Shocking Japanese Food!!! LIVE Sashimi & Monk Fish! (Sorry Peta)

  • Published: 27 January 2019
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    1. DOMANNAKA: Mackerel Sashimi + Uni (Sea Urchin) + Dancing Tiger Shrimp
    ADDRESS: 101-0025 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kanda Sakumacho 3-37-4
    OPEN: 4PM - 12AM

    🦐 Domannaka is based in Hokkaido, Tokyo, with 6 locations across the city. They are known for their unique dishes, primarily seafood served while it is still alive. They offer delicacies such as squid, mackerel and trevally. We tried their living mackerel sashimi, uni (sea urchin) and dancing tiger shrimp.

    💸PRICE: Mackerel (saba) 8.59 USD/6,980 JPY for whole fish | Uni (sea urchin) USD/2,500 JPY per plate (13-20 sea urchins) | Tiger Shrimp (odorigui) USD/890 JPY per shrimp
    2. TAKAMARU FRESH FISH STORE: Oyster + Ankimo (Monkfish Liver) + Anko Nabe (Monkfish Hotpot) + Deep Fried Monkfish
    ADDRESS: 950-1 Oshimata | Seven Park Ario KAshiwa 1F, Kashiwa 277-0922, Chiba Prefecture
    OPEN: 11AM - 9PM

    🐟Takamaru Fresh Fish Store serves some of Tokyo’s finest fish delicacies. Among their delicacies is monkfish, a very rare fish that is hard to find in Tokyo, even in big fish markets. Monkfish liver (ankimo) is typically considered the tastiest part of the fish and was even listed on CNN’s 2011 list of the World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods. We were fortunate enough to get a taste of this dish, which is not a typical menu item at Takamaru Fresh Fish Store. Monkfish hotpot is a bit more common than monkfish liver, frequently eaten during the winter months in Japan.
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    • Zahara Ambreen
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      Don't you ever get food poisioning when you eat stuff your insides tell you Noooo!?

    • Emma Horn
      Emma Horn  2 weeks back

      Hmm want fun to watch a fish getting eaten alive..just a morbid fascination..shame on Japan shame on you and shame on me

    • Stwo W
      Stwo W  4 weeks back

      And discussed

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      fatin ridzuan  2 months back

      You should come to Malaysiaaa. ! Have manyyy food here. 😊

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    Man:uh do you speak English

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        Evil Man  11 hours back

        yuck wtf this is digusting

        • Naif Yaqeen Che Muslim
          Naif Yaqeen Che Muslim  11 hours back

          are these the boobies - XD

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            Deer Hunter 2.0  24 hours back

            Do you speak English? Guy: No...

            • Gatchamaddi Maddi
              Gatchamaddi Maddi  1 days back

              I would never do this I won’t even eat fish or chicken gizzards🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

              • meiji
                meiji  1 days back

                that look really good

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                        Hahaha man you crack me up good stuff love your vids 👍👍💪🏽😂

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                          but japanese people are nicest people on earth thou

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                            Raw raw bitch👏😝

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                              Social justice warrior vegans are cringing about now.

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                                OFFENDED COMMENT!!

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                                  I love your sense of humor and personality xx

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                                        This video made me so happy! :)

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                                            Wongchuk Dorjee  3 days back

                                            Torture chamber for fishes
                                            Basement for people

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                                                                                      Stick noodle bowl  1 weeks back

                                                                                      mostly i see cooked dead fishes
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