Green Beer (You Suck at Cooking) Episode 87

  • Published: 17 March 2019
    The first step to making green beer is to add a few drops of food coloring, then add beer. When selecting a glass to drink it out of, make sure it's transparent, that way you are able to see the green part of the beer not only from the top or from within the stomach, but also from the side while drinking beer.

    While pouring the beer, making sure not to pour it from a great height. This will decrease the amount of bubbles that end up in the beer when you are drinking it, and therefor the the enjoyment. If you were aware of the lengths that the manufacturers went to in order to get bubbles inside of that beer in the first place, you wouldn't even drink it at all.

    While drinking the beer, make sure you don't allow the beer to come into contact with anything that could get stained, such as your clothes, dog, or mouth. If you swallow quickly enough you can keep your mouth from turning green permanently.

    If you dislike drinking beverages that are colored green but want to get into the festive spirit, simply tape green construction paper around your drinking vessel, and dye your beer purple instead.
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