Street Food in Lebanon - ULTIMATE 14-HOUR Lebanese Food Tour in Beirut!

  • Published: 11 August 2019
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    Welcome to the Lebanese street food tour of Beirut. It was a full 14 hour day of eating incredibly delicious, and some of the most legendary street food shops in Beirut! #Lebanon #Beirut #LebaneseFood #streetfood

    Thank you to USAID - My visit to Lebanon was supported by the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development Project.

    Friends in the video:
    Thanks to Ibrahim Osta (Director Middle East & North Africa, Chemonics International):
    Fadi Abu Jaber:

    Here are the restaurants and stalls we ate at during this Lebanese street food tour:

    Hajj Nasr Sandwich Shop - By 6 am, when Beirut is about to wake up, Hajj Nasr is getting ready to close. We arrived at 5 am to make sure he still had food. The tebleh nayyeh - Raw meat, garlic, tomatoes, mint, and the soujouk - soujouk sausage, garlic, tomatoes, pickles - sandwiches were incredible. Total price - 15,000 LBP ($9.95)

    Faysal Snack ( - Great Lebanese pastries and breads. We ordered the halloumi loaf, plus some Man'ousheh (Manakish) topped with za'atar, and some spinach pastries. 19,000 LBP ($12.60) - Total price for everything

    Hanna Mitri ( - If you mention ice cream in Beirut, this is the place that everyone knows and everyone loves - it’s a Lebanese ice cream icon, and it’s uniquely delicious from any other ice cream I’ve had in the world. It’s special without a doubt.

    Al Soussi Restaurant ( - This is one of the most famous restaurants in Beirut, especially for breakfast. Their fattey and hummus is good, but nothing compares to their awarma and eggs.

    Falafel Tabbara ( - Unique falafel - His falafel are made purely with fava beans, in a donut shape. 2,500 LBP ($1.66) - Price per sandwich

    Ichkhanian Bakery ( - This is a legendary Armenian Lebanese bakery that specializes in Lahmajoun (Lahmacun) - Thin dough topped with minced meat. 9,000 LBP ($5.97) - Total price for everything

    Lamb head - 15,000 LBP ($9.95) - Total price for lamb head

    Makari Sweets Shop - Home of mfata’a, which is a unique and rare to find nowadays rice pudding, tahini, and turmeric pudding.

    Restaurant Joseph ( - If you’re looking for the best Lebanese shawarma in Beirut, this is the spot. The chicken was good, but the beef was the best. 6,000 LBP ($3.98) - Price per sandwich

    L'abeille D'or ( - Finally, we ended this ultimate 14 hour street food tour in Beirut, Lebanon at a very non street food, gourmet Lebanese sweets shop to eat Kanafeh. But the Lebanese way, in a bun.

    It was an amazing day of Lebanese food, culture, and people, in Beirut, Lebanon!

    “London Beat”


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    Lebanon is definitely one of mark’s best series’s!

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          Its awsome seeing everyone from different countries when i lived in Los Angeles all my life im only 15 but I live for all the different cultures and my dream is to travel

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              I can’t wait to stay there again! I love Arab food ❤️

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                              My mother is working there as a domestic helper! Kudos sir!

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                                am loving Beirut!!!!

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                                                I have to say that everyone in your lebanon series look so happy and so healthy. Those falafel looked amazing...

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