Tamunotonye Wakama  2 hours back

      Everything about this video made me laugh😂😂😂😂

      12:55- did he say 'that Nigerian Prince'?

      • Avenue 522
        Avenue 522  8 hours back

        For me we had the slippers but we wouldn't wear them, instead we used them to kill bugs and that was great practice for throwing slippers at people

        • ☆Sapphire Winters☆
          ☆Sapphire Winters☆  13 hours back

          When you have a weird name. I am named "Yumi". People are like " yummy????" No stop. Look at it. Read it. "Yu" "mi". Don't you people like anime?

          • ☆Sapphire Winters☆
            ☆Sapphire Winters☆  13 hours back

            He grew up Asian, what is he now?

            • GaMEs_INsiDe
              GaMEs_INsiDe  15 hours back

              When dad knows that you have a girlfriend: YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO GET A GIRLFRIEND

              When domic’s dad knew that he had a girlfriend: :O YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND HOW MANY!?!

              • PuggySter :P
                PuggySter :P  17 hours back

                9:19 lol

                • Zong Yang
                  Zong Yang  1 days back

                  I ate Rhodes as a kid shrimp chips every one at my school was scared cause they thought they were live shrimp

                  • Cali wolf Gacha
                    Cali wolf Gacha  1 days back

                    Friend:What’s your allowance?
                    Me:My house.
                    Me:Living in my house
                    Friend:Oh mine is 10$

                    • Street King - SRB
                      Street King - SRB  1 days back

                      Here in Serbia (EU) we have free calendars everywhere, pile of plastic bags under counter (even when we got New ones for zimnica). In house we are in sleepers or in socks / barefoot, NO SHOES. Often we use cheaper products for cooking and you Just need to taste pilav 😁

                      • Street King - SRB
                        Street King - SRB  1 days back

                        In our country we have chinese people that work in "chinese markets" its basiclly super market where people are 80% chinese and 20% serbian... You can small strong scents from food, and every asian people we call "Kinez or Brucee Lee" 😂

                    • Zack Gornez
                      Zack Gornez  1 days back

                      2:15 me to but one white hair/uban is for P5

                      • moonykitty1
                        moonykitty1  2 days back

                        Bruh how about the dating rule, but DOUBLING its strictness: ONLY allowed to date FULL KOREAN MEN,who FOLLOW buddhist traditions, who also speak PRE GOOD KOREAN.
                        *looks around My uni*
                        *rainbows and gays*

                        • Amgalan
                          Amgalan  2 days back

                          9:52 Is that a reference to Corridor’s Anime Fidget Spinners reference?

                          • AcE HaYwire
                            AcE HaYwire  2 days back

                            Lol even white people find people wearing shoes to bed weird

                            • hari nang mga hinayupak AHU


                              • Random Cat Person
                                Random Cat Person  2 days back

                                Someone said to me, “Are you koreanese?”

                                *Ehm, its just Korean and I’m Chinese and Vietnamese*

                                • Potato Madness
                                  Potato Madness  2 days back

                                  im filipino. My parents said that if you didnt finnish your rice the rice will chase you. So i always finnished my food😂

                                  • Berlie Bermejo
                                    Berlie Bermejo  2 days back

                                    I went to Kumon because my mom teaches there

                                    • Aiden Meir Balce
                                      Aiden Meir Balce  2 days back

                                      Im Filipino

                                      • Elle Villa
                                        Elle Villa  2 days back

                                        The 'plucking out white hair from parents' is so relatable. But they pay me 10 pesos per session, and in each session, I only pluck 10-20 strands of white hair, and they give in an extra piso when I also plucked the roots.

                                        • Junko :D
                                          Junko :D  2 days back

                                          People thought I was Chinese, Japanese and I remember punching them.

                                          • Feel Free To Subscribe

                                            I don't wear Shoes when I Go to bed

                                            • Feel Free To Subscribe

                                              I don't wear Shoes When I Went to bed

                                              • : milk tea :
                                                : milk tea :  3 days back

                                                My parents actually did hit me a lot when I was younger. That’s why I don’t wear belts :’D

                                                • eira uwu
                                                  eira uwu  3 days back

                                                  The plucking white hair from your Parents is so Filipino 😂

                                                  • Precious Princess
                                                    Precious Princess  3 days back

                                                    Love this video! I'm going to take each of these in order for simplicity sake.

                                                    1. Slippers
                                                    I think growing up Asian I ended up getting an OCD about this. I see people wearing shoes in the house and I can't help but think how much grime and germs are crawling around the floor and it makes me immediately assume the house is a germfest. I try not to touch anything and wash my hands as much as possible if I do.
                                                    I also never ever use my slippers outside because the second they touch the ground outside they are dead to me. (outdoor slippers) That means I'll need to get a new pair for the house and that's an additional expense. (btw that's something missing from your video. The extreme budgeting that Asians do.)

                                                    2. Allowance
                                                    To this day I have no idea why westerners do this. If you really look at it long term this is exactly why my non-Asians immediately jump to "how much are you paying me" if anyone asks them to do anything. Basically having an allowance teaches them to expect some kind of payment for any kind of service and if they know they won't get that payment then it is either "a favor" meaning you'll owe them eventually or they are doing it because they are a better person than you. This also goes along with Christmas and birthdays. There's just this expectation of getting something.
                                                    As an Asian who never had this concept of an allowance you know that if your family asks you for anything you do it because they are your family and it is your responsibility. If its a friend then you do it because friends help each other. (which again works out poorly with non-Asian friends because then they "take you for granted" and probably think they got a good deal because to them you "forgot to agree on a payment for the service you provided them sucker."
                                                    The flip side of getting an allowance was that you were always meant to do things around the house. Washing dishes or taking out the trash. They don't cost your parents $X to get you to do. You just have to do them. That's responsibility. Then if you do need money for something well your parents will just give it to you because that's their responsibility. They are responsible for making sure you have what you need.
                                                    The flip side of that flip side is what wasn't mentioned in this video. So I'm just going to add that......

                                                    2a. here I guess. Budgeting.
                                                    Thing is if you are a poor spender then your parents will still make you do your chores but they also won't be giving you money for stuff just because you happen to want something. When I was growing up my parents taught me why you don't just buy everything. You have to know the thing you buy is something you will actually use and that you actually need it for something. So one time I really wanted this toy I saw on a commercial and they were like no this toy is stupid and you'll stop playing with it in seconds as soon as you find out that its stupid. I didn't listen so they bought it for me and what do you know seconds later I was bored with it. From that day on I learned that you can't just waste money to buy stupid things and so I ended up being careful about what I needed money for and my parents became very cool about me taking whatever money I needed. I also tend not to depend on my paychecks at the end of the week. My bank account has plenty of savings. My coworkers and friends have that moth flying out of their empty wallet thing going on.

                                                    3. White hair plucking
                                                    I never got money for that but yes I had to do that. Not for dad. He just didn't care. My mom on the other hand was OCD about it. She'd see a strand and be like CHECK MY HEAD! Are there more??? Are there!! GET THEM OUT!!! She's done tons to stop the white hair growth and she even plucks out mine if she sees them. She's got white hair eagle vision.

                                                    4. Eating and food etiquette
                                                    In my household I never had to worry about extra servings. It was like the thing with one bowl in front of me and the food is just there for you. But relatives. My god they act like you've been starved for five years and just stuff you full. And then they try stuffing more down your throat. It doesn't even matter if you eat slow. They'll wonder if the food maybe doesn't taste good enough to you so they'll shove other foods at you. The trick for me was to actually eat quick and then pretend like you have something to do away from the dining table. Because once you are away from that table you are free. They will probably make some suggestions to eat other stuff but as soon as you're away from the table it is optional and they won't push it. Then all you have to deal with is them saying you don't take good enough care of yourself and you're all skin and bones and you have to build up a healthier appetite. I am not underweight at all.

                                                    5. Gifts
                                                    Must have and it is just as annoying as you made it sound. Luckily my parents hate this tradition too so we try to weasel our way out of it. Sounds bad but we do other things like maybe we'll offer to cook or clean when we visit or we invite them out instead of going over and then pay for the meal or offer to drive. Much easier to do than to figure out what we could buy just to bring over there.
                                                    Bird's Nest thing is also weird. Yes it is healthy. It's some kind of Chinese medicine thing. We don't know how to eat it either but hey we can read the Chinese instructions so that's a plus. I feel like this is more of a cantonese though so we don't often run into the Bird's Nest thankfully.

                                                    6. Leftovers and wasting food
                                                    For us the reason to make more than you'll eat is simple. What if you don't have time to make something from scratch one day? Then the extra stuff you prepared will really come in handy. For example I know tons of families make way more dumplings than they could eat even in two or three meals. That's because they can just freeze it and any day they are feeling lazy they can just whip it out and cook it. It is really easy to cook dumplings but time consuming to get all the stuff together to wrap them.
                                                    The all the leftovers you leave in your bowl will end up on your lover's face thing is just a warning about wasting food. I think it's also cantonese because it doesn't really make sense in other dialects. But I know us and them and also the Japanese all have etiquette about not wasting food. Plus it just makes the clean up process easier on whoever is going to do the dishes so it goes back to responsibility. You don't want to make it difficult for someone else so pick your bowl clean.

                                                    7. Wake up call
                                                    My mom has done the pinch nose thing. I have a thing about people touching my face so I'll freak out when she does this. Other times like she's told me her mom used to just pull the blanket off of her and her siblings so you'll get up because it's cold and the sunlight is directly going to hit your eyes. She's done this to me too but we have central heating and I can just bury my face in my pillow. But then she'll grab my pillow and smack me in the face with it or grab the family dog to slobber all over my face. The nicest way she's ever woken me up is shouting really really loud that it is already really late and that gets me up because I don't want to oversleep. But then I'll check the time and it is anywhere from half an hour to an hour earlier than she claims.

                                                    8. Super soldier serum
                                                    Nope. I feel that's a cantonese/Korean thing again. I'm not especially tall but I am the tallest in my family. Their strategy was very simple. Go outside and play. Stop laying around the house and do something. So yeah. Also no Chinese medicines like the cantonese have. My family doesn't like the taste themselves so they didn't push it on me. But I did take herbal medications for illnesses because they were the healthier version to taking Tylenol and antibiotics like westerners do. Also tons of preventative Chinese medicine practices like not staying up to late, citrus for colds, the hot/cold foods to balance out your body's heat/cold (you know what I'm talking about right?) and gouji or what the westerners call goji berries. To be honest there's so much more Chinese medicine these days in the west so I think even they know about this stuff now.

                                                    9. Pak and Park
                                                    I don't know what Koreans you know. All the Koreans I know are shorter than me and I'm not that tall. In my experience it is just northern Chinese that are tall in the Asian community. In Chinese understanding it's literally all the northern peoples of the world are going to be taller than all the southern people so you can see this with like a Beijingnese person versus a cantonese person for Asians or a Norwegian person versus an Italian for westerners. Russians are also super tall. Southeast Asian/Pacific Islanders are usually short. Xi Jinping who is a northern Chinese guy is taller than Putin but Deng Xiaoping who's from south central China is tiny.

                                                    10. Moms borrowing clothes
                                                    Nope. Moms making you borrow her clothes. Yes. If you don't have something to wear she's just like "O hey I have this dress. It should fit you ok!" Mom..... your dress is from the disco era. I'll pass thanks.

                                                    • Precious Princess
                                                      Precious Princess  3 days back

                                                      16. Making money
                                                      Same. My parents and family don't understand that times are changing and you can make money in all kinds of ways. They wanted me to get a good job then get married and so on. My other hobbies and interests that could help me make money are all wastes of time. But not blood money. I don't know where that came from.

                                                      17. Asians don't let Asians do art
                                                      This is my parents too. But like I've been saying they like to reason with me so in this case it's the pragmatic issue. Artists can make money but their income is unstable. Sometimes you produce a winner and sell. Other times you could be slaving away and can't sell a thing and have to survive off of condiment packs. (Watch Game Theory's DrawMyLife video) So don't be an artist, writer, actor and so on. Do something practical and get a stable income. And yes I've heard the horror stories of parents breaking their kids art supplies and taking away their computers and game consoles because they don't want their kids investing in those hobbies.

                                                      18. Racism
                                                      Totally. Again if you were smarter you were a robot/cheating. If you had a skill they had but better you were good at only that but you also lived some commie life where they probably sent you to a camp to learn just that skill. I don't know. Racists don't make sense. My friend that was better at street dancing they'd make fun of because he was short with small eyes. They'd also tell him he probably learned all his moves by going to a boot camp where he trained like a slave. Unlike those naturally gifted black kids that just hung out and learned on their own. Same goes for my beat boxing friend. Communist boot camp training. He was taller than most of the kids in the class so they said he took drugs to make him artificially tall. I was great at volleyball and tennis. Communist boot camp training. I wasn't good at baseball. Haha Asians don't know sports. I'm also pretty shapely and have bigger eyes than most of the white kids in school so they said I got plastic surgery.
                                                      And don't let it bug you if you have a legitimate accent. I speak English fluently and it hasn't stopped people from talking back to me in a very thick cantonese accent while doing the "asians eyes" thing they do.
                                                      The only time I wasn't prejudiced against was in Fudan. They were just really excited that I could speak English so well and weirded out by how poorly I spoke Chinese since I didn't look like I had some kind of mental ailment. It was actually pretty cute that they were so concerned for me. Such a beautiful person but sadly not that bright. But thankfully my dialect in modern times was abandoned for a while and now the government's trying to revitalize it so the older generation actually consider my skill in the local dialect more proficient than their own kids! I actually ended up sounding more like them because my Mandarin is so poor while my local dialect is better than the local kids my age. It also helps that my parents talk about their childhoods sometimes so I can pick out those stories to relate to the older generation.

                                                      18a. Stereotyping
                                                      The racism thing is more than that too. It isn't just non-Asian people being stupid. It's also the misinformation they have about you. Like the all Asians have small slit eyes thing. I have big eyes. So to them I either definitely had surgery or I'm not 100% Asian.
                                                      Asians are all meant to be antisocial robots. So the fact that my group of Asian friends and I are really versed at pop culture and socialize a ton totally messed with their heads. Like I said they tried to ignore our presence in school and focus on the actually antisocial Asian kids. We didn't fit their idea of Asians.
                                                      I'm obviously not communist but since I'm Asian and China is communist and since China and Asian are synonoymous I must be a communist. So if I don't outright say that every last thing China does is wrong then I must be a confirmed communist. The worst part is many Asian kids I know who desperately want to fit in have actually gone out of their way to hate and resent all things Asian.
                                                      Asians are all good at martial arts but also bad at all sports. So according to them I should be able to wall and flip off of a wall but I'm way to dainty to be able to play basketball. Geniuses. I should also be able to catch a fly out of mid flight with just a pair of chopsticks but there is no way I could beat their reaction time in reflex games.
                                                      And I'm Asian so clearly I'm a bad driver.... and that's why so many of them barely pass their road test while my friends and I all aced ours. And why most of them have already gotten into an accident at least once. One of them even broke an arm in one. And out of my Asian friends only one has ever gotten into a fender bender.
                                                      And the weirdest one for me is the Buddhist thing. They assume you are because otherwise you'd have to be Christian but you're Asian so you obviously haven't "been saved by our Lord Jesus Christ" so I'm clearly a Buddhist. Which is Indian. Also doesn't stop them from immediately assuming that the "Buddhist God" is that fat guy they've seen little statuettes of. So while they believe in the "almighty Jesus Christ" we believe in some fat guy. I'm actually Atheist but I at least know that the fat guy is actually called Milefo or the fortune buddha and that Buddhism isn't about worshipping a deity but to follow the path of Siddhartha Guatama towards enlightenment. The religion has no one to one comparison with any of the monotheistic religions and Siddhartha actively spoke against worshipping him as a deity.

                                                      Sorry that was a tl;dr for sure. I didn't realize I had so much to get off my chest in the end. Thank you to anybody who got through all that. Please have this cookie.

                                                    • Precious Princess
                                                      Precious Princess  3 days back

                                                      11. Kumon
                                                      Nope. I don't know about you guys but I only know about Kumon thanks to these white kids and my Indian friends from school. I totally thought Kumon was an Indian tutoring place because it was my friend that told me about it. I had no idea it was actually Japanese. I'm probably that person in the animation that got 115 on tests. In school I was usually so far ahead that they did wonder if I should skip grades but I decided friends my age was more important. And I half regreted my decision because I was always bored out of my mind in school. I finally gave up by high school and took all AP courses as much as I could. My last two years of high school were nothing but AP courses and I was still so bored. College was even worse. I ended up taking online tutorials for things just to pass the time because I was done studying in the first hour after class. My friends would live in the library and I could see kids literally pitching up tents in there. The most I ever did for tests was crack open my notes and the textbook the night before the test (sometimes just an hour or so before the test if I was especially lazy) and just refresh my memory for a little while before going to take it. 4.3 GPA thanks to the curve. I was so bored. Finally in my second year I decided I'd try studying abroad. I went to Fudan in China in my third year and finally I met a challenge. My grades plummeted in the first semester. Chinese university is difficult! I didn't know half the things I was being taught but they were entry level courses. It took some time but I finally leveled off my grades in the B range and graduated. It was the first time I wasn't an A++ student and the first time I actually had to work for my grades.
                                                      But the teachers in America did think all the Asian kids were geniuses and all our classmates hated us and said we were a. robots or b. cheating. And we didn't have their "street smarts" so it balances out. That's when you know I had this one Asian friend of mine who could street dance and showed up even the black kids in school who thought they were hot stuff. And another friend learned to beat box. And all the boys knew handball. It hurt their arguments that none of us were "nerdy antisocial" asians. Their solution was to pick on the other Asians in class who were nerdy and antisocial and just ignore us. We just didn't fit their version of what Asians were supposed to be.

                                                      12. Getting hit
                                                      Never. It was against my parents belief to "spare the rod and spoil the child" and they went for a reasoning with your children strategy. Like the budgeting thing. They let you stumble a little and teach you why you stumbled so in the future you won't make the same mistake. Hitting in their opinion well there's this Chinese saying "if you hit a bouncing ball harder it will bounce farther" which means that if you discipline your kids just by hitting them you're bound to lead them astray as they stop thinking of it as discipline and more as you not loving them.

                                                      13. Getting sent to the principal
                                                      Yeah also didn't happen. But only needing to write an apology letter for that would be the best consequence for that. My parents would be so angry with me if a grown up from the neighborhood said something that wasn't "your child is perfect in every way." To them it is the worst thing in the world if somebody could point out one of your shortcomings because it meant you weren't doing something right that you could. That came from their own childhood since they weren't born here and people back in Asia don't say bad things about you out of spite. It took them years before they realized what racism was so back when I was a kid and somebody said I was ugly or something (because I was asian) they'd wonder if they didn't buy the right clothes or didn't follow the right hairstyle trend for me so I could fit in. If I tried to explain they were just being prejudiced they'd come to this conclusion that I was trying to slack off on making a good impression and that nobody in the world would say bad things about you unless there really was something wrong.... with you.

                                                      14. Friends parents say you're a bad influence
                                                      This happened. The reverse more often but this happened. If my Asian friends parents thought their kid's grades were underperforming and the day before we were goofing off and they saw that is exactly the call I would get. But of course like I said my grades were impeccable so most parents wanted their kids to hang out with me. So the bunch of parents that did that "you're a bad friend to my kid" thing would even try to weasel their way back in like they'd bring gifts over to my house to talk to my parents and then meet with me to tell me how good I was and how their kids weren't as good and they hoped I could help them be as good as I was. I hated those two faced people. Luckily so did my parents and since we didn't like the bringing gifts over to people's houses thing to begin with they'd actually end up making fun of those people as soon as they left with me. I'd just ignore it. If I was friends with their kid I wouldn't stop being friends just because they said that to me anyway and if I wasn't really that close to them to begin with I wouldn't actually start just because they came over with a gift. My family really doesn't like fake people and it's one of the things they taught me from a young age to watch out for.

                                                      15. Relationships
                                                      I'm in the no relationships in school camp. You need to focus on your studies. Which is weird when they pulled a 180 in college and demanded that I start dating. But I think it was who was in charge at any given time like my dad would have killed me for dating during my childhood and almost dismissed me any time I'd talk about somebody I was interested in. Then in college he fell silent and my mom would nag me about getting in a relationship so that I wouldn't end up getting married too late which means getting kids too late so I wouldn't end up too old when they were my age and I'd still have energy to deal with them and so on. I am still single. Now both of them are worried and nagging. I'm just glad they don't really know how to use dating sites because I'm sure they'd be the type to create a profile for me to find people to set me up with.

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                                                    dude same XD ohhh yea im asain too XD

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                                                      Dumb people be like: Dom you said your Filipino not ASIAN.

                                                      Me:that's in asia

                                                      • Precious Princess
                                                        Precious Princess  3 days back

                                                        Hard mode is when you explain to the nice Jewish neighbors you have that they are technically Asian too because Israel is in Asia. I got a few of them to ask Siri or get on a computer and google it. The same thing can happen when you explain to a Russian from the Asian side of the country that they are also Asian. One freaked out on me and screamed that NO I'M RUSSIAN!

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                                                      8:04 “Are you hungry?” (Bae go pa?) 😂😂💔

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                                                        Dabi Devito  3 days back

                                                        I'm white and even I don't do these things.

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                                                          I heard kumon

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                                                            Dom looked like an addict like Dafuq? 😂😂😂😂

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                                                              #Love from India❤

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                                                                you inspired me,

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                                                                  7:06 sneaky Skyrim reference there

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                                                                    Wow dom ARE YOU A FILIPINO?!!NEW SUBS HERE😊 hi

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                                                                      Any Bangladeshi Here?

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                                                                        12:40 good old tsinelas tactics

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                                                                          Then : Hoy kulot, tanghali ay tutulog ka ha para tumangkad ka. Papaluin kita pag di ka tumulog.
                                                                          Now : HOY KULOT TULOG KA NG TULOG KAYA KA NATABA DYAN E!

                                                                          • This Channel is Dead New Channel isnt done yet

                                                                            1:40 every week i get 100 too for...ya know...EXISTING also bc it's my lunch money

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                                                                              Thats realy kinda wierd for me
                                                                              Because i eat at gome and get 1 dollar a day for..ya. buying snacks that i dont need
                                                                              If i got a 100 dolars a week....
                                                                              Lets see. I can get my breakfast in the home. 35 dollars is for lunch (A week)
                                                                              For dinner. I really can skip it by eating fruits from our fridge...
                                                                              So i can save 65 dollars a week for doing nothing.... good job me

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                                                                            im asian and i live in singapore. i want to be an animator but im worried i will sound weird .

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                                                                              omg my parents and grandparents used to tell me that if I don't finish my rice, my spouse would be ugly covered with pimples 😅

                                                                              • Taacooz
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                                                                                Filipinos are probably the most noisest students ik that cause I'm a Filipino my classmates noise can be heard *outside of the classroom* even if the door is closed

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                                                                                  Im asian and i study kumon

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                                                                                    Ahhh apelido mo pala Panganiban!
                                                                                    Marami akong kakilala na kaapelido mo eh! Nice to know

                                                                                    Ah so your last name is Panganiban! I know many people who shares the same last name as you!

                                                                                    Btw I'm Filipino 😁

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                                                                                      My aloanse is one dollar a month

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                                                                                        Finally nakahanap ng animator na pilipino [if you understand this leave a like] BTW i like ur videos

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                                                                                          Me also being asian🙄