Yelich, Pina homer in Brewers' 5-4 victory | Braves-Brewers Game Highlights 7/17/19


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  • Coinraker
    Coinraker  2 months back

    Yeah look at your glove Donaldson...I'm sure that was the problem LOL!

    • Michael Wang
      Michael Wang  2 months back
      【我的老師叫小賀】賴慧如 張文綺 - 我敢夢 (高畫質HD製作MV版)..

      • Chevy Lover
        Chevy Lover  2 months back

        Yelich is no joke

        • Coinraker
          Coinraker  2 months back

          Yeah we know, guy was the MVP last year. Thanks Captain Obvious.

      • Velo
        Velo  2 months back

        If christian yelich can go 10 more years of hitting homeruns like he is now, he might have a legitamate shot at the title

        • Dirt Nassty
          Dirt Nassty  2 months back

          As a Braves fan I'm starting to wonder why I was so excited about Keuchel coming to Atlanta 🤔

        • The Wisconsinite
          The Wisconsinite  2 months back

          I was at that game! Great to see a win by them!

          • Titanicus FirePower
            Titanicus FirePower  2 months back

            Hiura's time is now. He looks too comfortable at the plate. Watch out!

          • Stoned Prophet
            Stoned Prophet  2 months back

            Yelich may hit 50 HR this year.

            • jack bran
              jack bran  2 months back

              50? The duckers already on pace to smack 63!

            • Male Social justice warrior
              Male Social justice warrior  2 months back

              He going to hit 60

            • Cristina De Los Reyes
              Cristina De Los Reyes  2 months back

              A lot of base ball left just starting the second half of the season .

            • Cristina De Los Reyes
              Cristina De Los Reyes  2 months back

              No doubt it's gonna be a nice hr battle till the end.. I got bellinger winning it 62 -58 vs yelich... ill check it out back in September..

          • CRUMP MAN
            CRUMP MAN  2 months back

            Braun has taken Yelich under his wing (steroid tips and tricks), that has to be why he is hitting so many homers.

            • CRUMP MAN
              CRUMP MAN  2 months back

              @Jordan Schwarzlose Haha I see that, didn't know my opinion would hit that hard lol.

            • Jordan Schwarzlose
              Jordan Schwarzlose  2 months back

              Lol, Crump you’re hurting their feelings.

            • CRUMP MAN
              CRUMP MAN  2 months back

              @Sarah Van Ginkle That could be a portion of it, a small portion

            • CRUMP MAN
              CRUMP MAN  2 months back

              @Kenny W Sorry, should have said PEDS

            • Kenny W
              Kenny W  2 months back

              Firstly, that’s ridiculous. Second, what is with everyone saying Braun used steroids? He used testosterone and a cream that was used to rehabilitate from injury. Get at least something right.

          • The Bot Gaming
            The Bot Gaming  2 months back

            God yelich is gonna go on one of those streaks where he hits a HR every day

            • Redbug 3
              Redbug 3  2 months back

              Keuchel's defense, Milwaukee was waiting to Blow up before Atlanta even got there.

              • SoundFX09
                SoundFX09  2 months back

                Notes from the Game:
                - Dallas Keuchel got torched. 5 2/3 Innings of of Five Run (Four Earned), Six Hit Ball, Walking Two and Killing Five Brewers. Keuchel Falls to 3-3 with an ERA of 3.58. He certainly wasn't hitting his spots today, as he threw only 56 Strikes compared to 39 Balls. Let's hope this is a one-off.
                + Chad Sobotka thankfully cleaned up the mess in the six by Killing the only batter he had to face. The Sobot's ERA now stands at 5.32.
                + Josh Tomlin performed well out of the pen today. Two Innings of work, Allowing only One Hit, Walking Nobody, and Killing an additional Brewer. Tomlin's ERA is now holding at 3.88.

                - Despite a Late Comeback from the Braves' Offense today, it wasn't enough. 1-11 with Runners in Scoring Position, along with 10 Men Left on Base. That was one of two decisive factors in the Braves' Loss today.
                You can get a lot of runners on, but if you can't score them, YOU AREN'T WINNING BASEBALL GAMES.
                + And Guess What? ALL FOUR RUNS came in by the bat of Josh Donaldson! 2-4 with a Two-Run Super Missile in the 8th, and a Two-Run RBI Single in the 9th. The Bringer of Rain improves to a .255 Average with an OPS of .888. He Tried to Carry the team, but his admirable effort fell short.
                + Other Notables: Brian McCann had a 2-4 also with Two Doubles, but could not be brought home each time. Charlie Culberson and Johan Camargo also Recorded Hits in thier ONLY At-Bats. The Rest of the Lineup? One or Two Walks, but NO Hits.

                - For the First time since June, The Braves LOSE a Series. Honestly, I know Good things don't last forever, but the way this series went is just downright disappointing. The Pitching got lit apart in Games 2-3, and the Bats were quelled by a Brewers Rotation that honestly, we may have underestimated. Let's hope this isn't the beginning of a downward spiral.
                - Thankfully, The Phillies, Nationals and Marlins Lost. That puts the Braves still at 6 1/2 Games Ahead of Washington, 8 1/2 Ahead of Philly, 13 Ahead of the Mets, and 21 Games Ahead of the Marlins. There's still a cushion, but that could evaporate by the end of this week unless the Braves Step it Up and FAST.

                What's Next?
                The Brewers will hit the road and travel to the scorching desert of Phoenix, Arizona, where the Diamondbacks await in a Four-Game Duel in the Desert. Merrill Kelly will get the ball for the D-Backs, who has been on a Downward Spiral Since The Middle of June, Going 0-3 and giving up Two Runs or More in each of the last Five Outings. Meanwhile, the Brewers will have Zach Davies take up battle stations, who hasn't given up an earned run in each of his last two outings. Can Davies and the Brew Crew contain the bite of the D-Backs in Game 1? Or will the Brew get an Unwelcome ingredient added to their mixture? We will find out at 9:40 PM EDT / 7:40 PM MDT on FOX SPORTS ARIZONA (Diamondbacks) and FOX SPORTS WISCONSIN (Brewers)!

                The Battle Between Two of the Hottest Teams in Major League Baseball will take place under the Lights of SunTrust Park, As the Atlanta Braves return home to greet the Washington Nationals. The Nats will send Stephen Strasburg onto the mound, who has had the Braves Number this year, going 2-0 with an ERA of 3.46 against the Tomahawk Chop. The Braves, in a surprising move, will have Julio Teheran take up battle stations, who has not recorded a win since June 13th, and has been 0-2 since. Can Julio turn around both his and the Braves losing ways? or will the Nationals add more pressure to an already bleeding Braves' Squad? We will find out at 7:20 PM EDT on MASN (Nationals) and FOX SPORTS SOUTHEAST (Braves)!

                SoundFX09, Signing Out!

                • IsaacH1273
                  IsaacH1273  2 months back

                  it's crazy how identical yelich and bellinger are to each other. if you look up their stats, they have basically the same HRs, RBIs, and batting average right now. and they're both basically the same height and weight. and they both bat left-handed and play right field..

                  • CRUMP MAN
                    CRUMP MAN  2 months back

                    @Kenny W Switching parks may be a portion of his increase, a small portion like I said before. Freeman being a more pure player is just an opinion of mine and countless commentators, players (current), players (HOF) and other professionals in baseball.

                  • PokeAlex1
                    PokeAlex1  2 months back

                    @Jordan Schwarzlose Neither does yelich he only has moved his feet closer together

                  • Kenny W
                    Kenny W  2 months back

                    CRUMP MAN You can’t compare home run numbers side by side when a player changes teams and has a more home run friendly ballpark. Also… who are you to claim that Freeman is more “pure” than Yeli and Belli? Where is your proof?

                  • Sarah Van Ginkle
                    Sarah Van Ginkle  2 months back

                    Another thing, do you people not realise power comes later in a lot of peoples careers while contact is there forever? People thinking Yelich couldn't hit before are new to baseball.

                  • Marvin Childs
                    Marvin Childs  2 months back

                    @Jordan Schwarzlose He dropped out because he had a sore back and didn't want to hinder his swing 2nd half of the season

                • Kenny W
                  Kenny W  2 months back

                  Sorry Bellinger, Yeli isn’t letting you take sole possession of the HR lead that easily.

                  • The Bot Gaming
                    The Bot Gaming  2 months back

                    Its like when he loses the lead he goes bonds mode