How do you explain the Saints' success without Brees? - Shocked Colin Cowherd | The Herd

  • Published: 08 October 2019
  • How do you explain the Saints' success without Brees? - Shocked Colin Cowherd | The Herd
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  • Cave Beast
    Cave Beast  5 days back

    I miss Reggie on my saints team. He is the man.

    • Teng Xiong
      Teng Xiong  5 days back

      I'm telling yall Teddy isn't flashy but he understands the game, has a good football iq, is a great leader. Hes a good qb. Stats isn't everything.

      • Denzell Allen
        Denzell Allen  6 days back

        Let's geaux NOLA. WHODAT

        • Drain The Swamp
          Drain The Swamp  6 days back

          Saints success is explained with one word........ DEFENSE!!!

          • Inaren Commander
            Inaren Commander  7 days back

            Colin you still think we're going 8-8 this year? Laughable.
            Sincerely, a Saints fan

            • Tiny Rogerts
              Tiny Rogerts  1 weeks back

              I wonder if they replayed that fucking goalline play from USC enough times..

              • Robert Cartier
                Robert Cartier  1 weeks back

                This clip looks like it was edited by a crack addict! Annoying AF!

              • I ate those food
                I ate those food  1 weeks back

                It's cause the Saints finally realized that making Drew throw 50 times a game and rack up meaningless stats isnt as fun as winning a lot of games

                • Urban Cowboy
                  Urban Cowboy  6 days back

                  I ate those food they gave a FS 56 million dollar contract in 2014.

                • Inaren Commander
                  Inaren Commander  7 days back

                  @I ate those food They focused on those positions at times, but often the players they picked up that looked promising would be sub-par.

                • Guyver2391
                  Guyver2391  1 weeks back

                  @I ate those food I'm a band wagon? I'm a fan of football for 1, 2 I have been a Brees fan since he was in college. I have been watching football before you were alive kid. 3 Everything I said is exactly what you just regurgitated like a spoon fed little bird. Fuck outta here.

                • I ate those food
                  I ate those food  1 weeks back

                  You are an obvious bandwagon because before 2017 the Saints only focused on Drew and having him throw as many passes as possible. They never focused on defense, running game, nothing but Brees. And they were a bottom feeder. Now they focus on the team and are top tier. FYI I'm not even a Saints fan and I know this

                • Guyver2391
                  Guyver2391  1 weeks back

                  @I ate those food Your comment is the dumbest thing on the planet. They have known that, but they have lacked a running game until Kamara got there, and they lacked a defense for the majority of the years. You saying that he throws 50 times a game is just bullshit. Speak in facts not bullshit rhetoric.

              • Paul Koenig
                Paul Koenig  1 weeks back

                I will always be thankful for Reggie Bush. He was a great player and a great person while here in New Orleans. God bless you Reggie.

                • Michael Belle
                  Michael Belle  2 weeks back

                  Teams that have gone to backup QBs that are winning: Carolina, New Orleans, JACKSONVILLE. Come on, Colin, the Jags lost to Carolina by a TD and that was 110% because of McCaffrey and a poor Jags run defense. Backup Minshew was the best QB on the field that day. Colin is baffled by Minshew Mania and is just hoping the bubble bursts so he doesn't have to talk about him.

                  • Michael Belle
                    Michael Belle  6 days back

                    @Travion Patterson You're judging the guy on one game? Come on; it sucks, but it's still just one game. And he's still a rookie.

                  • Travion Patterson
                    Travion Patterson  6 days back

                    Michael Belle and then he threw 163 and a pick against the home .....🤷🏾‍♂️

                • METAL HEAD
                  METAL HEAD  2 weeks back

                  Because we have MEN OF GOD !!!

                  • Vernon Ferguson
                    Vernon Ferguson  2 weeks back

                    Fuck Cowherd he said the Saints would finish 6-10

                    • godly leprechaun
                      godly leprechaun  2 weeks back

                      The lagg is real

                      • fieldguy316
                        fieldguy316  2 weeks back

                        F cowherd that little turd he knows nothing of our team WHODAT GEAUX SAINTS !!!!

                        • I'm Your President
                          I'm Your President  2 weeks back

                          Ordered a Bridgewater jersey. Will wear it with pride. Hopefully he stays a Saint and replaces Drew when he retires.⚜️

                        • SOJA MIKE
                          SOJA MIKE  2 weeks back


                          • MsMrapplepie
                            MsMrapplepie  2 weeks back

                            Because they play for each other. No selfish players on that squad, only ballers who’s only goal is to win

                            • Cajun Kuto
                              Cajun Kuto  2 weeks back

                              Sean Payton that's how they do it.

                              • Tim Michael
                                Tim Michael  2 weeks back

                                Maybe Sean Payton is a really good coach... just maybe.

                                • Tastet 55
                                  Tastet 55  2 weeks back

                                  It’s a team sport. One guy went down. Teams have won championships with dilfer and brad Johnson. Thats why the Brady GOAT theory is biggest fluke in history of GOAT theories. Brady out for season they go 11-5. Suspended 4 games they went 3-1. QB’s get way too much credit for wins and losses. Numbers don’t lie. Brees has played the QB position better than anyone in history. The proof is there people don’t want to see it.

                                  • NikoRavage
                                    NikoRavage  4 days back

                                    I ate those food get off the internet bro, you’re struggling to make sense.

                                  • I ate those food
                                    I ate those food  1 weeks back

                                    @Tastet 55 Brady played better in the conference championship and led an actual game winning drive in OT instead of laying an egg with a lesser team. Swap teams Brady has 100k yards and Brees has 60k. Brady is also more valuable to hit team because he has 3 MVPs while Brees has 0.

                                  • Tastet 55
                                    Tastet 55  1 weeks back

                                    I ate those food giving way to much credit to one position my guy. QB’s job is to move the ball through the air period . Brees did that as good as anybody and is the most accurate passer in NFL history. Last year was prime example. Brady was prolly the 12 th best qb in league last year. And Brees was 2nd. Brees plays better than Brady in conference championship game and led team on game winning drive. Difference is rams were spotted 1:40. Say what you want patriots would have gotten that call. A lot goes into winning and losing. Brees has played flawless numerous times and lost. Brady has squads he could play average and win more often over their careers. Saints defenses were so bad for a stretch that we turned every QB we faced into Brees statically. Swap teams Brady has one ring, brees has 6

                                  • Tastet 55
                                    Tastet 55  1 weeks back

                                    I ate those food you make it sound like like Brees missed free throws or something!!! Lol like I said team sport. Brees defenses or the officials completely let him down. 4 times in the playoffs. If not for patriots defenses they don’t beat Seattle , Atlanta , or the rams both times . GTFO. With those defenses, a regular good QB would have won just as many rings.

                                  • I ate those food
                                    I ate those food  1 weeks back

                                    He also has the most interceptions all time which isn't very good, Brady has way less and is way more efficient with the ball. Also 3 MVPs> 0 MVPs. Brady could have 9 rings if his defense didn't blow it against Eli Manning and Nick Foles. AFC east has the second most Superbowl appearences and wins all time behind the NFC east as well as a better win percentage the last 20 years. Nothing wrong with dink and dink as long as the ball finds the endzone either. The NFC south was a joke until Cam Newton cam along and saved the division. And the only years Drew had won 10+ games was when he had a top 10 defense so you can't only penalize Brady for it. Difference is Brady dosent choke in the playoffs and knows how to finish a season.

                                • Angry Genius
                                  Angry Genius  2 weeks back

                                  Tell em Reggie put some respect on our name

                                  Who dat

                                  • George T. Esq.
                                    George T. Esq.  2 weeks back

                                    Angry Genius whodat. Vets get a pass on dat respek requirement

                                • The Shaadcast
                                  The Shaadcast  2 weeks back

                                  USC the most overrated and corrupt college

                                  • Stonie’s Manager
                                    Stonie’s Manager  2 weeks back


                                    • Tamario X
                                      Tamario X  2 weeks back

                                      Who Dat! ⚜️

                                      • Robert Epps
                                        Robert Epps  2 weeks back


                                        • Caleb Sheppard
                                          Caleb Sheppard  2 weeks back

                                          Who dat bitch ⚜️⚜️⚜️

                                        • Roy Thomas
                                          Roy Thomas  2 weeks back

                                          Respect. We’ll get that chip this year. #whodat

                                      • Nawlins5
                                        Nawlins5  2 weeks back

                                        Because the TEAM is that good.

                                        • TheBukamania
                                          TheBukamania  2 weeks back

                                          God Is The Reason 🙏 He is Faithful to the City of New Orleans! And We Owe Him EVERYTHING 🙏 Praise God 🙌

                                          • Sabrina Dean
                                            Sabrina Dean  2 weeks back

                                            TheBukamania you are absolutely right,if it wasn’t for GOD on our side where would we be,Thank him for his grace and mercy 🙏🏾

                                          • Jerome Purpera
                                            Jerome Purpera  2 weeks back

                                            AMEN, PRAISE THE LORD!!!

                                          • Roy Thomas
                                            Roy Thomas  2 weeks back

                                            We gonna get this chip this year and everyone will watch our greatness. #whodat

                                        • Dev Vez
                                          Dev Vez  2 weeks back

                                          Good team, good coach.