Indianapolis Colts vs. Tennessee Titans Week 2 NFL Game Preview


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  • NattyBumppo48
    NattyBumppo48  3 days back

    Experts all picked Indy.  That's why they're experts.  Sorry Titans

    • Cole Pratt
      Cole Pratt  3 days back

      NattyBumppo48 It was like 96 lol

    • NattyBumppo48
      NattyBumppo48  3 days back

      @Cole Pratt As they should have.... But the three guys cited by this article all picked Indy. BTW: Sure seems like the Colts go on the road for their season opener every year. And this year it's the first TWO! At least the weather down there was

    • Cole Pratt
      Cole Pratt  3 days back

      Actually most experts had TN winning

  • JTE G
    JTE G  3 days back

    And now the titans look goofy

    • Wayne A. W.
      Wayne A. W.  3 days back

      AS play-calling sucked today, man, no downfield throws 😡 MM8 takin’ all those sacks?

        VIEWS FROM THE TRIS  3 days back

        Let’s go COLTS!!!!

        • TreyJames 19
          TreyJames 19  3 days back

          Colts 24 Titans 21

          • Big C
            Big C  3 days back

            Titans all day baby

            • Charnell Bryant
              Charnell Bryant  3 days back

              My Titans will TAKE THE WIN🏈‼️💯💪🏾

            • Hodge Todd
              Hodge Todd  3 days back

              As always dissing the Titans

              • jmaal2345
                jmaal2345  1 days back

                Hodge Todd They’re trash

            • bishop reed
              bishop reed  3 days back

              27-17 titan up

            • WILIAM SON
              WILIAM SON  3 days back

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              • Thomas Ralfenson
                Thomas Ralfenson  3 days back

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                • DimeHustla !
                  DimeHustla !  3 days back

                  Here we go again with these so called experts lmao!!! #TitanUp

                  • DimeHustla !
                    DimeHustla !  2 days back

                    Kronic Impulse your grandma’s son

                  • Kronic Impulse
                    Kronic Impulse  2 days back

                    Asema Mailo Your comebacks are lame go back to playing fornite you fruity lookin mf lol

                  • DimeHustla !
                    DimeHustla !  3 days back

                    alex jones your grandpa

                  • DimeHustla !
                    DimeHustla !  3 days back

                    Kronic Impulse your grandma

                  • alex jones
                    alex jones  3 days back

                    @DimeHustla ! Your Titans hahaha.

                • MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T#LG,G6

                  Colts will win.

                  • Ryan Gray
                    Ryan Gray  3 days back

                    Love how they all pick the colts to win hahaha

                  • Daniel Coronado
                    Daniel Coronado  3 days back

                    33-13 Titans win

                    • HowardRay
                      HowardRay  2 days back

                      You must was on madden?

                  • ZZestial
                    ZZestial  3 days back

                    Imo let everyone sleep on the Titans, let them Sleep on the Titans every game of the season, let it feed the fire in their bellies and let then come out on top just to prove most of these people wrong. I honestly think, as long as all the Titans stay healthy this year, we can get atleast 10 wins. Titans were predicted to go 3-13, keep that record in mind.

                  • Manny Z
                    Manny Z  3 days back

                    Titan Up!! We winning this one!!

                    • Manny Z
                      Manny Z  18 hours back

                      jmaal2345 L your face fruit cake 😂

                    • jmaal2345
                      jmaal2345  1 days back

                      Manny Z L

                  • Crazcompart
                    Crazcompart  3 days back

                    Hard to say...Titans always comfortable for the win at home...Colts have great passing team, though...

                    • agiuggio1
                      agiuggio1  3 days back

                      i just have a feeling the colts will have no luck against the titans...

                    • Curtis 23
                      Curtis 23  3 days back

                      Colts 17
                      Titans 35

                    • J. DIZZLE
                      J. DIZZLE  4 days back

                      Titans by 3.

                      • J. DIZZLE
                        J. DIZZLE  23 hours back

                        @jmaal2345 lil homie u late!

                      • jmaal2345
                        jmaal2345  1 days back

                        J. DIZZLE Nope

                    • Spencer Gaia
                      Spencer Gaia  4 days back

                      Y’all are a joke. Titans could win by 100 and you guys would still not pick them week 3

                    • the autistic pier champion of herb and peace

                      it's always going to be the colts dominating the Titans just watch

                      • john smith
                        john smith  4 days back

                        GO TITANS GO!

                        • AlisaBosconovich
                          AlisaBosconovich  4 days back

                          Since Andrew Luck is gone and he absolutely KILLED the titans and never lost to them im gonna go with

                          Titans 24 Colts 17

                        • Raymond Gonzalez
                          Raymond Gonzalez  4 days back

                          Titans getting slept on like every year feel like this is going to be another blow out #TitanUp

                        • Southern Raised
                          Southern Raised  4 days back

                          Yall dont think the titans got this but just wait until they go to the super bowl this year , no team has anything against them

                          • Southern Raised
                            Southern Raised  22 hours back

                            @jmaal2345 well they bout had it . Titans really better than even the Patriots. They lost preseason by 1 touchdown but last year in the actual season titans beat em . They should've stuck to the outside when running in that game tbh

                          • jmaal2345
                            jmaal2345  1 days back

                            Southern Raised L

                        • Jesse Williams
                          Jesse Williams  4 days back


                        • McWalker
                          McWalker  4 days back

                          Let’s win this one for #9 and #27! TitanUp!

                          • Joe Gonzalez
                            Joe Gonzalez  4 days back


                          • Mason Outward
                            Mason Outward  4 days back

                            If you don't have $205,99/annual for NFL Network I suggest to you Screen Variety Tv for less than $5/monthly.

                            • Deiradinn Draven
                              Deiradinn Draven  4 days back

                              "Surprising everyone", are you joking? Only the ill informed hype "experts" picked the Browns and the Colts aren't the same without Luck. I hope the Titans come ready to crush these baby horses.

                            • BMGCANNON
                              BMGCANNON  4 days back

                              i feel like this will be a close game but you know i have to pick the titans to win without Andrew luck the titans do a lot better against the colts yea we are going to need to stop the run so Brisett doesn't have a field day against us but i feel like we can do it

                              • elden neemia
                                elden neemia  4 days back

                                wow If Andrew Luck playing against Titan then I would go with these predictions. Without him, Titan are able to have some success. So again I love my Titans to be the underdogs as always especially against big teams.

                                • jmaal2345
                                  jmaal2345  1 days back

                                  elden neemia They lost.

                              • Ty Shelby
                                Ty Shelby  4 days back

                                Lmao this has all the Titans fans furious😂 yall hilarious. Yall beat the shitty Browns.🙄 If yall can stay consistent, ill give yall the benefit of the doubt. Mack bout to run all over yall though. Mock my words

                                • karuven
                                  karuven  4 days back

                                  Titans are my dark horse candidate to make it to the playoffs this year

                                  • ItzCrazzo
                                    ItzCrazzo  4 days back

                                    The only AFC south team team to worry about playing this year is Houston

                                  • ItzCrazzo
                                    ItzCrazzo  4 days back

                                    TN 21 to 6

                                  • ItzCrazzo
                                    ItzCrazzo  4 days back

                                    Brisset had no interceptions against LA, wait until he meets ya boi Kevin Byard 😂

                                    • jmaal2345
                                      jmaal2345  1 days back


                                    • Kronic Impulse
                                      Kronic Impulse  3 days back

                                      Hold that L

                                    • John Marquette
                                      John Marquette  3 days back

                                      ItzCrazzo i expect a good game the colts are pretty disciplined , i have kept up with Tennessee but im assuming they’ve not been getting many penalties in week one. The matchup to watch is ty Hilton vs adoree , Jackson was torched last year and brissett has a bigger arm than luck did(after the injuries).the play action will test how good the titans are relative to how early the season is i expect a very good game. Colts 30-21

                                    • ItzCrazzo
                                      ItzCrazzo  3 days back

                                      John Marquette I guess we just gotta wait until tomorrow 👏

                                    • John Marquette
                                      John Marquette  3 days back

                                      ItzCrazzo which te is he covering Doyle and ebron are both pro bowl Te’s the colts will lean heavily on the run game to wear out the dline like the chargers dline was getting beat up that 3rd quarter.

                                  • Andrew Lytton
                                    Andrew Lytton  4 days back

                                    Tennessee 24 Indianapolis 20 just my gut

                                    • Steve Polhill
                                      Steve Polhill  4 days back

                                      As always no respect is given to the Titans.

                                      • Dynamite
                                        Dynamite  4 days back

                                        the titans fans showing up cause titans are slept on as hell i mean look at the media all i heard this wee is why this happe to the browns and did we over hype not damn look at the boi's in navy blue

                                      • HELI0_Z
                                        HELI0_Z  4 days back

                                        Titans 7-0 Colts
                                        Titans 7-7 Colts
                                        Titans 14-7 Colts
                                        Titans 21-7 Colts
                                        Titans 21-14 Colts
                                        Titans 21-17 Colts
                                        Titans 21-20 Colts
                                        Titans 21-23 Colts
                                        Titans 24-23 Colts

                                        *Titans 24*
                                        Colts 23

                                      • Rouskey Carpel
                                        Rouskey Carpel  5 days back

                                        Hopefully my colts can deliver;I don’t want us starting 0-2 for like the third straight year.

                                      • wolverine100000
                                        wolverine100000  5 days back

                                        Keep doubting us, Titans about to show up. #Titanup

                                      • Moiz Chaudhry
                                        Moiz Chaudhry  5 days back

                                        Colts fan for 13 years and still going to say Colts Titanfall the titans

                                        • High5
                                          High5  5 days back

                                          A much needed win the Colts got this

                                          • GradexAxGuy
                                            GradexAxGuy  5 days back

                                            No matter what happens, they always push the finish line back when it comes to the Titans.