Emily Wolfe - Holy Roller


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  • sm23111
    sm23111  1 months back

    Love This! Go see them Live! Thank You for what You Do

    • M J
      M J  3 months back

      Heard this on WTMD Towson. Love it!

      • Alyssa D
        Alyssa D  4 months back

        I’m here from r/listentothis

        • Levi Linseman
          Levi Linseman  4 months back

          you fucking rock plain and simple!!!!!

          • makharov
            makharov  6 months back

            Thank you DistillerTV for introducing me to this awesome music!

            • Abelofthetwinsouls
              Abelofthetwinsouls  2 years back

              I love your music so much I heard you on the radio one day and immediately wrote your name down so I could listen to your stuff when I got home.

              • Christian Maes
                Christian Maes  2 years back

                I can't believe this video doesn't have thousands of likes and views! I heard your song on KTSW 89.9 and I had to look you up on the spot. You're band is going to take off, i'm certain of it! If you want any album covers or posters painted hit me up on instagram I'd love to help you out. @hybrid_basque

                • Karl Meyer
                  Karl Meyer  1 years back

                  Christian Maes San Loco!!!!

              • Aybala KARAGÖZ
                Aybala KARAGÖZ  2 years back

                I've heard this song on Spotify Fierce Femmes list. This song is so good! I loved it💚

                • Jeroen J
                  Jeroen J  2 years back

                  I also found this on Spotify and I’m listening it constant because it is so good! Please keep going and I hope to see you live someday!

                  • Bidyudipta Chanda
                    Bidyudipta Chanda  2 years back

                    Found this song on Spotify. Man, it is beautiful. Keep going Emily. ❤
                    The lyrics are spot on.

                    • David Duez
                      David Duez  2 years back

                      She's awesome. Saw her opening for Gary Clark, Jr. Intense. I really wish she'd release an album filled with these harder songs, just like Atta Blues. It would ROCK!

                      • DiablerieGaming
                        DiablerieGaming  2 years back

                        Found this on Spotify and I'm so glad that I did. It takes a lot for me to find a song I can play on repeat or add to my list. This is one of those songs! Love it.

                        • Rech McDreamy
                          Rech McDreamy  2 years back

                          LOVE IT!!!! You're such an awesome all-in-one package: singer / songwriter / guitarist.