Why Antonio Brown's Helmet Battle With NFL Has Merit

  • Published: 21 August 2019
  • Former NFL receiver, now author at Deadspin Nate Jackson joined Sportsnet Today to discuss Oakland Raider receiver Antonio Brown's helmet battle with the NFL and why he defends the disgruntled receiver.

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Comments • 19

  • MickeyMacaroney
    MickeyMacaroney  4 weeks back

    He knew for YEARS he would have to change helmets. And he didn't try to challenge the NFL's rules until the very last second?

    • t sherwood
      t sherwood  4 weeks back

      Kinda bullshit argument here. Obviously his helmet doesn't meet current standards. He should be thankful people are looking out for him.. hes a tool..

      • Sean Cowles
        Sean Cowles  4 weeks back

        So the league’s biggest diva is only the greatest receiver because he gets to wear a one particular helmet vs another? Come on, he is just laying the ground work if his numbers go down so he will have multiple built in excuses. His feet and the helmet and lack of a full practice regiment are right there for him to lean on as a crutch.

        • Sean Cowles
          Sean Cowles  4 weeks back

          Jaydin Kincaid Negativity and being reasonable aren’t opposites or mutually exclusive because negativity is a matter of perspective. I think he is being negative by making a fuss about his helmet instead of playing the game he gets paid by his employer using the equipment they see as fit. He works for the NFL and they have rules so to make an issue out of this is one thing, then on top of that to not practice with your brand new team until today is a another negative reaction. Negativity is a matter of perspective but sure call me negative but you and I both know he will lean on excuse if he doesn’t have 35 catches, 50 targets and 3 TD by week 5.

        • Jaydin Kincaid
          Jaydin Kincaid  4 weeks back

          Sean Cowles what a negative Nancy you sre

      • Jake Krueger
        Jake Krueger  4 weeks back

        There is no merit. AB is the biggest moron in the NFL

        • Paul c
          Paul c  4 weeks back

          Get over it and wear the damn helmet.. F in millionaire problems

          • Blood Will Run the Streets

            Let him play with whatever he wants after signing a release of liability

            • Rick Robitaille
              Rick Robitaille  4 weeks back

              Let him wear the helmet he has if league
              Deems it unsafe he can sign a agreement on use at own risk,seeing is everything for anyone wearing a helmet,especially someone that makes a living catching footballs,I'm sure there's no hard science
              that stipulates new helmet safe old helmet
              not,hockey players choose their own sticks,skates,helmets,
              NFL making players wear these for money reasons first,safety reasons second.

              • Clayton Hines
                Clayton Hines  4 weeks back

                Adapt or die

              • HockeyHorns UK
                HockeyHorns UK  4 weeks back

                Hockey is better

                • Jayden Barker
                  Jayden Barker  4 weeks back

                  HockeyHorns UK was just saying personally I find hockey better

                • HockeyHorns UK
                  HockeyHorns UK  4 weeks back

                  @Jayden Barkerwhat so the fact that barely anyone in the uk plays 'football' whereas hockey is played professionally

                • born 2 shit forced 2 wipe
                  born 2 shit forced 2 wipe  4 weeks back

                  Hockey boring af

              • Sport Hype highlights205

                So stupid