PETA Activist Charges At Lil Kim + Drake Reacts To His Dad Saying He Lies In His Raps


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  • Marc Green
    Marc Green  4 days back

    The question of the day" is this situation (drake) doing anything 2 empower my life?"

    • John Galt
      John Galt  1 weeks back

      Fuk I wish i had some bud..😭😭

      • mia
        mia  2 weeks back

        Drake's dad was embrassed that's y he said what he said why would Drake lie people wake up

        • NiteRida
          NiteRida  2 weeks back

          Who doesn't lie on their albums?

          • J. Dizzle
            J. Dizzle  2 weeks back

            Ever since Pusha T described Drake’s pop as a clown in those suits!! That’s now my first thought when I hear or see him now. Clown feelings lol.

            • J/ Banks
              J/ Banks  2 weeks back


              • Saddik Laaraiche
                Saddik Laaraiche  2 weeks back


                • Tiesha Polk
                  Tiesha Polk  2 weeks back

                  His pops is clout chasing... Sad af🤦🏾‍♀

                  • knotzed
                    knotzed  2 weeks back

                    More of her! Shes beautiful!

                    • Cashelle Cayenne
                      Cashelle Cayenne  2 weeks back

                      Alotta celebrities lie about alotta things!!!.....what's new??🤷🏾‍♀️

                      • Hazardman
                        Hazardman  2 weeks back

                        of course he lies. he a actor before he was singing

                        • A&V
                          A&V  2 weeks back

                          I thought that was Cheech from Cheech and Chong 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

                          • Mahlon Winrow
                            Mahlon Winrow  2 weeks back

                            L'oreal my favorite 😍

                          • Drty Porcelain
                            Drty Porcelain  2 weeks back

                            You didn't realize he was lying when he said "started from the bottom" and he was already a child actor.

                            • MrFaDookie
                              MrFaDookie  2 weeks back

                              dat gave it away frum da rip.....

                          • OneLyfes VeryOwn
                            OneLyfes VeryOwn  2 weeks back

                            Drake, your dad told the truth, and you got caught up in those lies, it all ties in to him not even writing his own songs anyway

                            • jokebooks
                              jokebooks  2 weeks back

                              We already knew that Drake lies in his raps.

                              • Perez
                                Perez  2 weeks back


                                • Perez
                                  Perez  2 weeks back


                                  • SUPA ROCKIN DJ SMASH
                                    SUPA ROCKIN DJ SMASH  2 weeks back

                                    Larry Graham don't lie.. Especially when you have a son who don't write his own lyrics..🤣🤣🤣Clout chase nah I don't think so.. try again son..

                                    • SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0

                                      Drake don't even write his own raps that's why it's a lie smh.

                                      • Cyane Redmayne
                                        Cyane Redmayne  2 weeks back

                                        These PETA activists always doing the most, going to get really hurt with that bullshit they try one day!

                                        • Shaneca René
                                          Shaneca René  2 weeks back

                                          Drake tells lies BUT his dad already admitted some years back that he wasn't there for Drake like he should've been AND he apologized so how is Drake lying about this tho..cuz I don't see it 😩😑💯

                                          • Shaneca René
                                            Shaneca René  2 weeks back

                                            @L'Oréal Luchi I'm just saying lol..I couldn't careless about Drake and I agree that he does lie but his dad did say he wasn't there for him that's all I was pointing out..I didn't say Drake is truthful/innocent in his lyrics just what I heard is dad say..I guess some people can't handle the truth 😂😂 have a blessed day 😊

                                          • L'Oréal Luchi
                                            L'Oréal Luchi  2 weeks back

                                            @Shaneca René EXACTLY!

                                          • L'Oréal Luchi
                                            L'Oréal Luchi  2 weeks back

                                            I agree with you!!

                                          • DeezNutty
                                            DeezNutty  2 weeks back

                                            @Shaneca René tldr Reggin

                                          • Shaneca René
                                            Shaneca René  2 weeks back

                                            @DeezNutty you sound ignorant..I guess I hit a nerve with my truth cuz you popping off like an idiot for no reason..whew chile calm TF down and I don't wear weaves or braids hunny not that there's anything wrong with that..try again 😂😂😂 but what I'm not going to do is go back and forth with a butthurt ass dude looking for have a good day now 😂😂✌

                                        • Keenan Thomas
                                          Keenan Thomas  2 weeks back

                                          I don’t think Drake’s dad is clout chasing that’s for sure. He could’ve done that 10 years ago. I think the dad may be [tired] of his characterization in songs, AND maybe has a hard time accept the truth. It’s one thing to own up to the truth it’s another to have to keep owning it ten years later. Right or wrong the man is human, if someone kept writing about your mistake in songs ten years later, again right or wrong) you’re gonna be in your feelings and say okay I own this but enough.

                                        • Kwami Laurence
                                          Kwami Laurence  2 weeks back

                                          Damn them lips dark as hell much weed. Lol. Do your thing I'm not mad at you.

                                        • Black mamba
                                          Black mamba  2 weeks back

                                          Who the hell is JT? Justin Timberlake???

                                          • scary terrry
                                            scary terrry  2 weeks back

                                            credit card scammer that should be locked back up

                                          • Faux
                                            Faux  2 weeks back

                                            Loool john terry

                                          • Power100
                                            Power100  2 weeks back

                                            City Girls.

                                        • The Original Kilo X
                                          The Original Kilo X  2 weeks back

                                          Above all, don't lie to yourself. .

                                        • آدم سلام
                                          آدم سلام  2 weeks back

                                          This is Drake a.k.a Aubrey Graham a.k.a Jimmy's childhood lol

                                          • SirSYRIIUS
                                            SirSYRIIUS  2 weeks back

                                            DRAKE BE LYIN'!!