What Indie Hell: Vroom in the Night Sky (4K)


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  • SolarFarle
    SolarFarle  1 years back

    This game is the offspring of Billy the Wizard.

    • Amelia Wright
      Amelia Wright  1 years back

      The air is dirty. Coff. Coff.

      • mdot Artist
        mdot Artist  2 years back

        "buyed" lol

        • -
          -  2 years back

          Superman Switch

          • Flynn Jeux
            Flynn Jeux  2 years back

            In Megaman X games I just set dash to the R button and put weapon select on X and A. Fuck thst clawhand shit.

            • Red Maxx XIII
              Red Maxx XIII  2 years back

              Is it evil to hope the developer of this game went bankrupt after this game's release?

              • Incognitus
                Incognitus  2 years back

                This reminds me of Nights, if anyone remembers that game.

                • Drifter Carbon
                  Drifter Carbon  2 years back

                  ... except Nights is actually really good and makes sense. I get the feeling they might have been going for that though.

                • Gunvolt
                  Gunvolt  2 years back

                  Incognitus Looks more like Superman 64

              • Magikarp UsedSplash
                Magikarp UsedSplash  2 years back

                Why I bought the Nintendo switch

                • Ryan Masserman
                  Ryan Masserman  2 years back

                  you should be ashamed that you gave them money

                  • VideoplayerYTP
                    VideoplayerYTP  2 years back

                    So this is just superman 64 again. great

                    • victoria iscariot
                      victoria iscariot  2 years back

                      GOTY right here.

                      • toshironikko
                        toshironikko  2 years back

                        this game randomly just appeared on the us eshop >.>

                        • toshironikko
                          toshironikko  2 years back

                          bunny must die is an awesome game tho

                          • Life of Luis
                            Life of Luis  2 years back

                            That pun though. 😂😂😂

                            • Crow Migration
                              Crow Migration  2 years back

                              It may not be great but I don't understand the universal panning. It controls fine, graphics are OK, it has gameplay objectives. Why not a 5? I think it would actually be fun with the better bikes.

                              • CheeseTaterson
                                CheeseTaterson  3 years back

                                Seems a reskinned Superman 64 lol.

                                • Thomas Hopper
                                  Thomas Hopper  3 years back

                                  i am also bummed about that

                                  • Thomas Hopper
                                    Thomas Hopper  2 years back

                                    the answer to your question is hidden deep within this very video, watch it and find out!

                                  • Myung Kou Kang
                                    Myung Kou Kang  2 years back

                                    Thomas Hopper Bummed about what? That it hasn't come out in the west yet? If so, you're not the only one. According Perfectly Nintendo, this was supposed to come out in this March, but it hasn't yet.

                                • M3rtyville
                                  M3rtyville  3 years back

                                  I am to lazy to look it up myself, but is this by any chance a game by Sega? It reminds me a bit on Nights with some stuff from other Sega games I can't recall directly.

                                  • TokyoVibes
                                    TokyoVibes  2 years back

                                    M3rtyville no, as they said, it's an indie game

                                • Robert Wright
                                  Robert Wright  3 years back

                                  All joking aside I would totes watch an anime about a magical girl biker gang.