Discovering my dad is not my biological father through a DNA test


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  • Alexis DeVore
    Alexis DeVore  32 minutes back

    You should be a model girl your gorgeous

    • fierce maiden
      fierce maiden  16 hours back

      just saw a DNA video that showed arabs being 70% jewish! that area is mixed race so he can be

      • melody walters
        melody walters  1 days back

        I don't wanna assume your situation. I know you can always feel sort of like your a product of your parents and so its important to you to be loved by them, because it is! But when that doesn't happen just remember to never let yourself become bitter because of bad people. Don't let it weigh you down but lift you up. Your mom probably feels ALOT of guilt and she's covering it with blame.
        I'll be praying for you, your family and situation if that's okay ♥️ stay strong and positive and remember maybe this will be your chance to be able to reach out to other women like you. God only knows what your going through.. so reach out to him. He's like a perfect father who's willing to protect and provide! and like a perfect mother he's willing to give grace, love and comfort.

        • Michelle Dillard
          Michelle Dillard  1 days back

          I know this is an old video, but I just came across it and I want to say how sorry I am that you've learned this as an adult. I understand exactly how you feel regarding finding out that the father you thought you knew is not your biological father. I'm in the same situation having found out that my dad is not my actual biological father as an adult as well. No one should have to wonder where they came from. I just wanted to encourage you as you search for family on your fathers side. Wishing you the very best.

          • Tim Kusky
            Tim Kusky  2 days back

            You are so stupid, you don't even understand the results of the DNA test. your interpretation of result is so wrong. You cannot say whether your father is your biological or not from those results. For that you have to compare his DNA test with yours. You have genes not just from your father. Its from many father, many mother, many grandpas, many grandma, etc.. So you are not comparing just your fathers ancestry with yours. get a life.

            Jewish is an ethnicity while Egypt is a country. Jewish people can be in any country. Even in India, there are Jewish. The size of a country and the location also changes over time. The result you have shows the "probability".

            • Crystal
              Crystal  1 hours back

              If she's wrong then why would her mother be so upset that she took a DNA test? Usually if you're Jewish it will show up specifically as Ashkenazi or European Jew like it did in my dad's....

          • Dee Dee
            Dee Dee  2 days back

            For anyone going through this issue, you need to know that you have every right to know who your biological father and father are. I'm sure that shame kept the lie going. Her mom didn't want to be judged, but it's hard not to judge her. What a mess!

            • Spread Love
              Spread Love  3 days back

              I hope you are doing well and learning about this whole new part of your beautiful self.

              • highpepper
                highpepper  3 days back

                Everyone has the right to know where they came from. My first guess when I first saw you was Egypt. You are beautiful.

                • Özkan Göl
                  Özkan Göl  3 days back

                  İts hard really really hard
                  İ cant imagine same on me
                  First shock your father is not your father
                  Second shock how they lie to you whole your life
                  Third shock who is your actual father

                  • The Byzantinian
                    The Byzantinian  3 days back

                    I couple months ago I discovered Egyptian DNA

                    • Herby Herb
                      Herby Herb  3 days back

                      Your mom should’ve told you who your father is. So sad

                      • Mohamed Emad
                        Mohamed Emad  3 days back

                        hey as you can see that i'm egyptian and living in dubai . if you can get me any the name of your family i can connect you with them

                        • Jill Marcoccia
                          Jill Marcoccia  4 days back

                          You are so strong and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story.

                          • snj prl
                            snj prl  4 days back

                            Well one thing is for sure: who ever your father is / was - he didn’t make as much money as the Jewish guy or at the time she thought he might leave his wife if she could have a baby with him. That’s unfortunately exactly what a lot of 70s and 80s parents think... It’s an absolute toxic combination of a woman’s need for resources (obviously you need them to raise kids) and the feminist movement. Being a single mother is NO EXCUSE for lying to your children! I really hope you can find out who your biological father is and get that closure your heart is longing for. ❤️

                            • Samantha Phelps
                              Samantha Phelps  4 days back

                              You have a heavenly father who says ' never will I leave you, never will I forsake you' , he loves you with an everlasting love and draws you to him with loving kindness, you are precious in his sight, he sent his son, Jesus ,to die for you and take the punishment for your sins so that nothing would be in way for you know your loving father , this happens by asking for forgiveness, thanking Jesus for taking away your sins and accepting Jesus into your life as your lord and saviour, you will never be alone ever again. I did this 36 years ago, and I have never looked back x bless you

                              • Rachel Stone
                                Rachel Stone  5 days back

                                My heart breaks for you. I hope you're healing from this.

                                • Asma 10shoot
                                  Asma 10shoot  5 days back

                                  This what free sex does to society, traditional marriage prevented all of these things for the most part

                                  • Alina World Journal
                                    Alina World Journal  6 days back

                                    Past can't affect you if you'll don't let it . You can be anyone you feel you want to be. Don't be sad. You are who you are and no one can change it. Only you decide.

                                    • Jennifer Brankin
                                      Jennifer Brankin  6 days back

                                      Your mother sounds like a selfish narcissist, who only thinks of herself and what people will think of her if they knew the truth, rather than thinking of you and how this news might be impacting you, she turns it around and gets mad at you?! Gahhhhh.

                                      • RobertoEmilioRomero
                                        RobertoEmilioRomero  7 days back

                                        You are so beautiful.

                                        • Talia Morstead
                                          Talia Morstead  1 weeks back

                                          The Centre for Health and Coping Studies at the University of British Columbia is seeking individuals to participate in a study on the impact of genetic testing: Click the link if you are interested in learning more about the study!

                                          • Noelle Irina
                                            Noelle Irina  1 weeks back

                                            Often mothers hide this sort of thing because the father is just not worth knowing their child. They do it to protect their kids. Often the father simply abandons their "family". Finding your father and his family is risky and can be a very big disappointment. Don't expect too much from him

                                            • Thorgrim
                                              Thorgrim  1 weeks back

                                              You are a very brave young lady. It is not easy confronting this type of issue. Especially in a sharing way on a public forum. There is so much pain in those beautiful eyes. I am sure that your husband and most of us watching this video would love to somehow take away all of the pain you have deep inside. We cannot control who our biological parents are or what kind of character they possess. Unfortunately your mother seems to be one of those lost souls searching for love and she made some serious mistake. Most mistakes come with consequences! Even though she is cold to your dilemma, I would be very surprised if she did not hold some deep feelings of regret for these mistakes. It apparently is so hurtful for her to confront that she is unwilling to address your concerns. However, as an adult and your mother she should man up (so to speak) and deal with the issue. This would entail admitting her responsibility and weaknesses that were involved with this bad decision, made years ago! She should be able to see the pain and sorrow she has caused you. It is only natural for a child to want to know who they are! We are all human and most of us make mistakes in life, but responsibility to your children should be the one your mother as a parent should hold most dear!
                                              On the positive side, the Egyptian people and culture is rich and incredibly fascinating, with a long history. So much to learn and discover. You can be proud of your new heritage. It is one of the greatest the world has ever seen! If you are a Christian, and your bio father is a Coptic Christian it would mean you are connected with perhaps the oldest Christian heritage existing. Most scholars think that Jesus grew up in Egypt and thus influenced the founding of the Coptic Church in Egypt. And if I do say so myself, your mixed Egyptian and European heritage has been very generous to you. You are a stunningly beautiful young woman. Many women would kill for your gorgeous black hair and exotic appearance. I as well am deeply involved in discovering my heritage and have discovered that we are all truly related at some point in the past.
                                              We only have the one life we are given to live so take solace in what you have, not sorrow in what you don't have.
                                              Be at peace and find your bliss!

                                              • Der Kolben
                                                Der Kolben  1 weeks back

                                                Your "dad" is a cuck

                                                • DeZigning Life
                                                  DeZigning Life  1 weeks back

                                                  I'm so sorry!! I remember the time I was told my father was not my father.. I felt like a Mirror being shattered.. My entire identity was gone.. I felt like I didn't belong to my siblings. I didn't belong anywhere.. My biological father has passed away but wanted nothing to do with me.. He was around while I was growing up, but I didn't know he was my dad... His kids still deny me because they don't want to hurt their mother.. I'm sorry for your pain.. You keep searching for your answers.. HER secret is not YOUR secret.. My mom is very mortified by "our" secret.. well not my issue.. it's hers.. My issue is that I want family.. :)

                                                  • Amirreza Taheri
                                                    Amirreza Taheri  1 weeks back

                                                    You are realy lucky...because you discovered your mama was lying to you up to now.

                                                    • Amirreza Taheri
                                                      Amirreza Taheri  1 weeks back

                                                      Oh that is not good. Indeed it is not your fault but it's realy bad to know your mother made love with somebody without marrage and they made a baby..! Look i realy like you i am also middle eastern half Kurd half Turk(I live in Iran) but remember this it doesn't realy matters to you. You are cool.don't be sad and try to not effect your DNA results in your life...I wish you all best...

                                                      • Timoteo Luna
                                                        Timoteo Luna  1 weeks back

                                                        You shouldn't be upset so soon Jewish people are Middle Eastern

                                                        • Amanda Edgar
                                                          Amanda Edgar  1 weeks back

                                                          I took 23 & Me about three years ago and found out the same thing. Unfortunately, my mother passed away when I was 28 so I couldn't ask her those hard questions. The man who I thought was my father (never really knew him and had brief relationships with him as well) is not. Overall he was never involved in my life. I can relate to how you feel. I have half sisters, we look nothing alike. I too found out that I'm half middle eastern. Particularly Iranian. I had no idea my entire life. I was shocked and confused and sad. I knew nothing about the culture and I felt robbed of so much. My mom's side is all European. I always felt out of place and confused as a child. I had unique features that didn't make sense to me. I just sent off an ancestry test in hopes of learning even more. If you ever want to talk, I would love to share our stories. God Bless you. You are a beautiful Egyptian woman ♥️

                                                          • Dani Jameson
                                                            Dani Jameson  1 weeks back

                                                            Girl i know how you feel. When i turned 18 my mum and dad sat me down and told me he wasn't my real dad. Honestly, hes my dad to me and the fact i didnt even know i had a different dad says a lot. I've never met him and im 24 now

                                                            • xerke
                                                              xerke  1 weeks back

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                                                              • Johnathon Broad
                                                                Johnathon Broad  1 weeks back

                                                                Excuse me for asking, but; Why did the first man who you believed was your father, also believe you were his daughter?
                                                                I have little to no contact with my children - 5000 miles away - so I will follow your story in the hope that you find your Father, as I hope, one day, my children will find me.
                                                                A bit of fatherly advice ( as a world traveler): Find your Egyptian heritage. You won't be disappointed.

                                                                • hejdåå
                                                                  hejdåå  1 weeks back

                                                                  I have a somalian mother and somalian father, i find out that i was 33 procent norweigan, and i live in sweden now, and i really i wanna know where the 33 procent norweigan came from

                                                                  • hejdåå
                                                                    hejdåå  1 weeks back

                                                                    ofc i will subrcibe, i hope you find you father :) i wish you good luck, you are very beautiful woman. you are smart and cute. you deserve the truth and i hope again you find you father,

                                                                    • Abdalla Hassan
                                                                      Abdalla Hassan  1 weeks back

                                                                      Its really disappointing to wakeup one day and find yourself Egyptian )) hi from Egypt!!

                                                                      • Melissa Justice -Todd
                                                                        Melissa Justice -Todd  1 weeks back

                                                                        I had a rough childhood, filled with psychological abuse that continued into my adulthood. My 1st bully was my dad. He always treated my younger sister better than me. Just one of many examples; he used to put me down and tell me how "I am pretty, but not that pretty" but would pour all the compliments on my sister, without any "buts" involved. Well at 13, they admitted that he was not my biological father. And suddenly, it all made sense. Unfortunately, it began a downward spiral that didn't stop until my 30's. I've just in the last few years been able to start moving forward again. Unfortunately my biological dad died before I had a chance to meet him.

                                                                        • ParaTruth
                                                                          ParaTruth  1 weeks back

                                                                          You are taking a test as a absolut proof of your ancestry. You should consider, that this tests (all of them Myheritage, ancestry 23nme etc) are only as good, as the database they use to estimate your ancestry. Yes its an estimation. a statistical playaround and should be seen as that. The confidence of this tests are probably less then 50%. The only significant and certain thing they can estimate is the continent of your ancestrys. Think about it, when you confront your mom with so called facts. Whatever her story is behind this is, i dont think you can use this so called DNA test to denounce her. Try to find another base to talk to her about your ancestry. Much love and strengh.

                                                                          • Peng
                                                                            Peng  1 weeks back

                                                                            Is there not information from the dna company regarding how closely related you are to these Egyptian ‘relatives’ could be that they don’t have records of other that are from other countries since they never took the test. So you may be missing a lot of information and much closer relatives Egypt has a lot of historical ties with the Jewish

                                                                            • Holly Bridges
                                                                              Holly Bridges  1 weeks back

                                                                              50 years ago, you could keep secrets like this. I'd be so angry at my mom for lying to me.

                                                                              • FM 1
                                                                                FM 1  1 weeks back

                                                                                Also, every Egyptian I ever met thru a family member who had lived there for a short while back in the late 80’s, they were all so warm, so nice. They were a combination of Coptic Christians and Egyptian Jews. All very kind to us.

                                                                                • FM 1
                                                                                  FM 1  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Egyptian was a great culture and ruler of the world in its day. He can be Egyptian Jewish. That is very common.
                                                                                  The actor that played Freddie Mercury in a Bohemian Rhapsody is Egyptian. Look up the photo of a very breathtaking beauty, Egyptian Princess Fawzia Fuad who died recently in 2013. Check out actor Omar Sharif when young, he played “ Yuri “ in the epic 1965 film Dr Zhivago. He was Egyptian. Look at the statue of Queen Nefertiti from the ancient days, Cleopatra too! There is so much interesting history to delve into!
                                                                                  You are a truly beautiful young woman. That is not going to change. EVER. I see it as exotic.
                                                                                  However, I am not trying to diminish how you feel, but merely seeing the positive in it all as an outsider.

                                                                                  • Eugene Flannigan
                                                                                    Eugene Flannigan  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Thanks for sharing your story with us. Your a strong woman... Listen had me in tears. :-(

                                                                                    • IsalithLaLame
                                                                                      IsalithLaLame  1 weeks back

                                                                                      A friend had a woman in her 20's come to her uncle and telling him she was his daughter. Her uncle it a bit shitty, but the rest of the family her new half siblings, cousins and relatives really took her in, her mom just died, and she did not have relatives left. Now a few years later, that girl is happily and fully part of the family, my friend is her cousin and they all get along really well ! :)
                                                                                      If you want to learn and why not meet your biological father, go for it. Worse case scenario : you don't click, you're just strangers and you both go on with your life nowing more. Best case scenario, you get more family.

                                                                                      • hatsuki kook
                                                                                        hatsuki kook  1 weeks back


                                                                                        • hatsuki kook
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                                                                                          • Anne Wagner
                                                                                            Anne Wagner  2 weeks back

                                                                                            I scored 77% of a certain heritage from a region my whole family always claimed to have 0 relations to and no one wants to tell me where those 77% come from, so I feel so lost... 77% you cannot ignore.

                                                                                            • Cami Mo
                                                                                              Cami Mo  2 weeks back

                                                                                              The way you describe your mother is very similar to mine. She raised my three sisters and I as a single mother, and even when she married my step-father she wouldn't let him raise us. Growing up, I lived split times with my father and mother/step-dad until my biological father was arrested and moved away. My mother always turns situations around to make herself the victim, and cannot emphasize with how my sisters and I feel. Reach out to those who you trust. I know how lonely it can feel sometimes. Take some space if you need it, don't feel obligated to be close with someone who is hurting you. Sending you love and compassion <3

                                                                                              • Leafitup
                                                                                                Leafitup  2 weeks back

                                                                                                All the Coptic Christians I've ever met have been so kind hearted and lovely