Why Captain Marvel Failed where Wonder Woman Worked | One v One

  • Published: 07 June 2019
  • Brie Larson's Captain Marvel didn't seem to enthrall everyone. It was a functional film, but comparing it to DC's first female led comic-book film of Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel seemed to be pretty forgettable. In today's episode of One Versus One, let's find out what core differences there are between these two female superhero movies, and why Captain Marvel became forgettable while Wonder Woman despite its flaws is memorable. It's Marvel vs DC, Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman. Here's how not to adapt a movie.

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    I heard about some trouble with X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Bit interesting to see how that Fox franchise ends Magneto and Xavier and Jean Gray Pheonix and Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique and whatever.

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    Captain Marvel (2019)
    Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck this sci-fi action film is the latest offering from the American comic books by Marvel Comics. The narrative follows Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), an Air Force pilot who experiences a freak accident that somehow bestows her with alien superpowers, making her Captain Marvel. With time running out, Captain Marvel joins forces with Nick Fury (Samuel.L Jackson), and together they work to save the planet from a looming war between alien races.
    Avengers: Endgame (2019)
    After the events of Infinity War leaves half of the universe in ruins, the remaining Avengers must work together to recruit old and new allies, and muster all of their remaining strength and resources to defeat the mad titan Thanos Captain Marvel cinemasins everything wrong with captain marvel why captain marvel sucks honest trailer captain marvel watch captain marvel online full movie captain marvel clip ending fight scene and bring their friends back from the brink of oblivion. Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and stars an ensemble cast that includes Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans and major stars from previous Marvel films
    Wonder Woman (2017)
    An Amazon princess named Diana (Gal Gadot) lives an idyllic existence on an island occupied solely by female warriors, but her life changes forever after American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash-lands nearby. When he tells her that a massive war is engulfing the planet, she decides to travel with him to the outside world, hoping to use her powers to put an end to the conflict. Along the way, she becomes the legendary superheroine known as Wonder Woman. Directed by Patty Jenkins (Monster), this is the first solo feature film for the iconic DC Comics character.
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  • Jay
    Jay  1 hours back

    “No, I want to be the first me, not the next Tom Cruise" lmfaooooo I fucking died

    • sanjey tseone
      sanjey tseone  2 hours back

      I like both character,.

      • ThatArcticJokester
        ThatArcticJokester  3 hours back

        12:34 “You could take the character of captain marvel and replace her with a guy and it would work”
        When the character started as a guy so

        • Albert Aspera Barlongay

          Can we consider the costume?

          Let's be honest here, one of the reason is how iconic Wonderwoman's costume was introduce not like an Ironman riff off.

          • MrSaltyPlays
            MrSaltyPlays  8 hours back

            As a marvel fan i have to agree

            • Christian Izworski
              Christian Izworski  9 hours back

              Captain Marvel let me experience something I never thought possible.

              I closed my eyes and pretended I was watching a different movie altogether.

              • eggo
                eggo  10 hours back

                i thought both movies were disappointing. Maybe start getting women to write female characters? That's where the problem lies, and the cast has already said that they all like Brie, they were just being playful like anthony mackie and tom holland, why do people hate her so much? it's so bizarre

                • Robert Lewis
                  Robert Lewis  11 hours back

                  I like how you mix up Ronan and Malekith

                  • Isabelle Fisher
                    Isabelle Fisher  11 hours back

                    Captain Marvel didn't work because the power change was extremely slight, and Brie`s execution of the character didn't work out very well

                    • Kelly Crauford
                      Kelly Crauford  12 hours back

                      Yeah, during the whole movie, i felt like that Carol was more acting like a Terminator than a human.

                      • StrangerOf The206
                        StrangerOf The206  14 hours back

                        Wonder Woman= A Woman.
                        Captain Marvel= a wAhMeN.

                        • StrangerOf The206
                          StrangerOf The206  14 hours back

                          You just over-analyzed Captain Marvel about a thousands times deeper than ANYONE involved with making that movie did. All they were thinking was

                          i aM wAhMaN”

                          • Eric Ton
                            Eric Ton  14 hours back

                            I wouldn't say Wonder Woman was memorable, because it doesn't make sense for Justice League to be more memorable for all its past failure on Zack Synder's part.

                            • Wu Li
                              Wu Li  15 hours back

                              You might as well compare apples and oranges. Gal Gadot was perfect for the part of Wonderwoman, and sold her character as being both immortal and morally superior, despite her having little acting experience. Both movies succeeded at the box office, but if every superhero were just like her we'd all be bored to tears and, thankfully, Brie Lawson had the acting chops to pull off Ms Marvel and add a different character to the growing pantheon.

                              • Mr Hawkhawk
                                Mr Hawkhawk  15 hours back

                                Let's put TC in the Marvel or DC movies.. Black Panther did gross more money Domestic then both movies

                                • Allan Søborg
                                  Allan Søborg  16 hours back

                                  I don't get it. I love captain marvel

                                  • iamlsusam
                                    iamlsusam  16 hours back

                                    Because the star of captain marvel is an insufferable man hating bitch!

                                    • Troy Fred
                                      Troy Fred  16 hours back

                                      In my view, Both characters are OP, but where one works and one doesn't is that Diana, with all her power, still has to try and can fail. She can be fooled or wrong or too late to use her powers. Captain Marvel failed in my opinion because they kept saying " your too emotional", when she was stone faced the whole time. In the movie you could give her powers to literally anything or anyone and still have it turn out the same. When the AI had her, all she had to do was be OP and done. There was nothing about her or her evolution as a person that allowed her to win. Even against Jude Law, she didn't win, her powers did. If he had outsmarted her and suppressed her powers and she had to win as a soldier instead of as a god, that would have been kick ass. I get alot of flak for saying I thought the movie was Meh, but it was just OP for the sake of OP. The cap marvel that showed up for endgame fit and despite her powers, could not stop what a simple, powerless, smart person could, but without her, the chance of a win was low.

                                      • Just Watch
                                        Just Watch  16 hours back

                                        2:46 Please enjoy a WELL EARNED upvote. Thank you VERY much for that montage juxtaposition. I laughed so hard. LMAO

                                        On the other hand, you have a lot of cringy stuff in this video too. I only upvoted for the Tom Cruise. Good day.

                                        • The Vader that is Darth
                                          The Vader that is Darth  17 hours back

                                          Wonder Woman: Resembles the old feminists

                                          Captain Marvel: Represents Modern Feminists (if we can even call them that at this point)

                                          • Rey Kenobi
                                            Rey Kenobi  17 hours back

                                            You, have just gained a subscriber! This was such a spot on criticism of Cap Marvel. The over-powering of her, the lack of a climactic moment, the whole part about muddled themes and how easily you can replace her with a male protagonist and it works, etc. Everything that I was thinking about this movie, you said.
                                            P..S.: I am a Marvel movie fan more than a DC one, for those idiots who will read this comment and jump to the conclusion that I am DC Fanboy.

                                            • Charles Cedric Tan
                                              Charles Cedric Tan  19 hours back

                                              Captain Marvel made over one billion world wide and actually had decent reviews. So how did it fail?
                                              It's no Wonder Woman but just because Captain Marvel isn't as good is no reason so say it failed

                                              • RAY NL
                                                RAY NL  20 hours back

                                                HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. They both didn't work. Next!

                                                • Crispy
                                                  Crispy  20 hours back

                                                  You have got to be kidding me. You're saying Wonder Woman was better than Captain Marvel? Wow, never thought I'd see that opinion, and needless to say I don't agree at all. I never understood the WW hype. I thought it was ok, and for being a DC-movie it was probably great, but that's all. It was predictable as hell, unlike Captain Marvel, which I enjoyed fully.

                                                  • fadhlan
                                                    fadhlan  21 hours back

                                                    really? hahahahaha

                                                    • eddebrock
                                                      eddebrock  23 hours back

                                                      Wrong use of "objectively"!

                                                      • PentSage
                                                        PentSage  23 hours back

                                                        Wonder Woman was the better film, no doubt. The writing was clearly better and the character of Wonder Woman was written better. Captain Marvel had a lot more charm as a film though. In many ways, it didn't take itself too seriously. It made for a much more enjoyable tone overall. Wonder Woman was good, but the filmmakers never tried to go above and beyond on any one aspect. It felt like a checklist of what makes a good movie. Once they hit that checkmark, they moved on to another aspect. Captain Marvel also benefited from having a great supporting cast. There are two memorable characters in Wonder Woman: Diana and Steve. Even Ares is largely forgettable. At the end of the day, both films are highly overrated.

                                                        • Rebekah Ort
                                                          Rebekah Ort  1 days back

                                                          I don't think it's bad to have a main character who doesn't show weakness. Sure it's not a bad thing to show people that you're still a person and you do have weaknesses but it's also not a bad thing to not show weakness. Tony Stark does it all the time. Everyone thought that he was self-centered and arrogant but really he cared about his friends more than anyone. Maybe we just haven't seen Captain Marvel's softer side and even if she doesn't have one it still doesn't make her any worse of a character in my book because she was sassy as heck during the entire movie which I personally thought was the best part. To me Captain Marvel seems like a stronger, female version of Tony Stark.

                                                          • linaride
                                                            linaride  1 days back

                                                            I was wondering why Captain Marvel just didn't jive with me, thanks for breaking it down. I also keep wanting DC movies to just be better because I am so attached to the source material and animated media. ><

                                                            • Camulus777
                                                              Camulus777  1 days back

                                                              Sorry wonder woman was great because the gender related comments made were not a stereotype of some made up overpowered patriarchy but a movie about the value of innocents and how people are just people. Captain marvel was a political kick in the pant of guys that thought it would be cool and then were told throughout the movie that they are evil and sexist because they are men. It had nothing to do with character growth or plot development and everything to do with girl power. No one gave two shits about it and moved onto better things. What an SJW piece of garbage.

                                                              • Halane
                                                                Halane  1 days back

                                                                I agree with your conclusion and most of your points, but on some I disagree.
                                                                I don't think the story would work the same with a male protagonist because of what you explain at the end about her being a woman constantly submitted to men telling her what to do. This goes a bit deeper in the central theme, as women through history have been told they are too emotional or hysterical to be competent. She feels like she is not good enough, strong enough or powerful enough, when she clearly is. She is being held down because they feel like, if she knew her worth, they wouldn't be able to control her, which is true. I'm not saying that this is exclusively female, as men who showed these traits have also been repressed, but I'd say it's at this point a traditional theme in feminist literature, and it has a different historical background that gives it a different weight.
                                                                In this sense, not having a battle with Jude Law is the logical choice. He asks her to fight him and she refuses because she is done doing what he asks of her. She is now choosing who, what, how, when and why to fight. Personally, that scene I did like and it worked for me. Since I am a woman in my very late 20s, as Larson, I can only assume that I'm at least part of the intended audience, so in my case it was a successful scene.
                                                                I'd argue that Talos represents the opposite end of the spectrum in a way, because although he is taking the traditional role of the male head of the family protecting his own, he exposes himself to Carol, shows vulnerability and genuine emotions for his family. He is strong because he cares, not in spite of it, and that seems to connect to Carol in a way.
                                                                I agree that all of this was done in the most on the nose, clumsy way and that it didn't work for the most part, but I still think that's what they were going for, or at least what I read into it as a female. I found it mostly pandering in a bad way, because as you and others have explained, Carol didn't feel like a real person. For me, the biggest mistake is having a protagonist who is a blank even for herself. Amnesia makes it difficult for her to be a complete individual, because she isn't. She is indeed lacking something. I don't blame this on Brie Larson. She is indeed quite a minimalistic actor, but I think her acting choices were solid considering the character: amnesiac and trained to be emotionless, almost a Male Action Hero with her cockiness and smugness.
                                                                I agree with everything you've explained about Wonder Woman, and I also believe that it's more palatable for men because although the secretary is there, the Amazons disappear after the fist act and Diana is fully surrounded by men, who for the most part have a good relationship with her and help her succeed. The only truly bad guy in WW is Ares, who we are constantly reminded is not a man, he is a God. Captain Marvel tries to surround Carol with male allies too in Fury and Talos, but it fails to make Carol really need help and it makes their morals greyer. I don't think that's a bad thing, that she can succeed on her own, but when you combine that with its somehow pandering basic marketable girl-power feminism, it feels confrontational towards men, when Wonder Woman felt like an invitation to work together.
                                                                Sorry for the huge comment, and sorry if it's a bit rumbly, I was writing as I thought.
                                                                Great video! :)

                                                                • Phoenix
                                                                  Phoenix  1 days back

                                                                  I believe there is alot more going on then marvel writers simply wanting to make a role model for girls, I think there is some measure of prejudice against men, and boys aswell. Kinda similar to how the current school system vastly benefits young girls-young adult women with how they teach most of the time to where they are more likely to understand it, and thus young boys-young adult men, are suffering alot education wise in the USA`s school system which is already a massive joke.

                                                                  So I mean, I don`t know, just seems like the views of the writers, or producers, or board, or whoever/whatever group is making the decisions seems to want complete mary sues.
                                                                  Just like how the current school system in America is currently failing all of the students, and workers, and how it is especially falling a majority of males, and a minority of women for the severity of the lack of quality education, also I`m saying it by facts, because most males are better at learning, AND UNDERSTANDING something by observation of watching the action, etc, and practice. Where as most women are usually better at learning with auditory learning.

                                                                  • J Donner
                                                                    J Donner  1 days back

                                                                    Gadot is hot brie ain't.

                                                                    • Ryan Davis
                                                                      Ryan Davis  1 days back

                                                                      Tbh there both forgettable

                                                                      • Haku infinite
                                                                        Haku infinite  1 days back

                                                                        The theme of "unleashing your emotions is good" is a BAD theme in and of itself. Especially for a fucking soldier. You always need to know when to TEMPER your emotions. Youngledore was right, humor is a distraction and rage is the enemy's weapon. Angry people make mistakes.

                                                                        Not to mention she NEVER uses her emotions positively. Hell she can't even express emotions, but that's mainly Larson's shit acting. All she does is NOT listen to men that know better than her.

                                                                        And all those "sexist douchebag men" are totally justified except the cockpit guy, but that's just man bashing. She SHOULD'VE slown down in that kart, because that's how you DRIVE. She clearly DIDN'T belong out there, because she doesn't know how to TURN. She WASN'T strong enough to do that rope test, and she's not good enough to be a soldier period. EVERY time she goes hand to hand, she loses. Every single time. Her ONLY pro is her powers, which she did not earn or deserve.

                                                                        • john underwood
                                                                          john underwood  1 days back

                                                                          Malakeith is the dark elf from Thor the Dark World. This is Ronan the Occuser. It still doesn't change your point about Captain Marvel.

                                                                          • SJPace1776
                                                                            SJPace1776  2 days back

                                                                            Call me crazy, I like Captain Marvel, but I absolutely adore Wonder Woman. To me she embodies the best aspects of a hero. The best comparison is the other Marvel Captain, Steve Rogers. I hope Diana gets an arc and conclusion that satisfying.

                                                                            • Tres Kewlshoes
                                                                              Tres Kewlshoes  2 days back

                                                                              Yeah. One of the biggest movies of all time was a flop.

                                                                              • William Webb
                                                                                William Webb  8 hours back

                                                                                Tres Kewlshoes not a flop, just not a good movie. Do you think the transformers movies are some of the “biggest movies of all time” just because they made a lot of money?

                                                                            • Zenbeach Traveler
                                                                              Zenbeach Traveler  2 days back

                                                                              Gal Gadot is beautiful and Wonder Woman is an icon. Captain Marvel was pure feminist bull shitting and the lead actress is so fucking ugly to play a super hero. Glad to know it flopped.

                                                                              • Scott Whatever
                                                                                Scott Whatever  2 days back

                                                                                Filmento, you forgot something fundamental here. CM is nothing more than a blatant Mary Sue. Period. Wish fulfillment without anything resembling personal growth, a character with no supposed flaws who is handed ultimate power without having had to work for it. She's Rey from Star Wars ep 7 and 8. Haven't you noticed? And if you watch the dialogue closely, "Men are evil and always holding women back" is the theme.

                                                                                • Johnstone Mela
                                                                                  Johnstone Mela  2 days back

                                                                                  Great job. You pointed everything out

                                                                                  • Scott Whatever
                                                                                    Scott Whatever  2 days back

                                                                                    Oh please. Everyone knows why. CM was Mary Sue woke crap, featuring a wooden actress with a HUGE ego and an abrasive personality so bad that all of the MCU actors rejected her. A very bad flick overall. Meanwhile, WW was mediocre, at best, which was MUCH BETTER than what DC had going.

                                                                                    • kenakaren
                                                                                      kenakaren  2 days back

                                                                                      I feel like they cast the wrong girl as Captain Marvel, the actress lacks a lot of charisma to play a superhero and she looks too basic, just like another town girl. Gal Gadot on the other hand has a strong charisma on screen to carry the role of wonder woman well and she looks unique too, this also contributes to how the movie looks forgettable and memorable, the actors in the movie itself.

                                                                                      • Eric crow
                                                                                        Eric crow  2 days back

                                                                                        I'm so glad I bought two bags of Sour Patch Kids rather than using that money to go see Captain Marvel.

                                                                                        • Istorm Arts
                                                                                          Istorm Arts  2 days back

                                                                                          Damn I still really don't see why people disliked Captain Marvel, I loved it and really didn't like wonder woman. But each to their own I guess

                                                                                          • Rebekah Ort
                                                                                            Rebekah Ort  7 hours back

                                                                                            @William Webb That depends on how you look at it. I think she's funny.

                                                                                          • William Webb
                                                                                            William Webb  9 hours back

                                                                                            Rebekah Ort But her sass isn’t the good kind of sass, it’s more like the constantly patronizing, passive aggressive Karen kind of sass.

                                                                                          • Rebekah Ort
                                                                                            Rebekah Ort  1 days back

                                                                                            Thank you! I don't understand why people hate it so much. Captain Marvel is the kind of sass that I aspire to be.

                                                                                        • Bill Smith
                                                                                          Bill Smith  2 days back

                                                                                          Consider doing reviews for Adywan's Star Wars: Revisited & Empire Strikes Back: Revisited-complete color correction, every lightsaber and laser bolt re-scoped, 100s of mistakes fixed, and seamless new FX. Return of the Jedi: Revisited in the works right now-


                                                                                          • Jose Diaz
                                                                                            Jose Diaz  2 days back

                                                                                            The theme of Captain Marvel are ??? She a Whamxn.

                                                                                            • Henry Ortiz
                                                                                              Henry Ortiz  2 days back

                                                                                              The all encompassing theme for Captain Marvel was Girl Power which was why it failed flat and the whole thing was disingenuous.