Clifton Powell On Calling Out Spike Lee Over Tyler Perry: "Wish It Had More Understanding.."


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  • Steven Mamba
    Steven Mamba  14 minutes back

    Spike used to talk shit about Perry and his movies. There's no misunderstanding

    • The Alkebulan Trust
      The Alkebulan Trust  25 minutes back

      That's how all Black People should be regardless of the industry they are in. STAY ON CODE. It's not too late to apply this 👊🏿✊🏿

      • Menyon Johnson
        Menyon Johnson  3 hours back

        I agree with everything he said!!!...I also love that he took responsibility for not initially speaking on the issue in quite the right way...

        • arthur workman
          arthur workman  4 hours back

          I think at some point we will see a team up of those two - Spike lee & Tyler Perry. I think it's coming sooner than we all would think.

          • D R
            D R  5 hours back

            I love this interview/clarification!

            • Reel Life
              Reel Life  6 hours back

              You have to give this man credit for admitting his wrong now if only Oprah would do the same!

              • Linda Edwards
                Linda Edwards  6 hours back

                Mr Powell, a true legend who wants us to win. I agree with what he said about putting each other down.

                • Ms. Nini
                  Ms. Nini  7 hours back

                  I agree with Clifton. Never should we put down one another publicly. Spike was wrong & I'm glad he fixed it.

                  • Willard Haywood
                    Willard Haywood  8 hours back

                    Tyler Perry working together would of been golden .. that new Tyler perry studio u and spike two minds would of made some great films

                    • SWEETPEA
                      SWEETPEA  8 hours back

                      Clifton I love your acting but if you go back and look at the clip you came for Spike Lee with conviction!! That was fucked up and you meant what you said!! Watch clip

                      • K Me
                        K Me  8 hours back

                        WE MUST STAY ON CODE.....

                        • Jroc Sr
                          Jroc Sr  10 hours back

                          Saying it again nigga don’t say shit 😭😎👍

                          • Guilt Trip
                            Guilt Trip  11 hours back

                            Whatever came of his sexual assault accusations?

                            • kt J
                              kt J  12 hours back

                              That old saying should have been handled in house. The way it was done was so unnecessary. Glad they were able to talk it out.

                              • T DBL T
                                T DBL T  12 hours back

                                O.G very unappreciated actor but O.G grown ups should understand were your thoughts or were your coming from

                                • Roena Skates
                                  Roena Skates  13 hours back

                                  They both are great and talented!

                                  • Antonio Ross
                                    Antonio Ross  13 hours back

                                    Clifton Powell O.G

                                    • Jay Gatling
                                      Jay Gatling  14 hours back

                                      That Ellesse track Jacket is Fire AF!!!!

                                      • jali276
                                        jali276  15 hours back

                                        And now Spike Lee has a sound studio named after him on Tyler Perry Studios....

                                        • The Alkebulan Trust
                                          The Alkebulan Trust  21 minutes back

                                          And that's why the saying everything happens for a reason remains true.

                                      • TRUTH
                                        TRUTH  15 hours back

                                        Tyler Perry and spike Lee need to work together become unstoppable we got the studio all we need now is our own Oscars for black actors and actresses let's work together my people not against reach other...UNITY

                                        • AList Closet
                                          AList Closet  15 hours back

                                          Exactly. All of it

                                          • Ladenna Young
                                            Ladenna Young  17 hours back

                                            I agree with him.

                                            • Wigs N' Wine Lounge
                                              Wigs N' Wine Lounge  17 hours back

                                              HAAAAAY CLIFY POO

                                              • 7SKYBALLER
                                                7SKYBALLER  20 hours back

                                                Whether we agree or disagree with Spike, his films MAKE us CONFRONT OUR BS.(ALL PEOPLE) Particularly BLK PPL. As a BLK MAN, I don't want to SEE another BLK MAN DE-MASCULATING (dressing like a female MOST of the time) & helping PERPETUATE STEREOTYPES. That also goes for BLK female's who help keep WHOREDOM alive...MOST of Perrys' material is BS. More than any other group, whether CONSCIOUSLY or SUBCONSCIOUSLY,
                                                we don't WANT to PUT IN THE WORK to TURN OUR situation AROUND. In general, it's EASIER(or so we think) to "PARTY & BULLS***" (including bs'n @ church) than to SACRIFICE through OUR PAIN(PSYCHOLOGICAL & EMOTIONAL), which INCLUDES US to STOP FU***** WIT CERTAIN PPL IN OUR LIVES. In some cases parent's & children.
                                                Plus there are TOO MANY PROVOCATEUR'S in OUR "SET" & WE NEED to LEARN HOW TO RECOGNIZE THEM & MAKE THEM DISAPPEAR.
                                                "RIGHT ON TO THA REAL !
                                                DEATH TO THA FAKER'S ! !" -Big Rube

                                                • Lee Hunt
                                                  Lee Hunt  20 hours back

                                                  I’ve always liked this mans acting he is so underrated so glad he clarified what he meant great actor awesome brother!!

                                                  • R J.
                                                    R J.  20 hours back

                                                    WHY ARE BLACK PEOPLE ARE WORST ENEMY..NOT THE WHITE MAN

                                                    • Yvette Walker
                                                      Yvette Walker  20 hours back

                                                      I have to agreed with him! Spike Lee did came out and disrespected Tyler Perry. That is when Tyler told Spike to go to Hell.
                                                      I love Tyler for his hard work and he had honored Spike for his huge gala event.👊
                                                      We as black people needs to know how to speak toward one another especially in public!☝

                                                      • LMN PHD JD NAR BMI EMI
                                                        LMN PHD JD NAR BMI EMI  20 hours back

                                                        Where is "AFRICA AMERICA" & When will NORTH AMERICAN SOIL'S expect DEPORTATION???

                                                        • Shelton Armstrong
                                                          Shelton Armstrong  21 hours back


                                                          • Jaffe_Joffer_the_Ruler
                                                            Jaffe_Joffer_the_Ruler  21 hours back

                                                            That nigga name clifton..his momma or daddy has to be Jamaican

                                                            • del ham
                                                              del ham  22 hours back

                                                              I think he made himself perfectly clear. Much respect 💪🏾👍🏾💯.

                                                              • Curtis.Campbell JM
                                                                Curtis.Campbell JM  22 hours back

                                                                I agree with you sir been saying the same thing a long time. The mother fuckers just love to hate and tear each other down

                                                                • Jean-Michel Argentin
                                                                  Jean-Michel Argentin  22 hours back

                                                                  I also want to congratulate Mr. Perry for his hard working success,he was so kind to share his life achievement with us.
                                                                  So now that we have a brother who own his black Hollywood studio let’s make movies:)
                                                                  I have a son in-law who can do it all and add to Mr. Perry Legacy.
                                                                  He would be perfect for TP black Hollywood.
                                                                  I love all my black brothers and sisters don’t matter what..

                                                                  • Marilyn Porter
                                                                    Marilyn Porter  22 hours back

                                                                    Clifton Powell, one of the baddest Actors ( in a good way), on the screen. I see now why I love, and respect your work. You understand what you do, why you do it and the power of influence.

                                                                    • HEAT1996
                                                                      HEAT1996  23 hours back

                                                                      Forrest Whitaker is awesome...But THIS BROTHER RIGHT HERE is BUMPY JOHNSON. HE is who I would cast in that role. I know Whitaker has the starpower and the chops so no complaint at all. I love the Epix show anyway. But Clifton Powell is SO underrated it's not even funny. And as a gangster, he's effortless. Look at the way he's sitting there in this interview like he got hitters already on the way to come see you. lol

                                                                      • Hilbert Sandifer
                                                                        Hilbert Sandifer  23 hours back

                                                                        What a great actor! Clifton is the shit! 👌🏾👍🏾

                                                                        • Lashon Coleman
                                                                          Lashon Coleman  23 hours back

                                                                          My bother you don’t owe these Bitches no explanation!

                                                                          • Batgirl P
                                                                            Batgirl P  1 days back

                                                                            What was the original comment?

                                                                            • Sugar Nspice
                                                                              Sugar Nspice  1 days back

                                                                              Now,.. why didn't he just express himself this way on the radio show ? That was terrible. Well, he's clearing up and that's what matters, cause Iost respect

                                                                              • L Baity
                                                                                L Baity  1 days back

                                                                                MUCH RESPECT TO THIS BROTHER!! SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER!!! WERE KICKED DOWN ENOUGH BY THE THIS EVIL GOVERNMENT!!!

                                                                                • Mind Body & Soul TV
                                                                                  Mind Body & Soul TV  1 days back

                                                                                  He’s dropping jewels pick them up

                                                                                  • john john
                                                                                    john john  1 days back

                                                                                    Pinky!!!!!!!!!! Say it again! Say it again!!

                                                                                    • Tracy Little
                                                                                      Tracy Little  1 days back

                                                                                      He's 💯💯💯💯right all truth!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                      • Tracy Wright
                                                                                        Tracy Wright  1 days back

                                                                                        Even though Tyler Perry has his own studio, he still need Hollywood. Some of the actors that he deal with have contracts with Hollywood. He still need there permission to even put these people in his movies. He still needs the distribution to be able to put movies out. He still has to bow down to Hollywood. Everything that black people have so called own. They don't own. Don't believe in the hype. I'm not trying to take anything from Tyler but he has a percentage in something. He does not out right own anything. Even jay z and Oprah don't own anything out right. They have a percentage in thing that they are doing. That's what's wrong with us black people now. We don't read in between the lines.

                                                                                        • BIG REEL
                                                                                          BIG REEL  1 days back

                                                                                          He right man

                                                                                          • Tracy Wright
                                                                                            Tracy Wright  1 days back

                                                                                            Yes I believe that we need to support each other, but not on that bullshit Taylor Perry trying to spread. What's wrong is wrong and what's right is right. I'm riding with spike lee all day.

                                                                                            • Gee God
                                                                                              Gee God  1 days back

                                                                                              Brilliant actor, with range, can do anything, thriller, comedy, mainstream big budget, low budget, drama, romance, villain, the underated denzil of his category

                                                                                              • michael barrow
                                                                                                michael barrow  1 days back

                                                                                                THIS MAN SHOULD HAVE PLAYED DOLEMITE!!!! NOT CORNY ASS EDDIE MURPHY!!!