2019 Stuttgart Artistic Gymnastics World Cup – Highlights women’s competition


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  • Paul R
    Paul R  1 months back

    Best gymnast ever!😃😃😃😃

    • Ann Granit
      Ann Granit  1 months back

      Simon was born todo gymnastics...

      • BadmingtonSunset
        BadmingtonSunset  2 months back

        Simone only does her cheng.....

        • HB
          HB  2 weeks back


      • Le Val
        Le Val  3 months back

        And some crazy bastard from Russia commented on a random video on YT that blacks aren’t good at gymnastics and should stick to running/dancing. Pfft.

      • Sofia Teodoro
        Sofia Teodoro  3 months back

        Hermosa única ......México te saluda bella Simone

        • KOREA the best mukbang
          KOREA the best mukbang  3 months back

          Simone..the best

          • Mia DoubleZeroSeven
            Mia DoubleZeroSeven  3 months back

            I could watch Simone all day!!!

            • HB
              HB  3 months back

              I can't even imagine having to go up against Simone. Even with "watered down" (still crazy incredible) routines she's just untouchable. It's crazy and I can't wait to see what she continues to add to her routines.

              • Candy Perez
                Candy Perez  5 months back

                Simone la mejor!!

                • Star Polaris
                  Star Polaris  5 months back

                  There is going to be an after and before NADIA COMANECI. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT....NADIA THE GREATEST EVER...

                  • Jonothan Doezer
                    Jonothan Doezer  1 months back

                    Nadia Comaneci herself said that Simone Biles is better than she ever was.

                  • Misógina internalizada Opresora héteropatriarcal
                    Misógina internalizada Opresora héteropatriarcal  2 months back

                    Pfff nadia and kim were always overscored because some drunk people clapped her, you can get all the 10's do you want at one Olympic, but that's nonsense if you aren't going to keep that up
                    Simone is the champ since 2016 and she has not only keept her level, but improved it
                    Nadia won the AA and two years later is beated by one of the most beautiful gymnast the world has ever seen: ELENA MUKHINA

                  • Le Val
                    Le Val  4 months back

                    Nadia’s routine was simple, obviously not back then. A hundred gymnasts would get a ten nowadays if we kept going back to Nadia’s routine. She was fantastic but it was simple. Let’s be honest.

                • nely13
                  nely13  6 months back

                  Wo bleiben die aus Rumänien?? Die sind ja die besten Nr 1der Welt...wo sind die alle???????

                  • Just Me
                    Just Me  2 months back

                    Rumänien ist schon vor Jahren aus der Weltspitze gefallen. Bei weitem nicht mehr so gut und dominant wie noch in den 70ern und frühen 80ern. Inzwischen sind Russland, China und die USA die besten Länder im Damen-Turnen. Die USA aber mit Abstand die besten. Muss man neidlos anerkennen.

                • Toxicfeeder jk
                  Toxicfeeder jk  6 months back

                  double twisting double tuck back, simone is amazing, and im not even a fan of usa team XD

                  • ForLife ForMe
                    ForLife ForMe  6 months back

                    Biles is still 1st and Mustafina (after giving birth, 9999999 injuries) is still 5th(!!!!!). What's wrong with WAG?)

                    • Anne Marie Gueyap Ngouabou

                      simone's gymnastic is so nice

                      • Damond Barbee
                        Damond Barbee  6 months back

                        It’s one thing to be the best in the world. I just can’t imagine the feeling of being unbeatable.

                        • DIRECTOSOY
                          DIRECTOSOY  6 months back

                          I want to repeat one more time : Simone Bill don't have any grace for Gymnastic. Is pure acrobatic technic...nothing more. Sad.

                          • Jonothan Doezer
                            Jonothan Doezer  1 months back

                            Female Gymnastics couldn't remain a dancy little "grace" competition. Too many people can master that, and one is no better than the other. It's all subjective. Female Gymnastics today is about MEASURABLE skills that only ONE female gymnast can pull off. And that's why she's the best and NOT your ancient 1970s beam ballerinas.

                          • Jake Diaz
                            Jake Diaz  5 months back

                            Trussardi oh cry about it. She's unbeatable and is in a completely different league. She won by almost 4 points lmao : unheard of.

                          • Jay Zee
                            Jay Zee  6 months back

                            @Mrs. Riddell no problem

                          • Mrs. Riddell
                            Mrs. Riddell  6 months back

                            @Jay Zee I was quite specific in my comment. I said, "not this thread specifically" If you look at the other threads, there are many ugly and hateful comments. I responded to your comments with respect, because you kept your critique respectful. I disagree with you, but I hope we can do that without rancor.

                          • DIRECTOSOY
                            DIRECTOSOY  6 months back

                            @Mrs. Riddell yes, friend. But are two diferent points to evaluate by judges : technical skills ( EXECUTION ) and ARTISTIC IMPRESSION ( grace, plasticity, emotions, body expression, etc, etc ).
                            Undoubtedly some, she is the queen of technical skills, a star of acrobatic movements...but her artistic performance does not convince to me. I compare her with others gymnasts and it impresses me weak in artistic aspect.

                        • Emmie May
                          Emmie May  6 months back

                          The French gymnast was sloppy

                          • Avery Martin
                            Avery Martin  6 months back

                            would anyone be able to tell me the differenmce between doha and stuttgart?

                            • Avery Martin
                              Avery Martin  3 months back

                              @BEE RUR Thank you for your explanation! Do you know how qualifying for tokyo 2020 works

                            • BEE RUR
                              BEE RUR  3 months back

                              ok.. the difference is actually between Artistic Gymnastics World Championships and Artistic Gymnastics World Cup Series.. What happened in Doha last 2018 is the World Championships (Oct 25-Nov 3). World Championships happen once a year except in olympic years such as London 2012 & Rio 2016 etc. Previous World Championships was Doha 2018, Montreal 2017, Glasgow 2015, Naning 2014, Antwerp 2013 etc. World Cup Series on the other hand is an almost whole year round event moving to different countries like that of Stuttgart, also in Doha (but separate of course with that of World Champs), Tokyo, Melbourne etc. 😅

                            • Avery Martin
                              Avery Martin  6 months back

                              @TheMissMariiee Do you know if anyone competed at both? Also, by specialist do you mean the girls who compete at Doha can only compete in one apparatus (like vault but not bb, ub, fx for example) or can they compete in all apparatuses? Thank you btw!

                            • TheMissMariiee
                              TheMissMariiee  6 months back

                              Stuttgart was all around competition, Doha is individual apartus where gymnasts can qualify to Olympic games as a specialist

                            • Avery Martin
                              Avery Martin  6 months back

                              @Jan Johnson I mean the format and who competes at Sttutgart vs Doha

                          • Frannie Barron
                            Frannie Barron  6 months back

                            I wish i can go to gymnastics😢

                          • Oonggaboong
                            Oonggaboong  6 months back

                            I love Ana Padurariu's beam routine. I hope she'll win this year's world championships and the Olympics gold medal on beam.

                            • Billie Eilish fp
                              Billie Eilish fp  6 months back

                              I was there 😏😏😏

                              • Сергей Лидер
                                Сергей Лидер  6 months back

                                From Russia. Amazing!

                                • DIRECTOSOY
                                  DIRECTOSOY  6 months back

                                  @Elia Rousa 😞

                                • Elia Rousa
                                  Elia Rousa  6 months back

                                  @DIRECTOSOY russianis more beautifull is realy ballerina

                                • DIRECTOSOY
                                  DIRECTOSOY  6 months back

                                  Always !! Russian athlets always have been the best !! I love them all.

                              • Amy Augustine
                                Amy Augustine  6 months back

                                Simone watered down her bars,vault and floor hmmmm

                                • Deneen Jeffries
                                  Deneen Jeffries  1 days back

                                  lorenzo targaryen even watered down she’s still a beast! And she’s really competitive so they probably don’t want her taking unnecessary risks.

                                • mars bars
                                  mars bars  6 months back

                                  And beam

                                • J Vega
                                  J Vega  6 months back

                                  I think her team is starting to be more calculating about risks and pressure on her body as they prep for 2020

                                • Sage Moonchild
                                  Sage Moonchild  6 months back

                                  Yeah she didn’t have to go all out yet. She’s still upping the difficulty. She won by over 3 points so this was just a walk in the park for her. She watered down her balance beam too. I saw a couple A+A connections and she didn’t even attempt the front pike.

                                • Shakira Aliyah
                                  Shakira Aliyah  6 months back

                                  Amy Augustine it was probably bc she didn’t wanted to peak too early and she probably still wanted to train her difficulty routines to make sure she’s consistently doing them

                              • Marah Raquel
                                Marah Raquel  6 months back

                                Brasil ganhou ouro nas equipes cadê o reconhecimento dona FIG? 🇧🇷💛💚💙

                                • João Matheus
                                  João Matheus  4 months back

                                  @DIRECTOSOY idk if it is your lack of understanding in our native language, but before you judge that nasty you should ask what she meant by it. She is not saying FIG should put us in an outstanding position, we are just asking for recognition!! There arent ANY snippets of that competition in this channel, and I am not saying that because im brazilian, but that was HISTORICAL, we passed RUSSIA by a significant score!! stfu

                                • DIRECTOSOY
                                  DIRECTOSOY  6 months back

                                  Ask to Brasil Gymnastic Federation !! Always peoples of Brasil want to up his names...Brasil is a great country, but to much foolish in social net.

                                • Daniela Trindade
                                  Daniela Trindade  6 months back

                                  Marah Raquel isto foi a competição individual. A competição de equipas é diferente até porq nem todos os países enviaram uma equipa para esta competição. Por exemplo a Simone foi a única ginasta dos EUA a ir, por isso não competiu nas equipas.

                              • Зона Комфорта

                                It is not a woman. Terrible!

                                • Jonothan Doezer
                                  Jonothan Doezer  1 months back


                                • Jay Zee
                                  Jay Zee  6 months back

                                  @DIRECTOSOY yes she is the queen of thumblin' indeed. I hope she stays healthy.

                                • DIRECTOSOY
                                  DIRECTOSOY  6 months back

                                  @Jay Zee sure !! It is possible, and maybe advisable. True is that she proves to be a star of technical elements: the queen of acrobatics.

                                • Jay Zee
                                  Jay Zee  6 months back

                                  @DIRECTOSOY fair enough. After all she can take some ballet lessons if she needs to.

                                • DIRECTOSOY
                                  DIRECTOSOY  6 months back

                                  @Jay Zee I am agree with you totally...but, in another athlets I can't find this and they are amazing gymnasts too.

                              • Aloudi Aloudi
                                Aloudi Aloudi  6 months back

                                Can you please quit gymnastics video because I have cancer

                                • J Vega
                                  J Vega  6 months back

                                  Can you stop watching their gymnastics videos?

                                • JoJo 70
                                  JoJo 70  6 months back

                                  Exactly. There are those of us who actually do have it and it pisses me off that A. The selfish comments are being made (these videos keep my mind occupied and busy); and B. I don't believe they do have cancer. Just looking for attention. Yes karma is real and she WILL come for anyone lying about having cancer

                                • o j
                                  o j  6 months back

                                  I hope you don’t have cancer and if you actually don’t have and you’re spamming this on every video oh boy, karma does exists

                                • JoJo 70
                                  JoJo 70  6 months back

                                  SHUT UP. I'll ask again... whay type of cancer do you (not) have?????

                              • Margaret Driedger
                                Margaret Driedger  6 months back

                                The Canadian is always smiling!

                                • Anna
                                  Anna  6 months back

                                  She seemed to be so happy all the time there😍

                              • ليث الحمزاوي
                                ليث الحمزاوي  6 months back

                                Very beautiful

                                • Раиса Селиванова

                                  Девчонки супеееер.Если бы побольше таких талантливых девчонок.Браааааааво!!!

                                  • Q B
                                    Q B  6 months back

                                    I wish it showed the full routines of the highlighted athletes

                                    • Jo Momma
                                      Jo Momma  6 months back

                                      You could find full videos on some channels on yt

                                  • Petronela Nastase
                                    Petronela Nastase  6 months back

                                    Nothing special to Simone Bils for winn
                                    .Pădurarul îs Romania.Alia Mustafina chould winn.

                                    • Shakira Aliyah
                                      Shakira Aliyah  6 months back

                                      JoJo 70 omg ikr 🙄

                                    • JoJo 70
                                      JoJo 70  6 months back

                                      @Jo Momma lol. It looks like simone is nothing special. Padruraul is Romanian and musty should have won. You know...a total BULLSH#T comment from someone who clearly knows nothing 😂

                                    • Tshimangadzo Mavhungu
                                      Tshimangadzo Mavhungu  6 months back

                                      It's a good thing that you not a judge to see who's qualified to win

                                    • Jo Momma
                                      Jo Momma  6 months back

                                      English pls

                                  • Samuel Ek
                                    Samuel Ek  6 months back

                                    First ❤