Live: ESL Pro League NA S9 Relegation - Day 2 - ENVY vs ATK


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  • chickend god
    chickend god  4 weeks back

    m4a4 or m4a1 ?

  • tano serra
    tano serra  1 months back

    is this lan? or what?

    • Herminator _2121
      Herminator _2121  1 months back

      Ok idk if this is true but it looks like to me with their crosshairs and everything they have no spread do they have spread or no spread also if they do how do I get that crosshair
      Also how are they crouch peeking so quick normally it takes like a second
      Edit: also is the way they hold the guns different if so also how do I change it, it kinda looks like FOV but how do I change my FOV that high

      • Herminator _2121
        Herminator _2121  4 weeks back

        Brooski what you mean kz

      • Tín Bảo
        Tín Bảo  4 weeks back

        Watching tournament matches are just like watching demos in game, and there is a thing called "smoothness" in demos, it makes you seem like the players in demo are crouching faster than usually but they arent, pros players see things just like how you do

      • Brooski
        Brooski  1 months back

        @Herminator _2121 you get better bro xD here some tips
        1) Google how to find your csgo sens then do it
        2) play alot of community deathmatch
        3) play a map called aimbotz
        4) play kz for movement it take time man like it took me about 1500k to get lem and Triton m once you high ranked lem players arent good xD

      • Herminator _2121
        Herminator _2121  1 months back

        Brooski oh ok well I might just be garbage then

      • Brooski
        Brooski  1 months back

        @Herminator _2121 unbind sticky keys in your windows settings I'm pretty sure that's the problem

    • A Budgie
      A Budgie  1 months back

      Didn’t realize ATK was South African. Respect.

      • A Budgie
        A Budgie  4 weeks back

        Ruan Vermeulen yeah.

      • Ruan Vermeulen
        Ruan Vermeulen  4 weeks back

        Bravado Closed and most of their players where then bought by ATK

      • PSYCH
        PSYCH  1 months back

        Ja Boet Local is Lekker

    • Pleumel
      Pleumel  1 months back

      43:50 Start of the game.
      EDIT: Should have shifted to 29:27 for whatever reason.
      Have fun!

      • Pleumel
        Pleumel  4 weeks back

        @Nefalol litterally until yesterday it was 43:50 for me. now it's 29:27! You're right!

      • Nefalol
        Nefalol  4 weeks back

        @Pleumel try refreshing the page, it is 29:27

      • Yasyas Marangoz
        Yasyas Marangoz  1 months back

        @Billy Bob lol

      • Billy Bob
        Billy Bob  1 months back

        Pleumel ok didn’t know that sorry first time knowing it

      • Pleumel
        Pleumel  1 months back

        @Billy Bob Than you and me got different videos. Only music and adds for me at 29:27

    • The Flex
      The Flex  1 months back

      4 hours just perfect