Afro B On Awkward Elevator Moment w/ JAY-Z, Success Of 'Joanna' & Working w/ Ashanti


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  • Morenito Moreno
    Morenito Moreno  3 weeks back

    Norman Manley who the Kingston airport is named after was mixed not white

    • Community Vibes
      Community Vibes  3 weeks back

      No hate at’all but anyone notice these radio stations opening up world artists more. Nwo still sneaking in their agendas. Salute to Africa tho hope they don’t slut themselves for American interests. U Deh see jamos? learn and keep!!!

      • stephen carpenter
        stephen carpenter  3 weeks back

        This guy actually touring world based on one single song .....

        • Andre Salazar
          Andre Salazar  3 weeks back

          Ebro doesn’t know WTF he’s talking about!

          • HipHopMarijuana
            HipHopMarijuana  3 weeks back

            Caribbean will be owned eventually by East Indians and Chinese. Gentrification exploding beaches being privatized.

            • HotMusicAF
              HotMusicAF  3 weeks back

              HipHopMarijuana will be? Already is

          • Red Ali
            Red Ali  3 weeks back

            Did he used to have a Afro ?

          • Miguel R
            Miguel R  3 weeks back

            Short interview. Big boy did him right.

            • SKNDER
              SKNDER  3 weeks back

              Jay z is one of my favourites I really hope to work with him one day. Listen to one of my songs if you got like a minute you'd be surprised!

              • Manny Manhattan Music
                Manny Manhattan Music  3 weeks back

                Who neeed beats🔥🔥💯

                • Bounks Archi
                  Bounks Archi  3 weeks back

                  Big up yourself Afro b 🔥🇯🇲🔥🇯🇲🔥🇯🇲

                  • Acesiz Official
                    Acesiz Official  3 weeks back


                    • Justin Torres
                      Justin Torres  3 weeks back

                      9:05 for Jay Z story

                      • King Hubert
                        King Hubert  6 days back


                      • Darius Brule
                        Darius Brule  2 weeks back

                        Lol thank you

                      • melo warner
                        melo warner  3 weeks back

                        Justin Torres mfucker like u is needed in life

                      • karateflix
                        karateflix  3 weeks back

                        Thanks. I was skipping around listening for key words, lmao.

                    • John Williams
                      John Williams  3 weeks back


                      • DJSAYNOMORE International

                        yall funny style

                        • Rai Dal-Bak
                          Rai Dal-Bak  3 weeks back

                          Props to Afro B for repping Cote d’Ivoire & the African diaspora in general! 🔥❤️ And as always, much respect to Ebro for being informed about the African continent, appreciate that 👌🏾

                          • Icko
                            Icko  3 weeks back

                            Côte d’Ivoire 🇨🇮🔥💪🏾

                            • MistaFYoFeelings JGutta


                              • Kevin McCallister
                                Kevin McCallister  3 weeks back

                                Rahh lol donny landed there. Probs, shame he acts brand new.

                                • Mayendy King
                                  Mayendy King  3 weeks back


                                  • jikirit salem
                                    jikirit salem  3 weeks back


                                    • KontryBoy706
                                      KontryBoy706  3 weeks back


                                      • The Josh O Show
                                        The Josh O Show  3 weeks back

                                        YES! This is how many people are OG fans of Afro beats 🔥🔥🔥
                                        👇🏿and support my YouTube journey