The Holy Rollers (Liam Lynch)


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  • ken e. cooper
    ken e. cooper  1 months back


    • gao2323
      gao2323  3 months back

      Amazing music, but damn those plastic masks creep me out.

      • Bubbles DeVille
        Bubbles DeVille  7 months back

        I want those boots gawddamnit! They’d look frickin awesome with my kilt!!

        • James D. Chamberlain III

          He looks like my sister.

          • PacesetterOG
            PacesetterOG  3 years back


            • EccentricSage
              EccentricSage  3 years back

              I wish you'd form a band, flesh out the compositions, and take these amazing songs on tour.

              • opethnet
                opethnet  3 years back

                AWESOME !

                • Rod Van Beek
                  Rod Van Beek  3 years back

                  So good. I realize it's comedy but seriously this music is fantastic... and since this is five years old it should become a massive hit any day now

                  • David Preis
                    David Preis  4 years back

                    Fuckin awesome, these guys, or this guy, has it.

                    • Frank Dellario
                      Frank Dellario  5 years back

                      This video is awesome and the song is fantastic and damn catchy! Had to watch/listen twice in a row.

                      • Dr. Rockso
                        Dr. Rockso  5 years back

                        i would so love the tabs to this so i can jam out in my garage  and wake my neighbors :( <3

                        • AKoj5
                          AKoj5  5 years back

                          Catchy as hell, I always come back every now and then.

                          • Vincent Veliz
                            Vincent Veliz  5 years back

                            I've always had a question on the hook, it's "Every little red riding hood got a wolf hiding in the woods" then they say something like "(something) fear us the most, we are ghosts" what the heck are they saying lol Also awesome stuff man I love all your music "Get Up On The Raft" is one of my favorite albums of all time!

                            • Liam Lynch's Lynchland
                              Liam Lynch's Lynchland   5 years back

                              Thanks! The lyrics to the chorus of the song are:
                              "Every Little Red Riding Hood's got a wolf hiding in the woods. For those that fear us the most, we are ghosts, we are ghosts, we are ghosts."

                          • celticbro2828
                            celticbro2828  5 years back

                            You are a genius, man. This stuff is brilliant!  Each character I know is the same, but yet each have their own uh 'character'. The blonde one is the most believable looking girl lol. That's the power to make one believe. Great catchy melody and hook! Definitely Holy Rollers Pt II is in order ;)

                            • Liam Lynch's Lynchland
                              Liam Lynch's Lynchland   5 years back

                              ha ha. thanks man. Keep an eye out on my twitter @lynchland. I'll be announcing and posting links in September to a whole mini series that will air on the Nerdist youtube channel and website. "The Adventures of the Sweet Electric". You get to see the characters exploring and rocking the galaxy. Just finished up the last episode and hoping to get to make more. It's kind of like a TV show with the band and these characters. 

                          • Joe Ben Stamper
                            Joe Ben Stamper  6 years back

                            how.. androgynous. synth sounds like sister ray.

                            • diego estrada
                              diego estrada  6 years back

                              Dude this is awesome ! I ituned your stuff!

                              • artcamp7
                                artcamp7  6 years back

                                We are ghosts we are ghosts! That line does it for me

                                • Wheez von klaw
                                  Wheez von klaw  7 years back

                                  Great Glam-ified T-Rex ! Very nice. My pal Butch turned me onto this. Rock n roll you can dance to .

                                  • BaldingSpiritually
                                    BaldingSpiritually  7 years back

                                    Your lead singer androgynoid looks like a female russian exchange student I made out with when I was drunk. Only hotter.

                                    • Aimee Stewart
                                      Aimee Stewart  7 years back

                                      There are no amount of blitzkrieg cupcakes, juggernaut puppies, or tornado rainbows to convey in any appropriately epic way how much I love Liam Lynch and The Sweet Electric.

                                      • EccentricSage
                                        EccentricSage  7 years back

                                        This is such a great tune. And... is anyone else weirdly turned on by this video?

                                        • TheAsylumchild
                                          TheAsylumchild  7 years back

                                          1:15 Liam forgets to lip synch and I was like "WHATEVAH!"

                                          • fichfutter
                                            fichfutter  7 years back

                                            they looks gay but his musik is good

                                            • dumpsky
                                              dumpsky  7 years back


                                              • jaydavee
                                                jaydavee  8 years back

                                                Here's to the future of having a whole lot more than 2,400 views. This is great. I've liked every Holy Rollers & Sweet Electric video I have seen.

                                                • jaydavee
                                                  jaydavee  8 years back

                                                  Here's to the future of having a whole lot more than 2,400 views. This is great. I've liked every Holy Rollers & Sweet Electric video I have seen.

                                                  • Alilretard1
                                                    Alilretard1  8 years back

                                                    I like how he forgets to bring the mike up at 1:13. But does it matter? Hell no they are The Holy Rollers. They can do no wrong.

                                                    • banny2021
                                                      banny2021  8 years back

                                                      I think he's learnt a thing or two from Boots Electric.

                                                      • Liam Lynch's Lynchland

                                                        @beetmeaf yes, the track is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. The album is called "The Middle".

                                                        • Martha McRuckus
                                                          Martha McRuckus  8 years back

                                                          I cannot get enough of this song!always gets stuck in my head!!!!! Is it on iTunes for dl yet?!?!?

                                                          • ludovica36
                                                            ludovica36  8 years back

                                                            Ive always loved this Liam :D Brilliant.. Marc Bolan would have loved it too

                                                            • theklep
                                                              theklep  8 years back

                                                              Liam make more Holy Rollers videos. Thanks for uploading it in HD.